Leave it all in the field!!

Okay so just to get this out in the open because I think everyone and their dog has been asking me…
This is my last week. So I fly home November 5th (next Wednesday). My homecoming will be on Sunday, November 16th in the Edgemont 6th Ward Meeting. It will be at 9:00 am and the address for the chapel is 4056 Timpview Drive Provo, UT 84604.
Okay now that that’s all taken care of..
So we seem to have busy weeks and then slow weeks about every other week.
BUT  let me just start with this.
We taught Bro. James on Saturday and HELLO COMMITMENT TO BAPTISM. He seems so at ease with everything and our lesson on the Plan of Salvation went really well.
Okay I’m having like the hardest time with writing this email right now. I have no idea what to say about our week! Like stuff happened but I’m just not feeling very creative in my writing skills right now.
We walked a TON because our miles are kind of shot and honestly I realized that I have some definite work to do when I get home! Haha. Six days to sexy??? Yeah!!
Okay. So I think I’m just going to give you my tender mercies from the week:
Monday: Emails were top notch.
Tuesday: Dinner nap when I was exhausted. (haha it’s the truth, no hiding the facts people!)
Wednesday: Chatting with Lisa Allen for a few minutes when our plans sucked.
Thursday: Heather made chicken tika masala when I was super hungry.
Friday: The green cake at the Schmoel’s didn’t fall on my white skirt!
Saturday: I got to say bye to Sister Egbert before she left town.
Sunday: We got a ride to Etown and back!
Also, here’s a funny story.
So we got this referral for a lady named Patricia in Hellam. We drive to pretty much the very furthest part of our area (when we’re totally out of miles, mind you) and we knock on this trailer door. There’s a loud TV blaring inside and it’s playing some sort of preacher/minister program. Finally some lady answers the door with penciled-on blue eyebrows. She’s on the phone and keeps saying “bad time sister… bad, BAD time sister!” and then we were about to leave and this GARGANTUAN cat runs out of her screen door and she screams “WHEEZY! SISTER, GRAB HIM!” .. So, I go to pick up this cat and you know how usually there’s like bones on the underside of the cat? NOPE. Straight up blubber. Like beached whale of a cat right there. I give her the nasty thing back and then she starts saying how she’s overwhelmed because she’s moving the next day.
…Well we found ourselves back in her trailer the next morning to help her move and she has cartons of buttermilk laying everywhere and she’s drinking from like three of them… And then someone knocks at the door–supposedly the moving crew–and it was surreal. Like all these church people from some other church showed up and I seriously was freaking out. It was like we weren’t part of a Mormon church and we were watching all the Mormons show up. But they weren’t really that nice. They basically told us to leave because we wouldn’t be able to help.
.. Anyway, yeah. I guess Pennsylvania wanted to just keep me on my toes and make it so I could never forget what it’s like. And Wheezy the cat just kept rubbin’ up on Sis. Kerby the whole time. It was hilarious.
Okay everyone, sorry this email is totally non-spiritual. Honestly. I’ve felt so close to the spirit this last part of my mission, but I’m having a hard time putting things into words adequate to describe the power of it all. So I will have to just share those things at a later date.
I love you all! Have a great week. SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!
This is me failing to pick up a huge pumpkin. #awkwardforlife
I look hideous but when Patricia left the room when we were in the trailer we decided to document the moment… Haha. I WISH I could’ve gotten Wheezy in the picture. That would’ve been the icing on the cake.
Wow gross I promise I really don’t look like that all the time.
Leave it all in the field!!

