Gimme some more of that Amish grown sweet corn and I’ll stay here forever!

[Editor’s note — Dad — ME, has been on a honeymoon and didn’t get McKann’s letter loaded until just tonight]

​ Oh man! I LOVED ALL THE PICTURES OF THE BEAUTIFUL NEW COUPLE! Wow. So enchanted by the gorgeous day. Looks like everyone had a great time. Thanks for those who sent pictures and told me a little bit more about it. Glad I was there in spirit. 🙂
So, this week.
Well, Sista J was sick for two days (Tuesday and Wednesday) so I got a little bit stir crazy. But I guess that made it even more rewarding to get out there and go to work the rest of the days! And while she was sick I reorganized our kitchen and also taught myself how to make sweet HERBAL iced tea. So good. Who knew that there were instructions on the herbal tea boxes….? 😉
It was definitely kinda brutal to be stuck inside on the day of the wedding knowing I was missing out but I bet it was just so awesome. But ANYWAY…
Thursday we had a normal district meeting and then when we were doing time I was looking on the stake directory and saw that my friend, Johnny Liao, who got baptized at the end of our senior year is on a mission now! And I couldn’t be more thrilled! How awesome. I’m so pumped about that still.
We had dinner at this place in Etown called P&J’s and … Oh my heck. Best Philly cheesesteaks you can ever have. Everyone who’s had them in Philly and at P&J’s says that they are better than getting them in Philadelphia. So delicious.
On Saturday I bought a new dress during our dinner hour. I HAD to. It was at Coldwater Creek and it was closing down so they had 80% off. $130 dress for $25? Yeah. I’m sending a picture (mostly cause I know Nyia and Gillian will want to see it).
Okay so here’s the big news of the week..
The Elizabethtown ward boundaries are changing! We’re getting part of the York ward.. Which just throws everything up in the air for the missionaries. We might be moving to one of our sub areas, Marietta. But… It’s all a mess. We’ll find out more by next week. We’re hoping it won’t change what missionaries are serving in the ward because we Etown missionaries have so much fun together!
So, as for like.. cool experiences this week.. I’m limited. But I do have some parts of my journal I’m going to add because they were interesting.
“Thursday, July 17, 2014
We’ve been cleaning up some of the records for the ward lately. We went to track down this guy and ended up meeting his brother-in-law. It was really an interesting experience. He was “passionate” but really just argumentative. He kept saying that we believe in a different Jesus Christ than he does. He totally questioned everything and expected answers but couldn’t answer any of mien. It was so funny because we had just been listening to a talk in the car that referred to “antichrists” (like in the BOM or otherwise) as “faith shakers” and how they never have true evidence for their points. There cannot be real evidence behind falsehoods! this man criticized my every move–if I shrugged my shoulders, he criticized it. If I shook my head, he mocked it. If I apologized, he denied it. Yet, if I asked him to explain one of his arguments he just moved on to another “one-spoke-wheel” argument. It couldn’t hold any weight. But, I just felt so sad for this man. That he was so vehemently rejecting what he was “so sure about,” yet really had no clue. I just mourned for him. And with hot tears in my eyes and alump in my throat, I shook his hand and walked away and watned nothing more than to apologize to the Savior that he had ever had to feel what I was feeling right then. What an awful, terrible feeling. I just so desperately want to help people like that more than anyone else. But it’s so impossible to help someone who doesn’t want to be helped and doesn’t beleive they are in need of it. I just keep thinking about how Elder Holland always says that when we are rejected and mocked and persecuted and cast out, that we are standing shoulder to shoulder with the greatest and only pure missionary who ever lived–our Savior, Jesus Christ. What an honor and privilege.”
“Saturday, July 19, 2014
…And, on the way from Mountville to Etown, we drove past an Amish vegetable stand and HAD to stop for some sweet corn. it was $2.50 for six ears and $2.50 for HUGE potatoes. And then they just have a little box and it’s the honor system/you write down what you’re buying and then put your money in the slot. So cute! We were driving away and I saw the beautiful country houses with their welcome lights in the windows, and it was just as the sun was beginning to set. I was looking over the free Amish recipes I’d just picked up and the windows were rolled down. I  just looked out the window at the windy road lined with corn crop and houses and really just thought to myself, ‘Wow, I REALLY just love Pennsylvania. I am so lucky!’ Oh, and on the drive home we also saw about 30 Amish kids playing volleyball I n their little Amish bonnets n’at. Cute!”
Just a little glimpse at the wide range of experiences this week. Until next time, adieu!
Here’s my new dress. We’ll just say that I bought it for the wedding, too. 😉

Sister McKann Hanseen
6 Williamsburg
Elizabethtown, PA
Gimme some more of that Amish grown sweet corn and I’ll stay here forever!

I Can Hear the Bells!!!

