New Beginnings.

A new year and a new semester allow for many new happenings in my life. And because I like lists, here we go!

  • New classes: BIO 100, Marketing Management, Intro to Advertising, The Living Prophets and Susan Easton Black’s Church History class–Joseph Smith and the Restoration.
  • I’m applying to my major this semester. Starting next week, to be exact. First part of the application to the Public Relations major is due next Friday. That’ll be an adventure.
  • New apartment! In a spontaneous moment of discovery, I realized that there was an open spot in an apartment of girls that are some of the few girls I’ve actually become friends with this year in my ward. I quickly made the switch, and I’m now living in a slightly bigger, much cleaner apartment with my new roommates Megan, Jessica and Ellen. All different. All awesome. I’m really excited.
  • I’m getting sustained into my new calling tomorrow. That will definitely be a big, big change for me. Nothing I can’t handle, but definitely a little bit more time consuming than FHE Mom.
  • Sarah and I made some new friends in our Marketing class. They live in the Riv. They go to dance parties and act ridiculous. We’re definitely in the beginnings of a beautiful semester with those boys. Not complaining. (SHOUTOUT–Torque, Nitro, Blinker, and other names I can’t remember!)
  • New scheduling at work. I’ll get to work with mostly the same people on Tuesday/Thursday mornings, and then some different people on Tuesday afternoons. Definitely excited for some fresh faces and friends to work with.
  • Something that is the newest and most interesting beginning in my life is just about to begin this week. I’ve got some very important documents being sent to me in the mail, and I’ll be sure to keep updated on that!

There’s something about a new semester that just revitalizes me. It makes me excited and ambitious and optimistic about everything.

And I like that.

New Beginnings.