An Adventure with the Spirit…

Okay so before I start my story of the week I just have to say… During district meeting the Lititz Elders were talking about their new investigator, Blossom, and I said something smart like, “Does she wear pink and black and fight crime?” and everyone just looked at me super weird… Except Sister Chavez. HELLO BABIES DID NOBODY EVER WATCH POWERPUFF GIRLS?! Seriously I guess I’m just a total 90’s kid and these little children coming on missions don’t even understand. Haha. Elder Masina always will say stuff like “this song came out when I was in 8th grade” (if we’re in a restaurant or something) and it’ll be some song that came out when I was a junior in high school. Haha. Old hag I am!
I want to just tell you one amazing story this week. There’s been a lot of good things and we taught a lot of lessons this week. But this one story is so great but it’s kind of lengthy. So here goes. Straight from my journal.
So, we had a plan to stop by Ann’s house and visit her. We’re driving from Columbia to Mt. Joy and we’re about five minutes away. We’re listening to a talk and all of a sudden the thought pops into my head to go see the James family. Here’s the mental dialogue following that thought:
“Well, we can just go there after we see Ann. Well… What if that was a prompting? I’m probably just thinking of them because I was thinking about our plans for the day. But maybe I should just follow this so I can continue to recognize the spirit. Maybe Sister Kerby will say something and then I’ll know. Okay really? What the heck, we can just go to the James’ first and then Ann’s.” … And then I said, “Sister Kerby I don’t know why but I’m kinda feeling like we should go to the James’ before we go to Ann’s.” We were at a stoplight and she said, “Okay, that’s fine. Actually it’s so weird you said that because I was really just thinking that we shouldn’t go to Ann’s but I didn’t know why and I wasn’t sure what else to do and then you said that.” So we pulled over and put the James’ address in the GPS (on a perfectly convenient pull-off space on a busy street that was just placed there for us…). We drove there and found it to be all dark and nobody was home. We had prayed before getting out of the car and I just knew we were on an adventure with the Spirit. But there was somewhere else w needed to be. We knocked the house next door–no answer. We got back in the car, said another prayer, felt like we should call a former. Left a message. Then, I just though, “well, I had the though to just go to the James’ first. Let’s go to Ann’s now.” So, we plug in Ann’s house and we start driving and I started thinking about Ryan and how he never texted or called us back. Well, then I’m thinking about how Ryan lives in Mt. Joy. But then, I just started praying and said, “I feel like we can go to Ryan’s after Ann’s but I’m not sure if I should say anything yet. Maybe we can see both tonight. Maybe Ann won’t be home.” But in what felt like an instant, we were about to turn down a road and across the intersection there was a white Mazda and Sister Kerby said, “Oh  every time I see a white Mazda now I just think of Ryan.” I about screamed and told her I had just been debating saying something about him. We immediately altered our course and found Ryan outside his house, beer in hand, on his way to a pub down the street.
I learned a miraculous lesson of following the Spirit and the importance of a companion’s second witness today. Neither of us would’ve had a complete prompting without the other one. and if one of us hadn’t said something in both instances, we wouldn’t have been led by the Spirit. We truly experienced heavenly unity in our companionship. I feel so overwhelmed and blessed. This experience is one I’m sure I’ll think about for a long time. Not to mention, our lesson with Ryan was outstanding. he is honestly what hope looks like to me right now. I am so fortunate to have  had this experience tonight!”
So, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
I’m loving this last little part of my mission. Definitely giving it all I can! It’s hard, but so so rewarding and worth it. I can’t wait to be able to share all of my experiences more in depth with all of you. I love you. I’m praying for you. This is truly the work of an Almighty God.
In the middle of the adventure I had to stop and take a picture next to the James’ giant M&M.. Sorry it’s sideways the computer won’t let me turn it!!
This place is beautiful.

Sister McKann Hanseen
316 Rivermoor Dr.
Marietta, PA
An Adventure with the Spirit…

Meet the Mormons, Stake Conference, Cold weather…

Okay. That was definitely a highlight of this week.
We got to watch Meet the Mormons this week at our zone meeting on Friday. It was seriously so good. I think it’s an amazing opportunity for the work to hasten. Not because it’s a proselyting tool, but it just clears up a lot for those who may be confused about who we really are. And here’s some fun facts about the opening weekend that President Johnson sent us today:
The box office results for this past weekend showed Meet the Mormons had the eleventh highest ($2.7 million) ticket sales of any movie in the country.  This ranking came despite the fact it was playing in only 317 theaters (the top ten movies were playing in an average of almost 2,800 theaters).  On a per theater sales basis, Meet the Mormons had the second highest ($8,500) of any movie!  Hopefully, in the coming weeks many more will see it and be touched by its’ message.
So pretty sweet! Those are some amazing results. It will be showing in our area next week and I cannot wait for our members to see it. If any of you haven’t seen it  yet, GO. Experience it in a theater setting. You will not regret it.
We did find a new investigator this week. His name is Jason and he’s Steve (our less active)’s son. He just showed up for the meeting when we were there and wants to be baptized! So, I think he will get baptized somewhere down the road.
We’ve been blessed with many people to teach here! We have a handful of lessons set up already for this coming week and there are some others that are in the process of being set up.
Updates.. Chris isn’t in our area. We thought he was but we’ll have to pass him off to the Lititz Sisters because he’s right on the border. He’ll probably be pretty upset considering he calls us his best friends.
Ryan has been kind of MIA but we got a call from the temple square sisters who were teaching him and they are concerned as well. We actually heard back from him last Monday night and he was really apologetic but he had a particularly difficult weekend with his addiction and didn’t want us to see him how we was. But he was supposed to meet with us yesterday and never showed up. We haven’t heard back from him through calls or texts but it’s just so sad because he seriously knows he needs this! The adversary is just working overtime on him. Hopefully we’ll be able to track him down this week.
We’re meeting with Bro. James this week and that will be awesome! His new work schedule has kind of mellowed out so we’ll be able to meet more regularly.
We visited Ann on Saturday and she’s hoping to have us over for dinner before I leave.
We’re meeting with Deb this week and I’m excited. We have some great lesson plans for her and we haven’t seen her in a while so I miss her!!
Okay so sorry none of that was really exciting but that’s okay.
We had interviews on Friday and I just love President Johnson. He is a truly compassionate man. I cannot believe how blessed I am to serve under him! He just kept telling me, “we’ll be seeing you all too soon in Pittsburgh!” .. great, even my mission president is getting trunky for me! Haha. Just kidding. Don’t worry, I’m not trunky. Excited? yes. Working hard still? definitely.
We  had Stake Conference Saturday/Sunday and there were some really amazing talks/experiences. I really cannot explain it over email so I will tell anyone who wants to know when I get home!! Seriously. don’t forget to ask me. But it was awesome. Let me just say the spirit is real and I learned a lot of amazing things.
Well, everyone, I don’t really know what else to say. I’m loving this. This work is real. I cannot wait to share even more with you all when I get home! Love you!!
Me with the pizza Dad ordered to my apartment on Monday night!
And of course, Elder Whipple and I had to take a picture for Grandma B! Adopted cousins, that’s for sure.

