Thoughts on Sick Days.

When I was little, I remember wanting desperately to be sick. Not because I wanted to actually be physically ill, but because I wanted to stay home from school, have food made for me, lounge around in my pajamas and watch movies all day.
When you’re sick in college you can stay home from school, eat yesterday’s leftover PastaRoni, lounge around in pajamas and watch movies all day… But there’s just major guilt and stress on your shoulders.
You either stay home and wallow in your guilt-ridden self pity, or brave your classes with the plague. Today, I did the latter.
What do I have to show for it? Lazy notes, and tired eyes.

And I still came home, instantly changed into pajamas, cooked some ramen, and watched two movies in a row.

Thoughts on Sick Days.

College Cooking: Garlic Shrimp Pasta

Desperate times call for desperate measures. When you haven’t been grocery shopping for roughly four weeks (that’s a month, people), I’m pretty sure nobody would expect anything short of a delusional version of healthy and nourished self. I was no exception to this until I regained some sanity and went grocery shopping yesterday.

Over the last few days of the break, I got the flu. I didn’t eat much for couple days (as in, I ate a bagel and a Jamba Juice one day and threw it up so I ate like a bird for the next four days) and on Monday I was ready to eat something real and filling! I guess the delusional side was kicking in because with the limited food I had in my cupboard, I was under the impression that I could create this:


Much to my dismay, it did not quite work out. But, considering I used some slightly different ingredients, it seems pretty clear that it wouldn’t have tasted nearly as good as that looks (or as good as it tasted in my mind).

I had these things:

plain couscous made with chicken broth
1 can of tiny shrimp
garlic seasoning

And that’s it. Made the couscous, drained the tiny shrimp and put them in a pan with the garlic seasoning and a little bit of olive oil, and then put the falsely sauteed tiny shrimp on top of the couscous.

This is what my decadent meal turned out to be:


It was terrible.

Thankfully, I’ve been shopping since and can hopefully survive without going into a full state of deliriousness onset by culinary catastrophes before finals are over.

College Cooking: Garlic Shrimp Pasta