Another Transfer… going … going… gone… SAD!

This whole transfer business makes me way freak out because OH MY HECK. We’re not even going to talk about how few transfers I have left. It’s unreal. Yikes.
So, Sister Johnson is staying in Etown. Not surprising or anything. Just the update there. The Lititz Sisters (Sister Morphy and Sister Doxey) are staying together as well. Elder Bladh is finishing his mission so he’s leaving us (how rude!) and then Elder Taylor is getting transferred. That was pretty sad. He’s fun. But we’ll be getting two new elders in the district which is pretty much a party. Hopefully they’re not lame. 🙂
This week feels like it was SOOO long. You thought bed bugs were bad? Oh man. Try going to the dentist.
So, Wednesday, we taught a lesson to this less active named Jalinn. It went pretty well. Then, we were off to Hershey. Yes, you heard me. The one and only HERSHEY, PENNSYLVANIA! Where they make all of your delicious little chocolate bars and once a year make the amazing Cadbury Mini Eggs. (BTW when Sister Weeks came a few weeks ago, she brought me a bunch of treats. In the bag of treats was probably the last existing bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs for 2014. I should sell it on eBay or something. Haha. So yummy!) But, as we entered the sweetest place on earth, we didn’t know we’d be entering DOOMSVILLE for the day! Holy cow.
We met up with the Hershey Sisters (AKA SISTER HURDSMAN!!! and Sister Thatcher is also so great too but I was so excited to see my baby!!) and went to eat at this totally Hershey-esque place called Phillip Arthur’s and it was awesome. Then, off to the dentist. Pulled up to 1135 Chocolate Ave. and went in to start the paperwork. Well.. They couldn’t find insurance info and it was all confusing and upon calling President Topham he gave permission for me to text Dad! As he and my siblings already know, of course. It was quite the texting conversation, let me tell you. So much confusion. The people at the office were mad. And I was just flustered as all get out because they had told me on the phone that I had all the information they needed already! Lame. Anyway. Went in to the dentist chair while Sister Johnson waited in the lobby and I had the phone. As SOON as they leaned me back and had me open my mouth, the phone starts buzzing in my pocket (shout out to sisters and Nana who bought me skirts with pockets!). I pull it up and look and it says “Elder Bentley.” Great, something with our car. We can call him back after. Well, another call with “Elder Bentley,” on the screen. Then a text message saying to call him when we get a minute. Then two minutes later a call from “Lancaster ZL’s”… And another call… and another call… all the while there are fingers in my mouth and lights on my face… Yeah. Then, “Lititz Sisters” appears on the screen. What?! What in the world is going on?! Finally, a text from the sisters saying our car was parked somewhere it shouldn’t be.
So, panic strikes and I stop the dentist before he looks in my mouth again.
“Um… I’m being told my car is parked somewhere it shouldn’t be.”
“Yeah.. Hold on.. Let me look out the window.”
“Okay, Doctor Dentist Man, see that white Malibu?”
“Yes, what’s wrong?”
“Well, can I be parked there?”
“Of course you can! That’s our parking lot. Is there a problem?”
Cue super embarrassment and confusion.
So they finished the appointment, said my teeth were fantastic so they were really confused why my mouth has been aching and aching. But it has! They prescribed me some super fancy expensive mouth rinse that has kind of helped but I’m still just confused about how I don’t have any cavities!
I walked out into the lobby to find the Hershey Sisters in a panic. What was going on?!
… Long story short, some random man called the Lancaster ZLs (not even IN the Hershey zone) and complained that one of their cars was parked and blocking his way.. Like yelling at them! But we weren’t? It was so bizarre. Talk about persecution! Haha I kid, I kid. But it was strange.
And Elder Bentley was calling because when I got put in the area, I found some damage on the car that I think was caused by Sister Johnson hitting a curb (she doesn’t believe me and gets pretty defensive whenever I say that but the car had been inspected a few weeks before and I hadn’t driven the car at that point…) so we’ve had to get everything assessed. Elder Bentley said we’re going to have to get it repaired in about a week. So, my third drive area where I will be out of a car for a while because it’s getting repaired. WHAT IS WITH MY LUCK?! Okay, okay. I need to quit being dramatic. Opportunities will arise from the trials! Yes!
So… Besides that.. The Lititz Sisters moved out again… And then moved back… and are moving out again tomorrow. I’m seriously so bummed. Sister Morphy has just like SAVED me the past four weeks. We’ve been so close and when things have gotten hard it’s been so good to have her there with me. So I’m a little upset. But we see them like every other day anyway… So I just need to get over it and realize that I can be more effective with normal missionary life. Haha. No, but it’s been such a blessing to get to be close with these sisters and be able to grow in unity with those sisters and with our district.
We had a really cool experience this week. We’ve been working really hard to clean up our area book and get it into a condition that will help future missionaries be successful. In the process of that, we found a former investigator, Heather, and decided to give her a try. Some missionaries in the past have tried to be in contact with her but she hasn’t ever seemed super interested. We stopped by this week, her husband let us in, and we visited with Heather, Robert (her husband) and her daughter June, who recently moved in with her mom. Heather just got full custody of June last week and as we were talking about the Book of Mormon, Heather said, “June, maybe this is something we can do together!” The whole family got excited about reading the Book of Mormon and Restoration pamphlets together and set a return appointment for this week. I’m so excited to get June involved with the Young Women program, and I feel that will be a great resource and opportunity for us to work more closely with the youth in our ward. I’m excited about them!
We also were able to visit a less active family yesterday that missionaries haven’t been in contact with too frequently. They warmly welcomed us into their home and said, without us coaxing them to, that they will be at church next Sunday and that they have really missed the spirit that church attendance brings in their lives. I’m excited to continue working with them as well! They’re from American Samoa and OH MY HECK. They have the cutest kids ever. They have a three month old baby who just has like three inches of black hair that stands straight up and I just want to eat her up! I’ll have to get a picture of her soon to send home.
At this point in my mission, I feel more excited and energetic about the work than ever. And because of that, I definitely feel the adversary working harder on me than ever before. I’ve never had trunkier moments than I’ve been having, but I’ve also never felt so much joy coming from forgetting myself and getting to work! It’s difficult, but so very rewarding. What a privilege to be able to learn such valuable lessons! I really do know that working hard is the way to stay focused and I’ve been trying to just keep my mind on the work. There is so much work here to do.. We’re just working on finding it! So, onward and upward! Here’s to another great week in Pennsylvania!
Me in Hershey!

Our last district picture! (We actually only had two district meetings this transfer because of bed bugs, Elder Holland, and Zone Conference.. Haha weird!)
From back to front:
L to R: Me, Sister Meredith Morphy, Sister Shannon Doxey, Elder Kendrick Gibson, Sister Jenna Johnson, Elder Alex Durham
L to R: Elder Jordan Taylor, Elder Josh Bladh

Another Transfer… going … going… gone… SAD!

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