Week of Miracles!

This week I got a lot of great emails that I would love to respond to and because I’ll be talking with the fam bam this week on Sunday, I’m thinking just sharing some choice experiences will be great and help you feel the spirit of what I’m learning out here.

So.. Family, sorry this isn’t really in the correct form it would be if I was just talking to you.

Last week, Dad sent me a great email about a spiritual experience he had. While listening to a homecoming talk from a boy in the ward, he had a realization that although all missions are different, MISSIONARIES and their desires really aren’t. We all have this great desire to help fulfill our purpose of helping others to come unto Christ. He sensed that I’ve been frustrated with the fact that our teaching has been limited at best. I definitely had been feeling that way, despite the amazing experiences we have here almost daily. But he decided that he would recruit the help of my siblings and some dear friends and neighbors to pray earnestly for my companion and I to find someone to teach that can progress toward baptism.

I was so touched by that and very inspired. I told Sister Wilde after email time of the experience and we both got pretty excited. And then, I kid you not, three hours later we received a media referral from a man in Utah who wanted to tell us more about his friend that lives in our area. Then, that night, we were at a dinner appointment where there were three nonmembers. Two of them have invited us over to learn more about the Restored Gospel. And another member who was at the dinner appointment gave us the contact info of her cousin who wants to learn more and just recently moved to our area.

The results?

3 really solid potential investigators. Faye, Kathy, and Jack. We are setting up appointments with them this week.

Renee. She’s a gem. She invited us over and we brought a member to teach her the first lesson. It went great. She told us her goal is to become “truly converted and be baptized.” She attended Stake Conference this weekend and it was greatly focused on the safety and guidance that comes through prayer and scripture study. Perfect for a new investigator. We have a lesson set up for tomorrow and we are planning to set her with a baptismal date in the coming future.

This is no accident. The Lord answers prayers. I am so indebted to all those who faithfully called upon the powers of heaven in behalf of my companion and me, as well as this beautiful soul who is coming unto Christ. I cannot be more grateful and excited for this opportunity to teach.

Quickly, I want to share another experience. Yesterday was kind of a tough day. Nothing terribly bad happened but it was just kind of hard because I wasn’t as obedient as I should’ve been. None of us missionaries were. We definitely overstayed our welcome at some members’ homes who we love dearly. But anyone who’s ever been a missionary or even knows anything about it knows that it’s a pretty big missionary no-no to do that. And I definitely felt responsible for not sticking up for anything. I gave in to peer pressure and I’ll just say this. IT WAS NOT WORTH IT. Yes, it was fun. Yes, we had a good time. But it was not worth the time we spent there and wasted. I will disclaimer all of this with saying that this is not a normal thing and I really keep the rules as best as I can. But I slipped up and made a mistake. I apologized to those who I needed to apologize to, including the other missionaries, for not taking that responsibility and I have committed to myself, the other missionaries, the mission president in my email to him today, and, most importantly, the Lord, that I will not be making the same mistake again.

I don’t tell this story to show you how bad of a missionary I am or anything. But instead, I just felt that it’s so important for you to know that missionaries are not perfect and we are learning so much. I’ve been out a year and I definitely know the rules! But I made a mistake and I felt the awful feelings that come from it. And then I felt a calm assurance that guess what? Heavenly Father still loves me and is so excited that I want to do better and BE better. What a marvelous feeling that is.

I’m sure you’re all thinking I’m totally crazy now because in reality that whole situation was not that big of a deal and I have been out on my mission way too long. But that’s okay. 🙂 I just felt like I would share the imperfections and normal experiences of missionary life. Haha.

Everyone, this work is great. I’m blessed to be here. What a privilege to serve the Lord in His divine work!

Keep on keepin’ on, everybody! You’re awesome. Have a great week!

Here’s me and my entourage. “Hey Ken, do you wanna be a part of my entourage?!” … 30 Rock anyone?? Okay. Love yinz.


L to R  Sister Sara Wilde (McKann’s comp), Sister Alyssa Aston, Sister Hanseen, Sister Amber Gates


Sister Amber Gates and Sister Hanseen


Sisters Wilde, Hanseen, Gates, and Aston by the bridge


Week of Miracles!

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