An Adventure with the Spirit…

Okay so before I start my story of the week I just have to say… During district meeting the Lititz Elders were talking about their new investigator, Blossom, and I said something smart like, “Does she wear pink and black and fight crime?” and everyone just looked at me super weird… Except Sister Chavez. HELLO BABIES DID NOBODY EVER WATCH POWERPUFF GIRLS?! Seriously I guess I’m just a total 90’s kid and these little children coming on missions don’t even understand. Haha. Elder Masina always will say stuff like “this song came out when I was in 8th grade” (if we’re in a restaurant or something) and it’ll be some song that came out when I was a junior in high school. Haha. Old hag I am!
I want to just tell you one amazing story this week. There’s been a lot of good things and we taught a lot of lessons this week. But this one story is so great but it’s kind of lengthy. So here goes. Straight from my journal.
So, we had a plan to stop by Ann’s house and visit her. We’re driving from Columbia to Mt. Joy and we’re about five minutes away. We’re listening to a talk and all of a sudden the thought pops into my head to go see the James family. Here’s the mental dialogue following that thought:
“Well, we can just go there after we see Ann. Well… What if that was a prompting? I’m probably just thinking of them because I was thinking about our plans for the day. But maybe I should just follow this so I can continue to recognize the spirit. Maybe Sister Kerby will say something and then I’ll know. Okay really? What the heck, we can just go to the James’ first and then Ann’s.” … And then I said, “Sister Kerby I don’t know why but I’m kinda feeling like we should go to the James’ before we go to Ann’s.” We were at a stoplight and she said, “Okay, that’s fine. Actually it’s so weird you said that because I was really just thinking that we shouldn’t go to Ann’s but I didn’t know why and I wasn’t sure what else to do and then you said that.” So we pulled over and put the James’ address in the GPS (on a perfectly convenient pull-off space on a busy street that was just placed there for us…). We drove there and found it to be all dark and nobody was home. We had prayed before getting out of the car and I just knew we were on an adventure with the Spirit. But there was somewhere else w needed to be. We knocked the house next door–no answer. We got back in the car, said another prayer, felt like we should call a former. Left a message. Then, I just though, “well, I had the though to just go to the James’ first. Let’s go to Ann’s now.” So, we plug in Ann’s house and we start driving and I started thinking about Ryan and how he never texted or called us back. Well, then I’m thinking about how Ryan lives in Mt. Joy. But then, I just started praying and said, “I feel like we can go to Ryan’s after Ann’s but I’m not sure if I should say anything yet. Maybe we can see both tonight. Maybe Ann won’t be home.” But in what felt like an instant, we were about to turn down a road and across the intersection there was a white Mazda and Sister Kerby said, “Oh  every time I see a white Mazda now I just think of Ryan.” I about screamed and told her I had just been debating saying something about him. We immediately altered our course and found Ryan outside his house, beer in hand, on his way to a pub down the street.
I learned a miraculous lesson of following the Spirit and the importance of a companion’s second witness today. Neither of us would’ve had a complete prompting without the other one. and if one of us hadn’t said something in both instances, we wouldn’t have been led by the Spirit. We truly experienced heavenly unity in our companionship. I feel so overwhelmed and blessed. This experience is one I’m sure I’ll think about for a long time. Not to mention, our lesson with Ryan was outstanding. he is honestly what hope looks like to me right now. I am so fortunate to have  had this experience tonight!”
So, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
I’m loving this last little part of my mission. Definitely giving it all I can! It’s hard, but so so rewarding and worth it. I can’t wait to be able to share all of my experiences more in depth with all of you. I love you. I’m praying for you. This is truly the work of an Almighty God.
In the middle of the adventure I had to stop and take a picture next to the James’ giant M&M.. Sorry it’s sideways the computer won’t let me turn it!!
This place is beautiful.

Sister McKann Hanseen
316 Rivermoor Dr.
Marietta, PA
An Adventure with the Spirit…

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