I’m Way Bad At Titles.

There are simply some emotions that are indescribable in simply words. I can give a scenario to paint an image in one’s mind. That may help someone reading these words to put themselves into that picture. They imagine what they would feel if they were there. The actual feelings are too difficult to describe. And I kind of like it that way. It keeps them precious and, if you will, sacred. Emotions are eternal. But there’s something about a rainy evening. Something about listening to music that provokes memories and creates new ones. Something about returning home after an intellectual conversation with your mind still racing. Something about the hours of the night. Something about a new summer season with longer daylight hours and starrier skies. Something about friendships new and old. Something about adventuring through life one chaotic day at a time. I don’t understand even the smallest bit of life. But what I do know is that I am so grateful for the things I have in my life personally. I got really lucky to be given the experiences and people and challenges that I have. Sometimes I almost feel like I’m stealing more blessings than I deserve! I guess that’s just the grace of a loving Creator. He will always compensate beyond what we deserve. He will always make the pain and suffering worth it. He will always be aware of our needs. He will always love us, and that will be reflective in the intricacies of our lives as they unfold. My heart is full. That is the bottom line.

I’m Way Bad At Titles.

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