General Conference can heal any sickness!…

But for real. Because I spent TWO DAYS inside this week because of a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad head cold that I could NOT shake for the life of me. But I got health-ed up right in time to be spiritually fed and healed by the prophets and apostles.
But here’s a little side note..
This Saturday before General Conference, we did our weekly study time and I was looking at the General Conference page when I saw this little tweet on : ” I love having the family in town for general conference. 😀 #ldsconf “ by who other than Julie Crookston!!! Julie, you’re famous on! Haha. Just thought I’d give that little shoutout there! … Okay and also, I kept scrolling and I saw from Jason Lee Checketts: “I get to report on Conference this weekend 🙂 I hope everyone gets to watch it!” … My friends are famous!
Okay so I guess I’ll give a quick little update on some investigators so I’m not just leaving you all on the edge of your seat.
Chris, who we were hoping to set with Oct. 25 as a date is actually not in our area. We thought he was. He’s right on the border. But he’s in the Lititz Sisters’ area so we’re passing him over. Sad day.
Ryan, who is still really awesome, ended up working late and couldn’t make our appointment and we haven’t been able to set up another one since the first one. Those who have served or are serving missions know this as the curse of the awesome first lesson. (Okay not really but that’s just what I’m calling it right now). You get this awesome investigator who you just have all the little missionary faith in the world is “golden” as they say. You KNOW they are going to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it and be baptized. You KNOW they are going to come to Church. You really really KNOW IT. And then they scamper off the radar for a while and it seriously just feels like your heart is ripped out your chest and ripped to shreds and trampled on… Okay, I’m being dramatic KIND of. Because honestly it still feels like the worst thing ever. But, I refuse to teach a lesson and not KNOW that they are going to keep the commitments after. Besides, after all, if we don’t know it, how can we ever be devastated, as Elder Holland says in Preach My Gospel, when they don’t keep their commitments? The only way you would ever be devastated is if you trusted them and knew they were going to keep that commitment and then they didn’t keep it. They break your trust. And it hurts. But it makes you want to help them learn how to be commitment keepers, so they can become covenant keepers as well. Commitments=Commandments=Covenants. It’s all related.
Anyway, I’ll let you know when we hear back from Ryan.
So yeah. The sickness. I was totally ill. I could barely walk without being shaky and weak. And I really slept for the better part of two days. More than I’ve slept in a LONG time even when I was at home. It was pretty bad. But I got some Sudafed and Benadryl and herbal tea… and I was just cooped up for a while. I just always feel bad being sick as a missionary because it doesn’t just affect you… Your companion gets all cooped up too. So, we were very glad when I could actually function on Saturday and we could watch General Conference!
Man, what a spiritual feast. You know when the general authorities say stuff and you just know by the spirit that it’s true? I just felt that over and over and over again. The spirit was totally working overtime on me and manifesting some pretty amazing mysteries of God to my small insignificant brain. But it was amazing.
I think that one thing I learned wasn’t necessarily anything that anyone said. But the prophets and apostles give SPECIFIC advice. They give suggestions (that really aren’t suggestions because when it’s spoken by an apostle or prophet then it’s scripture so it’s pretty much a commandment) that have very specific blessings. And when we follow those instructions, we are allowing Heavenly Father to strengthen us and bless us in the ways that He sees fit. Sometimes it might seem silly. Like, I have no idea why Elder Andersen told the youth to record their own voice reading the testimony of Joseph Smith and refer back to it often. But he did, and he promised blessings and protection as that is done. So instead of thinking “okay, that’s weird, I don’t know if that applies to me,” we can just do it and then see later how the Lord blesses us for our diligence.
… and here’s something crazy. If the Spirit tells you something you need to do individually… that’s like… from God. So maybe you should do it. 🙂
At least, that’s what I’m working on. So .. yeah. That’s a wrap for now. Hopefully next week I’ll have some more exciting things. But the good thing is, I still think my life is exciting even if the emails don’t reflect that! Woo. Missionary life.
I get to see Meet the Mormons this week! I’ve heard nothing but amazing things. And actually our day to watch it in the mission is the 10th.. the day it comes out to the rest of the world! So, everyone go see it that day and it’ll be like we’re all watching it together. Deal? Deal. Okay sweet.
Love yinz!
Oh and we went on that same hike again today with a bunch of sisters and had a little devotional up above the Susquehanna and… well, Hermana Lamphier and I are so sweet. And I love her. Okay cool.

Sister McKann Hanseen
316 Rivermoor Dr.
Marietta, PA
General Conference can heal any sickness!…

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