“Start fast. Run hard, and to the tape! You can rest later.”

That quote? Pretty much running through my mind every single day. Even if it’s just in the context of the day, it’s relevant. But if you think about it in an eternal perspective… The kingdom of God is often referred to “the rest of the Lord” in the scriptures. We really have no reason to rest in this life. We just have to work hard and push on and spread the good word and learn and grow. That’s what we’re here for. We didn’t come to earth just to return to live with our Heavenly Father again–we already lived with Him. We came to earth to learn to become LIKE Him. Just some perspective I gained this week.
So this week was pretty awesome. It FLEW by. I seriously feel like this transfer was over before I even had a chance to recognize it had started. Which makes me nervous for this last transfer that’s already packed up with fun activities and events.
Let’s give the rundown of the district with transfers
All the Elizabethtown missionaries are staying! Sister Kerby and I, and then Elder Durham and Elder Masina.
Elder Gibson is being transferred out of Lititz and is being made a zone leader somewhere else. And Elder Boren is staying in Lititz and is training a new missionary. So that’ll be another fresh little greenie elder and I’m excited! We’ve got a huge range of missionary age in our district and that always gives great teaching and learning opportunities.
Sister Doxey is done with her mission! She expires today. Haha. So we’ll be getting a new STL here.
So, it should be pretty awesome!
This week… BIRTHDAY! woo. We had a birthday dinner with the Jacob’s yesterday and we’ll have another one on Sunday with the Shaffer’s. hahaha. People are too good to me. Oh, and then this recent convert, Evan, insists on taking us to this Chinese place in Lancaster on my birthday so I think we’re doing that. It’ll be fun. I’m seriously old though. Last transfer… Finally old enough to actually be on a mission… yeah. And they really do treat you like an old lady when you’re an old missionary. During your last transfer you get “red dotted” which means you can’t drive any mission vehicles. It’s like they take your license away because you’re old and senile or something!! Haha. So I’m just going to be the professional “backer” and back Sis. Kerby up in the car all the time.
This week has been great, though. We had a new opportunity to teach a less active member, Kelly. She’s had a lot change in her life recently and just moved back in with her parents in the new part of the area that we got with the ward boundary change. She told us that if we had tried to talk to her two months before she probably would’ve told us to get lost. But she let us have a lesson with her this week and I think we’re going to really be able to make some progress with her. She got really emotional talking about how she wants to do anything to get her daughter baptized because she wants to see her daughter in her baptismal dress she wore. It was pretty awesome. I love the spirit. He’s a pretty good guy. And it was so cool because it was seriously just one of those “if we hadn’t been here then we wouldn’t have gotten there…” at the right time sort of things. It was perfectly lead by the Lord. So awesome.
We also taught our investigator Chris again and he accepted the invitation to be baptized! this week we’re going to try and set him with October 25th as his baptismal date. When we asked him why he said yes, he just said, “because I want to be apart of your church and come closer to Christ.” PERFECT. We can do that! Haha. He did text us some things this week that were kind of weird.. Like asking about polygamy and then asked if Sis. Kerby and I were in a relationship… But I guess in the church he’s gone to, people have to be married to be missionaries. But I think not to each other. I don’t really know but it kind of freaked us out and hopefully we can clear some stuff up this week!
So, I’ve been studying a lot about manna this week. Not sure why. We watched one of the Daily Bread Mormon Messages (TIME OUT EVERYONE GO WATCH THE NEW MORMON MESSAGE IT’S AWESOME)… Anyway, I was thinking about manna and the principle of diligence like ALL night after that. And then in Gospel Principles yesterday, Sis. Ferguson was teaching about Tithing and she started talking about manna and relating it to tithing.. don’t ask me how, she’s a genius. And so I decided to study it this morning in Exodus 16 and it was awesome. I just think the thing I like most about the principle of manna is that it really took exact obedience to the circumstances the Lord gave them. Go and get the manna every single day, you can’t store it, and double up before the Sabbath because it’s holy. I read a talk the other day talking about how we would never dare leave our houses without our cell phone battery charged. And I thought about how I get even like nervous if I don’t have a way to communicate with others when I’m out and about because I feel unsafe. Shouldn’t I feel that way about my spiritual battery? I should feel unsafe if I don’t have that spiritual communication. And I do, but not as much. So I decided I need to reevaluate a little bit and I’ve set some awesome transfer goals and plans to help myself stay focused and excited about the work.
I’m so excited to keep working hard and doing the Lord’s work! What an honor. Pray every day. Keep the commandments. Go to church. Serve others. That’s my best advice for the week.
Love you all! Make it a fantastic week!
Hello McBurger.. Hahahaha.

We found a beautiful sunflower field in Wrightsville! ahhhh. I wish you all could see it in real life.

IMG_1133 IMG_1140 IMG_1149
Sister McKann Hanseen
316 Rivermoor Dr.
Marietta, PA
“Start fast. Run hard, and to the tape! You can rest later.”

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