This bedbugs post is killing me…

Oh dear family and friends. You would not BELIEVE this week. It should be on some sort of “craziest missionary happenings” TV show or something.
Let me just start out with the beginning of the week and then we’ll get into the good stuff.
And almost as cool is that Nyia just graduated high school! Congratulations!
“What are you trying to become?”
“A graduate!”
… Name it? Anyone?? Same friends will still be the only ones to get it: Tyler, Aimee, Heather, Joe. 🙂
Tuesday was Sister Johnson’s birthday so people fed us good food. I’m a really good companion and didn’t get her anything… it’s way too awkward when you’re with them all the time! Haha. So. Sweet. We met a guy that night named Ralph and he refused to call us “sister” and that’s secretly my favorite.. When old guys insist on calling you your first name. It’s hilarious.
On Wednesday I went to Lititz with Sister Morphy (one of the sisters who I served with in Cranberry, who is now my STL and in my district). We had our exchange and then headed out there to go eat lunch and teach a bunch of people. We had some awesome lessons, laughed a lot, and just had a blast. But one thing.. Sister Morphy and her previous companion, Sister Denney, had been getting little bites on their arms when they slept for about three months but didn’t think anything of it. Then, the new STL, Sister Doxey came in and she got eaten alive! So while Sister Morphy and I are headed to Lititz we called the mission office and basically all heck broke loose because they were thinking it was bed bugs. But we just continued our day because there was nothing we could do about it right then. So, we had dinner, went to BOM class, and then some member showed us a picture of a bed bug. Well, lo and behold.. that is the same bug Sister Morphy and Sister Denney had been seeing around their apartment for a little while. Oh heavens. So crazy. We went home, got ready for bed, and were sitting in the bedroom just talking with the light on and about an hour later these little dark bugs just start crawling out of the ceiling.
“Sister Hanseen… Do you see those?”
“Yes. Oh. NO. Those aren’t…”
*both stand up on the bed nearest the wall to take a look*
*more screams*
Sister Morphy and I went all Crocodile Dundee on them and started getting toilet paper to flush them down the toilet. Then we slowly started noticing little blood spots all around the edges of the walls. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! So. The next two hours consists of us taking a bright flashlight, turning off the bedroom light, and scanning the walls to see these nasty little baby bed bugs scampering across the walls. We killed all the ones we could find and then just layed on the beds in a state of sheer terror.
We decided to sleep with the lights on for the last four hours that we could sleep until 6:30 and we were terrified the whole time. I kept waking up. Then the 6:30 alarm went off and we were just like, “Heck no. There is no way we are going to function today. One more hour, we’ll turn the light off and hope that we can get some restful sleep to just get going for the day.” (p.s. I didn’t even feel slightly guilty about that because we were seriously zombies). Anyway. Turn off the light. Catchin’ some z’s. Then I’m seriously having all these freaky dreams about bed bugs. We wake up an hour later. Sister Morphy turns on the light and I open my eyes and see a freaking bed bug crawling across my sheets next to my face. FREAK OUT! Uh yeah. Then we pull off my comforter and there they are.. Little tiny blood dots on the sheets. And new ones in Sister Morhpy’s, too.
EW. Bed bugs! Yeah, and here’s the kicker. Lititz sisters don’t have laundry in their apartment. So, they had just taken ALL OF THEIR LAUNDRY AND BEDDING TO OUR APARTMENT TO WASH IT. Mission office is panicking. We spent the entire day on an extended exchange, doing laundry in the Laundromat. Buying tons of stupid spray stuff to sanitize. Putting duct tape on the legs of all the furniture. More laundry. Itching and scratching the entire time. Sister Doxey and Sister Johnson doing the same over in Elizabethtown at our apartment.
So nuts. Then, the mission instructed that those sisters are to live with us in Elizabethtown until about four days after the extermination, just to be careful.
We’ve been doing laundry for four days straight. Trying to heal up all of Sister Doxey’s bites. Playing Nertz every night before bed. Eating yummy food. Having a PARTY all living together. Never sleeping. Making shadow puppets at night. Singing Disney songs all the time.  And … In the meantime, Sister Johnson and I picked up a new investigator this week!
Her name is Ciara. She just graduated from Penn State Altoona and has been investigating on and off for about two and a half years, I would say. She says she just keeps getting cold feet, basically. But now, she really feels like it’s time for her to just make the decision and dive in! Oh man. Everyone. This is like Luna status. That’s how awesome Ciara is. Speaking of Luna, she moved to Latrobe! What the heck, right? Maybe she’ll follow me back out to Utah and we can be best friends forever. 🙂 Haha.
Tonight, Sister Doxey is going on exchange to Hershey. Guess who’s coming to Etown with Sister Morphy? SISTER HURDSMAN!!! We get to have a big sleepover tonight! I’m seriously so excited. And today, for P-Day, we’re hanging out with the elders in our district at the church and guess what we’re going to play? ONKA! I haven’t played that game since State College.
OH man. Mission life? Nuts. So nuts. Who would’ve thought this is what I’d be doing in Pennsylvania?
Loving it. ​

Sister McKann Hanseen
6 Williamsburg
Elizabethtown, PA
This bedbugs post is killing me…

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