Hey Everybody!!!

Lamest title of an email ever. My bad. It’s just a non-creative week.
I actually don’t have a ton to email about this week. It’s been pretty slow on the work end of things. Ciara was out of town. Barry and Delores dropped us about three days after we taught them that amazing lesson (don’t even want to talk about it I’m still so upset!). And we had zone conference.. Which was definitely the highlight of my week. That was so fun.
So. Zone Conference in this neck of the woods is HUGE. We had three zones meeting together: Harrisburg, Chambersburg, and ours (Lancaster). Oh. For all yinz at home that think that I’m saying “Lan-caster”… nope. But I’m trying to figure out how I can write out a phonetic spelling and it’s not really going down. Ask me another time. 🙂 Anyway. 85 missionaries! Crazy. And then we had about 10 missionaries who were giving their departing testimonies. At the last zone conference before you go home, you give a departing testimony. One of the testimonies was pretty epic. He talked about how the greatest things in history have happened in groves of trees. Gethsemane, the First Vision, etc. Then he just paused and got this epic voice and said, “This is my grove.” Hahaha. No, it was really really awesome actually but I’m just not sure how to depict it quite accurately through email. What was really killer is sitting their realizing that next time I have a zone conference, I won’t just be a normal missionary. I’ll be an old missionary giving her departing testimony. Killer. More motivation to work hard so I have cooler things to say in my testimony. 😉
I got to see so many missionaries I love dearly! It was fun to be on the other side of the mission. But the coolest thing was that we got to say bye to President and Sister Topham. It was definitely hard but I am so excited that they won’t be too far away. 🙂 We got to take pictures with them and then they also both gave us hugs! Gasp, I know. But they give hugs at the airport so they got to give hugs this week.  Awesome.
It is going to be really cool to get a new mission president as well, though. I’m excited to see what his new training will be able to add to our mission. And then I’m excited to just keep hitting the pavement and getting to work!
I am so thrilled to be here. There’s a lot more I have to learn and I’m grateful to be able to repent every night. 🙂 I’m becoming so much better than I ever could’ve dreamed of at this age had I not served a mission. I will never be ungrateful for this privilege.
Thanks to everyone who continues to support me! I am so blessed.
Hey Everybody!!!

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