Repeat title – Stadium of Fire! dun dun dun – Stadium of Fire dun dun dun

Celebrate tonight, fill the sky with light, that is our DESIIIIIIREEEEEE…
Okay. Dang it. missing that one again this year. Only a little piece of my heart is ripped to SHREDS AND CRYING OUT IN AGONY HERE! Okay. I’m being dramatic. But I definitely just love the Stadium of Fire. And all that is 4th of July celebrations in Provo. 🙂 Sounds like the celebrations this year are definitely not all that they normally are so I guess that’s good. I’m not missing out on much. And unlike last year, this year’s celebrations are like.. non existant. No participating in a parade in State College. No yummy dinner at the Leavitt’s. We pretty much don’t have a dinner appointment and we probably have to be in early because it’s a holiday and… Yeah.
What was that? Was that a whiney missionary? Nahhh..
Anyway, for whatever reason I’m super short on time… Probably because I just sent our new mission president, President Johnson, a recap of my ENTIRE  MISSION. Yes. I forwarded him every single email I’ve ever sent home. Just kidding. But I did go through all my areas so he has an idea of where I’ve been, etc. So it took a while. Because I’m old. “Someone get you dentures and a cane!” as Elder Martin so kindly says to me anytime he sees me now.
This week has been a week of miracles though. I can’t even begin to describe them all. But I’m going to try!
The Lititz Sisters have officially moved out and now I’m just MEGABEDding it all my by myself. haha. Except I don’t even sleep on both the beds because it was seriously killing my back. Haha.
We have two new elders in our district! Elder Baggett is serving in my ward and he’s from Bountiful, UT. And then Elder Boren is from Thatcher, AZ and he’s serving with Elder Gibson in Lititz. Yes, Thatcher, AZ like the place the two football guys are from in the Mormon Message… Come on, fellow missionaries, be in shock and jealousy because I know that you’re the only ones who even know what I’m talking about! Anyway.. Yeah, “Boren” is mostly said like “Bourne” and his first name is definitely Jason. Not kidding. Serving with Jason Bourne. Holla!
Okay so I don’t know if I told everyone about Heather, Robert and June last week but if not you’ll just have to believe that it was really awesome to find them and set an appointment with them. But here’s what happened this week. Typed straight out of my journal (how embarrassing):
We had a lesson that we set with heather, Robert, and June from last week. We went… NOT home! Ah! I was so sad! But I didn’t give up. Sis. J and I decided to keep trying to find the 3 new investigators we set a goal for. We decided to tract a sketchy apartment building and knocked this door and the girl that answered acted really weird. Then, we heard someone near the door say, “I don’t care what they are coming for, if they knock on my door again…” so we quickly walked out of the building.
We decided to go work and then try back to H, R, & J’s later. We walked to Etown Square and didn’t find anyone and started to go try to tract a building but decided against it. Then , we were walking and randomly (or not so randomly) decided to walk down this street/back alley. Walking. Both decide one specific door to tract. Two little girls yell out from another house and say they’re not home. Talked to girls. Older girl walks up and sits on porch of tracted house. Go back, talk to girl. She just moved here. Wants to learn more. Return appointment set for Tuesday.
… Not even kidding. Everything had to work out perfectly for us to meet that girl, Samantha! It was just one of those days where I came home and felt like, “YES! I DID find everyone the Lord prepared for me to find today!” It was awesome.
We had a lesson with Ciara and she is still progressing swimmingly. It’s so great. She’s still set for her baptismal date of August 16th and I couldn’t be more thrilled. She’s awesome. Hopefully we’re teaching her at the Ward Mission Leader’s house on Wednesday after dinner. That will be great.
Last week we met this awesome Samoan family, right? Well, they said they were going to come to church this week. On Friday, I decided we should fast for them. So we did. And then they didn’t come to church. BUT, the bishop told us that day that he is planning on asking Kalili to speak in church and I think that will definitely get them to church. So in the Lord’s time, our prayers are definitely answered. I love it.
We had a less active girl named Amber come to church for the first time. She was well fellowshipped by one of the members and she came to church and sat with us! She’s like 11. And I love her. And that was awesome. We also stopped by to visit our investigator, Ann, who we haven’t seen in a while after church on Sunday. It seemed like she wasn’t really interested in talking at first. But she let us in and we started just talking about her and what was going on in her life and then all of a sudden her son, Alex, started asking us questions. Like TONS of questions. Turns out he went to ASU and knew tons of Mormons and really loved them. He said that if there was ever a religion he would settle down with and stick to, it would definitely be ours. So… new investigator found!
It’s so awesome. I just feel like everything is slowly picking up as we’re doing all we can to be more and more diligent and obedient and humble. It’s great. And I’m so excited to have a new mission president (so so so sad to see the Topham’s leave, don’t get me wrong), but I’m excited that he and his wife have gotten the latest in training about missionary work that the church has to offer and we get to be a part of that! What an honor. I’m so excited to keep working hard and truly doing all I can to reap the harvest of souls.
One thing that we’ve been focusing on with the elders in our ward is how to help members do missionary work and understand why they’re supposed to.
Missionary work is not necessarily about the obligation we have to save everyone else. It is about OUR salvation. When we do missionary work, our sins are washed away, too. We get to help in sharing salvation and eternal life, and in doing so, we learn how to obtain our own.
So member missionary work is not just about finding people for the missionaries. It’s about.. When we really understand the Atonement and the Gospel and it makes a change in our lives, we can’t HELP but share it. When we truly love those around us, our natural instinct is to share with them what makes us happy. That is the Gospel. That is the bread of life. That is Jesus Christ.
Anyway, just a little rant there. This week is going to be great. There’s a lot to look forward to! Enjoy the holiday festivities for me and then realize that unless you count Halloween as a real holiday (which it is but it’s not like one of my favorites really) then I’m going to be joining you for the next one. That’s a little freaky.
Love you all!
p.s. My current worldly concern is where I should work when I get home. It’s definitely something I’m not trying to worry to much about, but it’s a reality. So any and all advice or suggestion on that end of things would be appreciated!
We peer-pressured Sister Johnson into cutting her hair last week. There were lots of tears. And I think she hated us at first. But she likes it now and is glad she did it. 🙂

And here’s just a little flashback of the results of too much fun last  year on the 4th of July.. :)​


Repeat title – Stadium of Fire! dun dun dun – Stadium of Fire dun dun dun

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