Went to the Temple! Crossed the Susquehanna! It’s been a great five days!

Yesterday Sister Kerby and I walked across the Columbia-Wrightsville bridge and back… it’s the widest part of the Susquehanna River but it was beautiful even if it was a long walk and we didn’t end up really seeing anyone. But it made me grateful for bridges… and feel a little bit more gratitude for the pioneers who crossed those rivers!
Well it’s only been a little while since I emailed and I pretty much updated everyone on the area last time (I think) but I’m just going to tell about my experience at the temple. Glory, hallelujah!
So, Saturday morning the alarm went off at 5:00 am. I pried my eyes open, hit my knees to the floor, thanked my Heavenly Father that I got to go to the temple, and got ready to go. We left the apartment at 5:50 and drove to the Jacob’s house. We waited there while they got their stuff together and honestly I was kind of nervous because we were leaving later than anticipated. It was a 2 hour drive according to Google Maps and we had to make it for the 8:30 session otherwise we wouldn’t have time for a session and the Egbert’s sealing. So, we start on our way and Bro. Jacob is CRUISING! We ended up making it to the temple in an hour and a half.
We drove around the corner into the parking lot of the temple and there was an immediate familiarity of the grounds. The Spirit there was so real and I felt all sorts of emotion come over me. I really felt (as cliché as it sounds) like I was going home! It felt so normal and good and heavenly. The Jacob’s dropped us off and we walked in and I just felt overwhelmed with the Spirit. We got changed and went up and waited for the session.
I got to see the newest of the temple movies and considering that I hadn’t seen ANY of these new ones, let alone been to the temple in 16 months, I was just like a kid in a candy store. I was so excited the entire time and I just felt so grateful to be there.
But I believe the most powerful moment for me was when they prayed for the full-time missionaries in the prayer circle. The man praying just said so clearly and directly, “Protect them.” The echoes of faithful Latter-day Saints followed and I felt like my heart was being penetrated with gratitude for the blessings that pour from the windows of heaven in the temple. This truly is a divine work we are called to!
So, we finished the session and went upstairs to wait for the Egbert’s sealing to their son, Owen, to start. They just had all the paperwork for the adoption go through officially and they were sealed as a family on Saturday! So awesome. Anyway, I’m sitting there kind of whisper-talking with the members there and I look up at a doorway and who do I see? JESSE DAILY from my sophomore ward at BYU. And if you’re reflect back on an email from when I was in State College… this is the same friend who randomly showed up at the Penn State Branch! So, I asked whose sealing he was there for and he was there for the Egbert’s sealing TOO. He grew up with Bro. Egbert and since he’s living in DC he came for the sealing. We took a picture afterward:

So that was fun! I was thinking “wow, so awesome! I got to see someone I know at the temple that wasn’t in the Elizabethtown ward!”
… Well, just hold your breath here for a second.
We were walking back down to the floor with the dressing rooms and going around the corner to start down another stair case lined with the beautiful stained glass windows and all of a sudden, before I know it, someone grabbed my arm and said, “MCKANN?!” Well, considering I’ve been called Sister Hanseen for the past 16 months I was just as surprised as you are that someone was calling me McKann. I looked over and it was my friend Nick Segard from BYU. He was in my freshman ward and we were good friends! He just got back from his mission in Guatemala a few weeks ago and he was there to be sealed to his family! He lives in Virginia so that’s their temple, I think. But it was so crazy! I was so excited to see him. It was really really awesome. We didn’t take a picture though because they were just starting their sealing and we were leaving but it was fun to see him and chat for a few minutes.
I guess I really have no room to correct the other missionaries anymore when they tell me that I know everyone. I really just have a way with running into people I know in all sorts of places. Like the only two people I know that could’ve possibly been in that temple right then were both there. And as Nick said in his email to me about the whole event, “And let’s not even talk about the probability of us bumping into each other by the stairs in the middle of that huge temple!”
… Weird life, kids. My life is weird. And awesome.
I just want to testify of the blessings of the temple. I don’t know all of the mysteries of Heaven, but I do know that Heaven is real and that our Father there truly loves us. We may not understand everything about it, but we can know for a surety that the temple is of God and the blessings available within the walls are not of this world. They are truly divine. I have seen so many blessings come from the covenants I have made there and I cannot imagine sacrificing those for anything. Obedience brings blessings. There is power from on high just waiting to be bestowed upon us as we make ourselves worth to be covenant makers and keepers within the walls of the temple. I am so blessed to know this!
I love you all! I hope that you all find a way to get to the temple closest to you as soon as possible. And as Jesse said to me when I asked how often he goes to the temple, “I try to go every week. Because I figure if I’m worthy to be within the temple every week then I can’t go too far astray.” Wise words.
Have a fantastic week!
p.s. it was raining so I only got a few pictures. 😦


Sister McKann Hanseen
316 Rivermoor Dr.
Marietta, PA
Went to the Temple! Crossed the Susquehanna! It’s been a great five days!

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