Leave it all in the field!!

Okay so just to get this out in the open because I think everyone and their dog has been asking me…
This is my last week. So I fly home November 5th (next Wednesday). My homecoming will be on Sunday, November 16th in the Edgemont 6th Ward Meeting. It will be at 9:00 am and the address for the chapel is 4056 Timpview Drive Provo, UT 84604.
Okay now that that’s all taken care of..
So we seem to have busy weeks and then slow weeks about every other week.
BUT  let me just start with this.
We taught Bro. James on Saturday and HELLO COMMITMENT TO BAPTISM. He seems so at ease with everything and our lesson on the Plan of Salvation went really well.
Okay I’m having like the hardest time with writing this email right now. I have no idea what to say about our week! Like stuff happened but I’m just not feeling very creative in my writing skills right now.
We walked a TON because our miles are kind of shot and honestly I realized that I have some definite work to do when I get home! Haha. Six days to sexy??? Yeah!!
Okay. So I think I’m just going to give you my tender mercies from the week:
Monday: Emails were top notch.
Tuesday: Dinner nap when I was exhausted. (haha it’s the truth, no hiding the facts people!)
Wednesday: Chatting with Lisa Allen for a few minutes when our plans sucked.
Thursday: Heather made chicken tika masala when I was super hungry.
Friday: The green cake at the Schmoel’s didn’t fall on my white skirt!
Saturday: I got to say bye to Sister Egbert before she left town.
Sunday: We got a ride to Etown and back!
Also, here’s a funny story.
So we got this referral for a lady named Patricia in Hellam. We drive to pretty much the very furthest part of our area (when we’re totally out of miles, mind you) and we knock on this trailer door. There’s a loud TV blaring inside and it’s playing some sort of preacher/minister program. Finally some lady answers the door with penciled-on blue eyebrows. She’s on the phone and keeps saying “bad time sister… bad, BAD time sister!” and then we were about to leave and this GARGANTUAN cat runs out of her screen door and she screams “WHEEZY! SISTER, GRAB HIM!” .. So, I go to pick up this cat and you know how usually there’s like bones on the underside of the cat? NOPE. Straight up blubber. Like beached whale of a cat right there. I give her the nasty thing back and then she starts saying how she’s overwhelmed because she’s moving the next day.
…Well we found ourselves back in her trailer the next morning to help her move and she has cartons of buttermilk laying everywhere and she’s drinking from like three of them… And then someone knocks at the door–supposedly the moving crew–and it was surreal. Like all these church people from some other church showed up and I seriously was freaking out. It was like we weren’t part of a Mormon church and we were watching all the Mormons show up. But they weren’t really that nice. They basically told us to leave because we wouldn’t be able to help.
.. Anyway, yeah. I guess Pennsylvania wanted to just keep me on my toes and make it so I could never forget what it’s like. And Wheezy the cat just kept rubbin’ up on Sis. Kerby the whole time. It was hilarious.
Okay everyone, sorry this email is totally non-spiritual. Honestly. I’ve felt so close to the spirit this last part of my mission, but I’m having a hard time putting things into words adequate to describe the power of it all. So I will have to just share those things at a later date.
I love you all! Have a great week. SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!
This is me failing to pick up a huge pumpkin. #awkwardforlife
I look hideous but when Patricia left the room when we were in the trailer we decided to document the moment… Haha. I WISH I could’ve gotten Wheezy in the picture. That would’ve been the icing on the cake.
Wow gross I promise I really don’t look like that all the time.
Leave it all in the field!!

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