I Can Hear the Bells!!!

Man oh man. We’ve got another wedding on our hands!
CONGRATULATIONS DADDIO! AND JODI! CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S ALREADY HAPPENING. So excited for you both. Excited for good things to come. It’s going to be great. And while you’re having fun in the sun in Cancun, don’t forget about little old me being poured on because of the hurricane… 🙂 Haha. Good times.
So, this week. Not super eventful but still good. We taught Ciara and she told us she actually applied for a job in AZ which would make it so she leaves in like two weeks if she got it… Yeahhhhh okay well I really want whatever’s best for her so I’m not saying what I hope happens because. You know. That’s just not fair either way! Haha. But she’s so solid. Such an inspiration to me. I love her.
We taught our other investigator, Deb. She is funny. She made a goal to go to church at least once a month starting in September… Slow and steady wins the race….? I guess.
We helped this lady in the ward move. Nancy and her husband, Bruce, had to move last week and we got a call from a man in the ward asking if we could go help Nancy get everything settled. Well, long story short, we spent the better part of two or three days helping her move and listening to some of her struggles with her family right now. And we just bonded. I love her. I felt such a deep connection to her and a great desire to do anything I could to help her. She came to church on Sunday and she just cried because Sis. Johnson and I did a musical number and she said she needed that so much. It’s been a long week. And I think that she really needed her cup to be filled spiritually with the sacrament. I’ve been learning a lot about that lately. We so need that to get through the week. At least, I do! Haha.
There’s this family in the ward that I  just totally bonded with this week. The Allen’s. I LOVE THEM. And it was so good. I just felt right at home with them. Always nice when you finally feel like you really click with some of the people in the area. It’s great.
Our investigator, Yevette, totally dodged out on us twice this weekend so I’m kinda bugged at that.. Oh well. It’s on her. We gave her chances! We’ll keep going back, though. Catch her outside so she can’t ignore us… 🙂 Sneaky sneaky.
OH.  Best thing. That Samoan family? Yeah. Totally came to church again yesterday. Kalili, the husband, was asked to speak in church. And he talked all about his conversion story and how it is so important to really be converted to the Gospel. He’s such a champ. He has come so far. He used to be in the gang scene, and did all sorts of not great things… But now he’s got a beautiful wife and children and they’ve gotten their lives on track together. It’s great. Aaaaand he totally called us out in his talk… “Well, I know it’s been a while since my family and I have been here… I know that because the missionaries showed up at our house and started teaching us the lessons. And then they called at 6:00 in the morning and woke the baby up.” Haha. Last part, not true. Called at 8:00 and didn’t wake the baby up (as confirmed by Kalili’s wife, Vai). Oh man. They’re the best. I love them.
Well, this week is going to be good. I’m going to MAKE it good.
Make it a great week, everyone!
Love you!

Sister McKann Hanseen
6 Williamsburg
Elizabethtown, PA
I Can Hear the Bells!!!

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