Sister McKann Hanseen
316 Rivermoor Dr.
Marietta, PA
Meet the Mormons, Stake Conference, Cold weather…

General Conference can heal any sickness!…

But for real. Because I spent TWO DAYS inside this week because of a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad head cold that I could NOT shake for the life of me. But I got health-ed up right in time to be spiritually fed and healed by the prophets and apostles.
But here’s a little side note..
This Saturday before General Conference, we did our weekly Mormon.org study time and I was looking at the General Conference page when I saw this little tweet on lds.org : ” I love having the family in town for general conference. 😀 #ldsconf “ by who other than Julie Crookston!!! Julie, you’re famous on lds.org! Haha. Just thought I’d give that little shoutout there! … Okay and also, I kept scrolling and I saw from Jason Lee Checketts: “I get to report on Conference this weekend 🙂 I hope everyone gets to watch it!” … My friends are famous!
Okay so I guess I’ll give a quick little update on some investigators so I’m not just leaving you all on the edge of your seat.
Chris, who we were hoping to set with Oct. 25 as a date is actually not in our area. We thought he was. He’s right on the border. But he’s in the Lititz Sisters’ area so we’re passing him over. Sad day.
Ryan, who is still really awesome, ended up working late and couldn’t make our appointment and we haven’t been able to set up another one since the first one. Those who have served or are serving missions know this as the curse of the awesome first lesson. (Okay not really but that’s just what I’m calling it right now). You get this awesome investigator who you just have all the little missionary faith in the world is “golden” as they say. You KNOW they are going to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it and be baptized. You KNOW they are going to come to Church. You really really KNOW IT. And then they scamper off the radar for a while and it seriously just feels like your heart is ripped out your chest and ripped to shreds and trampled on… Okay, I’m being dramatic KIND of. Because honestly it still feels like the worst thing ever. But, I refuse to teach a lesson and not KNOW that they are going to keep the commitments after. Besides, after all, if we don’t know it, how can we ever be devastated, as Elder Holland says in Preach My Gospel, when they don’t keep their commitments? The only way you would ever be devastated is if you trusted them and knew they were going to keep that commitment and then they didn’t keep it. They break your trust. And it hurts. But it makes you want to help them learn how to be commitment keepers, so they can become covenant keepers as well. Commitments=Commandments=Covenants. It’s all related.
Anyway, I’ll let you know when we hear back from Ryan.
So yeah. The sickness. I was totally ill. I could barely walk without being shaky and weak. And I really slept for the better part of two days. More than I’ve slept in a LONG time even when I was at home. It was pretty bad. But I got some Sudafed and Benadryl and herbal tea… and I was just cooped up for a while. I just always feel bad being sick as a missionary because it doesn’t just affect you… Your companion gets all cooped up too. So, we were very glad when I could actually function on Saturday and we could watch General Conference!
Man, what a spiritual feast. You know when the general authorities say stuff and you just know by the spirit that it’s true? I just felt that over and over and over again. The spirit was totally working overtime on me and manifesting some pretty amazing mysteries of God to my small insignificant brain. But it was amazing.
I think that one thing I learned wasn’t necessarily anything that anyone said. But the prophets and apostles give SPECIFIC advice. They give suggestions (that really aren’t suggestions because when it’s spoken by an apostle or prophet then it’s scripture so it’s pretty much a commandment) that have very specific blessings. And when we follow those instructions, we are allowing Heavenly Father to strengthen us and bless us in the ways that He sees fit. Sometimes it might seem silly. Like, I have no idea why Elder Andersen told the youth to record their own voice reading the testimony of Joseph Smith and refer back to it often. But he did, and he promised blessings and protection as that is done. So instead of thinking “okay, that’s weird, I don’t know if that applies to me,” we can just do it and then see later how the Lord blesses us for our diligence.
… and here’s something crazy. If the Spirit tells you something you need to do individually… that’s like… from God. So maybe you should do it. 🙂
At least, that’s what I’m working on. So .. yeah. That’s a wrap for now. Hopefully next week I’ll have some more exciting things. But the good thing is, I still think my life is exciting even if the emails don’t reflect that! Woo. Missionary life.
I get to see Meet the Mormons this week! I’ve heard nothing but amazing things. And actually our day to watch it in the mission is the 10th.. the day it comes out to the rest of the world! So, everyone go see it that day and it’ll be like we’re all watching it together. Deal? Deal. Okay sweet.
Love yinz!
Oh and we went on that same hike again today with a bunch of sisters and had a little devotional up above the Susquehanna and… well, Hermana Lamphier and I are so sweet. And I love her. Okay cool.

Sister McKann Hanseen
316 Rivermoor Dr.
Marietta, PA
General Conference can heal any sickness!…