Man oh man. We’ve got another wedding on our hands!
CONGRATULATIONS DADDIO! AND JODI! CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S ALREADY HAPPENING. So excited for you both. Excited for good things to come. It’s going to be great. And while you’re having fun in the sun in Cancun, don’t forget about little old me being poured on because of the hurricane… 🙂 Haha. Good times.
So, this week. Not super eventful but still good. We taught Ciara and she told us she actually applied for a job in AZ which would make it so she leaves in like two weeks if she got it… Yeahhhhh okay well I really want whatever’s best for her so I’m not saying what I hope happens because. You know. That’s just not fair either way! Haha. But she’s so solid. Such an inspiration to me. I love her.
We taught our other investigator, Deb. She is funny. She made a goal to go to church at least once a month starting in September… Slow and steady wins the race….? I guess.
We helped this lady in the ward move. Nancy and her husband, Bruce, had to move last week and we got a call from a man in the ward asking if we could go help Nancy get everything settled. Well, long story short, we spent the better part of two or three days helping her move and listening to some of her struggles with her family right now. And we just bonded. I love her. I felt such a deep connection to her and a great desire to do anything I could to help her. She came to church on Sunday and she just cried because Sis. Johnson and I did a musical number and she said she needed that so much. It’s been a long week. And I think that she really needed her cup to be filled spiritually with the sacrament. I’ve been learning a lot about that lately. We so need that to get through the week. At least, I do! Haha.
There’s this family in the ward that I  just totally bonded with this week. The Allen’s. I LOVE THEM. And it was so good. I just felt right at home with them. Always nice when you finally feel like you really click with some of the people in the area. It’s great.
Our investigator, Yevette, totally dodged out on us twice this weekend so I’m kinda bugged at that.. Oh well. It’s on her. We gave her chances! We’ll keep going back, though. Catch her outside so she can’t ignore us… 🙂 Sneaky sneaky.
OH.  Best thing. That Samoan family? Yeah. Totally came to church again yesterday. Kalili, the husband, was asked to speak in church. And he talked all about his conversion story and how it is so important to really be converted to the Gospel. He’s such a champ. He has come so far. He used to be in the gang scene, and did all sorts of not great things… But now he’s got a beautiful wife and children and they’ve gotten their lives on track together. It’s great. Aaaaand he totally called us out in his talk… “Well, I know it’s been a while since my family and I have been here… I know that because the missionaries showed up at our house and started teaching us the lessons. And then they called at 6:00 in the morning and woke the baby up.” Haha. Last part, not true. Called at 8:00 and didn’t wake the baby up (as confirmed by Kalili’s wife, Vai). Oh man. They’re the best. I love them.
Well, this week is going to be good. I’m going to MAKE it good.
Make it a great week, everyone!
Love you!

Sister McKann Hanseen
6 Williamsburg
Elizabethtown, PA
I Can Hear the Bells!!!

Sunburned, of Course!

Well, I escaped the 4th of July sunburn and got scalded on the 5th. Dang. I’ll send a picture at the end, if it works.

This is going to be a short email. I feel strongly that I need to give more attention to the personal emails today and so the blog’s just gonna have to DEAL with it. Haha. And family… Sorry for the lack of details. But I’m trying to be quick.

We met our new mission president and his wife: President and Sister Johnson. President Johnson is basically my kindred spirit because he was the CFO for REI and also worked for Land’s End and… AHHH. yes. He said, “oh we’ll have to talk about outdoor stuff sometime because that’s what I get REALLY passionate about!” What a gem. And his sweet wife. Oh man. Sweetest lady. I’m so excited for their presence and leadership here in this mission! What a treat.

It’s sometimes so difficult when people at home are hurting and you just want to hug and hold them and tell them it will be alright. But for a friend at home losing her sister to a hard battle with cancer, I’ve committed myself to work harder than I ever have before on my mission. Because she and her family need those blessings right now! (And so do my family and I). And I’m excited to get to work and help everyone I can. Every second counts and I’m learning that so immensely lately!

Well this week was pretty successful. We had a lesson in a members’ home with our investigator, Ciara. She is getting baptized on August 16th and she is progressing swimmingly. I love her so much. She’s awesome. We shared that Mormon Message of Jeffrey R. Holland’s conference talk about why Joseph Smith and Hyrum Smith would not have sacrificed so much if the Book of Mormon wasn’t true and it was BOMB. Loved it.

We picked up a new investigator named Yevette this week and she basically said she’d been praying for the Lord to send someone her way. After worries of a wayward child, we read her the story of the Prodigal son. We cried together and testified of a loving Savior and Redeemer that we can come closer to through the Book of Mormon than through any other book.

Last week, Sister Johnson and I fasted for a specific less active family. They are the sweetest little family from American Samoa. I loved them from the second I met them. We fasted that they would be able to get up on time to come to church (that’s the hardest part for them). Last week, they did not come. But we kept praying. And yesterday as we’re sitting in the pews in the chapel, lo and behold… They walk in! All dressed up and matching in blue with the cutest baby I’ve ever seen in my life and the other two kids trailing sweetly behind. What a heavenly sight! I cannot wait for the day that they get sealed in the temple. What a miracle and blessing that will be to them. To see them all in WHITE! Ah. I can’t wait. I know it will happen.

4th of July was pretty chill. We just did Weekly Planning most of the day and then went over and spent the even with the Conger family. We had dinner and did fireworks… No, I didn’t light any, sadly. But I got some golden videos of the kids screaming when they went off. Prime. Loved it.

Oh, we were out of a car this week, too and it was pretty much not even that bad. So.. Awesome!

And you’re not in a ward in Pennsylvania until someone starts relating the dead deer guts that were splattered on their windshield on the freeway to the battles in the Book of Mormon. Lancaster County, you never disappoint.

Love you all so much. Miss you. Keep the faith.​ And put on your sunscreen. 🙂

This is Sister Johnson studying at the park. She’s diligently researching 1 Nephi 8: “Lehi’s Dream” … Haha.​

Sunburned, of Course!