Relax, let God be Good

So… On the way to the library today I saw a sign that said “Relax, Let God Be God” but I thought it said Let God Be GOOD and I like that lot better. So, that’s my advice for the week. That’s all! Have a great week everybody!
Hahaha just kidding. Okay sorry that wasn’t a funny joke.
So this week.
Tuesday was crazy. Within about ten minutes our teaching pool increased exponentially. We were sitting at the senior center doing our service when our phone goes off. Text messages start flooding in. It’s a long message from one of the youth in our ward, Hallie. I love her, by the way. Anyway, we got a bunch of texts about her friend that she wants us to teach!! What??? Yeah. Then, I look down and a random number is calling us. It’s this guy Chris and he was asking for Sister Romero and Sister Stovall… Sorry, they’re not here. But he just wanted to follow up on a pamphlet that they had given him TWO YEARS BEFORE. It was a Restoration pamphlet. So… Set up a time to meet with him and guess who we brought along? THE Sister Romero herself! Because she ended up marrying a guy from our ward here in Elizabethtown and she and her husband are living at his parents’ house here between semesters… best team up ever, right? Someone who served here before?! Hahaha. So.. We picked up Chris as a new investigator and that was awesome!
Then, there’s a part member family in our ward, The James Family. Well, a guy in our ward, Josh, is here for the semester break as well and is living at home.. And he’s great friends with their family. Well, a month ago or so, Bro. James started coming to church with his daughter like out of the blue. Then, last week, he came by himself! And I had been thinking about them a lot and it just seemed like a perfect opportunity to teach him. So, Josh being the awesome recently returned missionary that he is set up a lesson for us that he came to! It was sweet. Bro. James talked about how he was offered a job that would make him work every Sunday and he decided not to take it because then he’d never be able to come to church. And after he turned it down, was offered another job and totally recognized the importance of putting God first. He’s from Utah and is married to a member so he’s had the lessons dozens of times but has never gotten baptized. Lots of times because missionaries are pushy. But I just promised him that our job is NOT to be pushy, it’s to guide him at his own pace and help him build his faith. He seemed to really resonate with that. So, he agreed to continue taking the lessons and then was at church on Sunday! That was so rewarding. It’s been quite a while since we’ve had an investigator at church and it was just really awesome.
So… The other really big thing for the week was Zone Conference. ahhh. How could it possibly be my LAST Zone Conference? I refuse to believe it!! Ahhh but it was seriously so good. All of the training that we received was just top notch and I felt so inspired by it all. There’s nothing better that we could’ve had to help me just work really hard until the end of my mission. For the musical number, we ended up changing it a bit. Elder Durham played the guitar, and Elder Masina and I sang “Abide With Me” and it was just really awesome. I actually was happy with how it turned out. I was a bit nervous since we only practiced for like ten minutes right before the meeting but that’s just so typical of the musical numbers! Then we had all the instruction and President Johnson saved the departing testimonies for last… There were 6 younger missionaries and one senior couple. (Actually Dad… it was the Burbidges?? I think you know them?? We took a picture I’ll have to send you…) The other five of the missionaries are all going home next week. Then there was me. And I had to give my testimony LAST. It was such a privilege, though, to be able to bear witness of the Savior and His infinite Atonement. And what a great opportunity to leave that last thought with so many missionaries that I truly love! It was an experience I will remember for a long time to come.
That’s about it for this week, though. We’ve had cooler temperatures and Autumn has FINALLY arrived and I’m loving the cooler weather! Though I’m sure it will be short lived. As President Johnson was leaving the parking lot at Zone Conference he shook my had and said, “Thank you so much for your testimony. That was wonderful. And I guess we’ll be seeing you all too soon in Pittsburgh! Work hard these last few weeks.”
And that’s precisely what I’m going to do. E-town doesn’t know what’s comin’ to it!
I’ve been mildly obsessed with jumping pictures lately….Oh, and we picked up a free tree at the library the other day. Sweeeet.
Sister McKann Hanseen
316 Rivermoor Dr.
Marietta, PA
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Relax, let God be Good

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