Let’s not say good-bye, let’s just say au revoir…

​Leave it to Beaver to steal your heart away right before you totally get ripped away. It’s official. I’m getting transferred. And I’m pretty bummed about it.

I definitely thought that it could be a good thing to get transferred, but I kind of felt like I wouldn’t actually be leaving. So, I wasn’t even slightly prepared. No pictures taken. Not a THING packed. When the Zone Leaders called on Friday I was seriously shocked. So was Sister Wilde. It’s pretty nuts. But it will be fun to see a new area and experience new things. And to go to transfer meeting. That’s always a total blast. 🙂 I love seeing missionaries. So it’ll be a missionary filled week with Elder Holland and Elder Hallstrom coming on Thursday! What a treat.

Here’s something super cool… I got asked to sing when Elder Holland comes! Totally singing a solo for an apostle! … Okay I’m kidding. I’m kidding. I’m singing in a small choir of missionaries though, so that’s pretty cool. What an awesome opportunity!

It’s been really hard to say goodbye to this ward. Some of these people here have been such anchors to me when things were particularly tough my first two transfers here. Last night I said goodbye to the Bishop of the ward and that was hard. But it’s always a good experience to feel like you’ve actually made a difference in the lives of those around you and in the places you serve. What a privilege!

This week was pretty slow as far as the work goes, which is kind of a bummer, but it was still good. We had an amazing lesson with one of our less actives who has a really big desire to change. We worked on helping her focus on her vision for herself and her family on a smaller scale. Of course, the goal is to get to the temple and be sealed as a family. But it made things click so much more for us to take it down a few levels and set a vision and goals to help her to feel how much power she truly has to obtain those things, so that she can eventually get to the temple with her family!

I think that most missionaries experience this, but it’s pretty crazy how rapidly things seem to be changing as I get nearer and nearer to the end. Satan works hard to get you distracted, and sometimes he succeeds. But it’s so amazing to be able to overcome that and just GET TO WORK.

There’s this awesome talk that Sister Holmstead shared with me called “The Mortal Christ” by Jack Christensen (I think?? It’s one of those Covenant Communications things…) and there’s a part at the beginning where he says this:


Terrible grammar, he recognizes. But knows that if he said it properly it wouldn’t be remembered.

Satan has to work so hard to get at the people who are doing righteous things. When someone’s already down, he’s not wasting his time kicking them further, because they tend to do that on their own. But he works at those who are on an uphill. We are at WAR with Satan. And when we think about the amazing tools we’ve been given to combat him, how can we not feel at peace? That’s so awesome.

Anyway, I’m just rambling. But in a round-about way, it’s kind of cool to know when Satan’s trying really hard to get you down and then you can just laugh in his face and be like.. “TAKE THAT, SATAN. I’m doing what’s RIGHT. Awwww yeaaaaahhh.”

I’m looking forward to reporting on my future adventures.
I’m so appreciative of the endless prayers that are offered on my behalf.
I love being a missionary.

And to bring it back to the title of the email, Beaver Valley, “Let’s not say goodbye, let’s just say ‘au revoir.'”
And for anyone who actually knows that quote…. You’re the best. (Ahem ahem tyleraimeeheatherjoe… )

The Bishop’s family.

(Tyler Weeks, Haley Weeks, Me, Bonnie Weeks, Bishop Kerry Weeks)

Nate McBride, Sister Hanseen, Nick McBride, LaVarr McBride
Elder Tony Adamson                                                     Sister McKann Hanseen
Sister Hanseen and the Green family being the Green Family…
Haley Weeks and Schultz the Dog…. and Sister Hanseen
Sister Sara Wilde, Sister McKann Hanseen, Elder Austin Waddoups, Elder Tony Adamson
Eli and Lisa DeBaker, Sister Hanseen
Let’s not say good-bye, let’s just say au revoir…

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