And You’re On My Mind.

This is my song of the week.


If you don’t already know this song and you consider yourself an Imagine Dragons fan, you should know this one. It’s GRAND.

Also, I’m at the library and I started watching this video. I couldn’t get through more than 45 seconds of it without getting teary-eyed and emotional. Guys I’m just so proud of them! I can’t quite describe it. But if you felt the same way about this group of people as I do, you’d probably know. It’s really great. Way to be awesome, ID.

And You’re On My Mind.

Sunday Night Ponderings.

There’s been a lot on my mind as of late. All sorts of different emotions and all sorts of different things to be thinking about. It feels like sometimes we fail to take the time to just feel certain ways. We so quickly seek to change things and are constantly moving between one emotion to the next, especially when pertaining to negative things. I believe that there is so much potential for healing when we allow ourselves to truly BE a certain way, and FEEL different emotions. There is so much to be learned from experiences and earthly trials and woes, and I think that’s a beautiful thing.

I was talking to some friends tonight about happiness and what it means in this life. I’m not sure how we got to it but I had a very distinct realization that there is something to be said for this earthly life. I realize that the end goal is exaltation and that essentially we are just here to be able to return back to our Father in Heaven, but I actually like earthly life. President Hinckley said “Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.” I agree with that 100%. But the peculiar thing about me is that I enjoy hard things. I guess “enjoy” is kind of a generous word. But I thrive from overcoming obstacles. I am energized by knowing I can beat a hard time. I enjoy being triumphant through a dark patch.

Along with that, there is so much good in the world. I can’t even believe it. And, since I love making lists, I am going to give you a list of a few things I’ve been loving in my world lately:

-I love the weather. Rain, snow, sunshine. Bring it on. It’s all grand.
-Rachel has a cute family and I love that they include me so much. It’s such a blessing and I don’t think they will ever realize how much it has affected me!
-I know a lot of incredible people. I’m still amazed that there could possibly be more people that are as cool as the ones I currently know. People keep surprising me.
-I am so impressed with Imagine Dragons. I went to the concert on Friday and I am so proud of them for maintaining their standards and being such an example of good in this world, especially in the music industry that can be so corrupt.
-I am leaving on a mission in exactly one month. Yes, it is terrifying. But it is also very exciting and crazy and every other emotion!
-My sisters and dad are so cool and I love hanging out with them.
-My dad is awesome and has lost 20 pounds in like two weeks. Whaaaat?! Eligible bachelor right there. 😉
-I wasn’t feeling well today and like four people came to visit me and brought me food. That is so awesome. People are good.
-I love Easter candy. Mostly Cadbury mini eggs and Reese’s eggs. I don’t even like Reese’s that much, but those little eggs are just so freakin’ good.
-I love the temple. It is such an amazing place. I’m really going to miss it for 18 months.
-Life is crazy and weird and awesome and great.

Love you kids. Thanks for being stellar.

Sunday Night Ponderings.


This Friday, I’m seeing Imagine Dragons with my dad and my sisters. I am so excited, I can’t even tell you! I have watched these guys perform since they were performing for free in Provo, and I’m so proud of their success and their accomplishments over the past year. They’ve grown so much! This song of theirs is probably my favorite one they’ve written. It’s so powerful. And it’s just awesome. I hope you enjoy it!


It’s Idol Season, Y’all.

It’s been a while since I religiously watched American Idol. In fact, I think the last time was probably sometime when I was in elementary school and I watched all the shows my parents did like Survivor and The Amazing Race when we were all home after dinner. But after I spent 12 hours on campus today doing everything from hating Biology to interviewing for my admission to the Public Relations emphasis in the COMMS department and then realized I had absolutely no clean clothes left for the week, I knew it was time to do laundry. I packed up clothes that seemed endless even though I swear I never have any clothes when I’m trying to get dressed in the morning, and I headed to my house about a mile down the road. The plan was to do laundry and catch up on The Bachelor but when I turned on the Direct TV list of recorded programs downstairs, American Idol showed up.

I watched everything from some freaky weird lady with a surprisingly good voice to people with horrible voices that you feel sorry for because you know they’re purposely making America mock them.

But the last one on the episode seriously got me teary. I know that’s so ridiculous and pathetic but THIS KID.

Born in Cuba. Started having a huge stutter at the age of six that made him totally isolated from any chance at friendship with kids around him and continued struggling with the stutter.

Walked in. Stuttered his way through an introduction. Sang Bridge Over Troubled Water as beautifully as you can imagine. NO STUTTER. Not even a stammer. Or a hint of hesitation. He cried, they cried, I cried. He’s going to Holllywood.

There are some pretty inspirational people in this world, my friends. Even if it’s possibly exaggerated for the sake of television. I like to believe that that kid was just as sweet and sincere as I saw him on the screen. And if that’s naive, I’ll take being naive. There’s a lot of joy in life that way.

It’s Idol Season, Y’all.

I’ve Succumbed to the Undead.

I’ve made a terrible mistake. In a moment of weakness and an abnormally strong case of anti-socialitis, I gave in to temptation and clicked the book mark labeled “Netflix.”

I have an uncanny knack for only starting a TV series when I have absolutely zero spare time to watch it, and somehow manage to intake at least a season and sleep hardly at all while doing it. This time is no exception. Finals are next week. NEXT WEEK PEOPLE. And what did I do tonight?

Started the first season of The Walking Dead.

I’ll be honest and admit that I hadn’t even so much as heard of The Walking Dead until this semester, and I surely hadn’t seen any of it. But, like many other popular TV shows/movies/music, etc. when people heard this I was scolded and gasped at! Not that it phased me, but along with those reactions I also had a lot of friends and family gave it high recommendations. It comes up frequently in conversations (came up in one today, in fact), and I guess I just decided to jump on the band wagon. I’m not ashamed. And you know why? BECAUSE IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME.

Well, it actually kind of scared the crap out of me. But I guess it’ll do that when you’re watching it in your bed, by yourself, in the pitch dark, with nobody else in your apartment. I’m just gearing up for freakin’ weird dreams. And bring on The Walking Dead.


I’ve Succumbed to the Undead.