Am I Dreaming?

Currently I’m about as relaxed as I have been in a while.

After having a brutal beginning of the week (including 13 hours of school, laundry, minimal sleep, being sick, three midterms, 18 hours of work and about 8 hours of full-out study time in the library), I ventured up to Park City with my Nana and two sisters, Nyia and Gillian. Somehow my Nana is just a miracle worker and she managed to get us free ski passes and an overnight stay at the Canyons Resort, so we’re taking full advantage.

We checked in to our room with a full kitchen, dining room, two bathrooms, and incredibly comfortable beds, and went straight to the outlets. I usually hate shopping, but somehow I managed to find quite a few good finds for my mission, which was a huge relief seeing as I’ve been quite stressed about how I’m possibly going to find eight outfits that are all interchangeable and will last for 18 months. Then, we went to eat at Main Street Pasta & Noodle Co. and it was delicious. BBQ wings, veggie pasta and Santa Fe chicken pizza. And unlimited hot chocolate.

Wrapping up the night, we came back to the hotel and Nyia and Gillian quickly changed into their swimming suits to go enjoy the outdoor heated pool and hot tubs. As is typical, I forgot my swimming suit in my car at home and decided to take a hot bath. Aromatherapy bubble bath with Ed Sheeran on the iHome (provided by the hotel, of course).

Now, I’m sitting in a lovely plush chair next to the fireplace, drinking a steamer in my terrycloth robe, writing a blog post and thinking about a beautiful day on the slopes tomorrow.

Pure bliss. I could get used to this.

Am I Dreaming?