April showers bring MAY FLOWERS! Seriously!

So it’s like all of a sudden, Spring just punched Pennsylvania in the face and was like, “HEY I’M HERE!” … And my allergies decided to punch me in the face as a result. Haha. No, just kidding. They’re not that bad but I’m definitely grateful for allergy medicine to just make me a teensy bit less stuffy than I would be otherwise.

I feel like there was so much packed into this past week that I can’t even start to describe it.

On Tuesday, we had exchanges. I stayed in Beaver again but this time our new STL, Sister Thomas came with me. She and I just had a BLAST. I don’t know what it is about exchanges but they just rejuvenate me and help me have so much fun in the work! It’s great. She and I had some awesome experiences. We had a team up with Sister Weeks, the Bishop’s wife (and just about my favorite person ever) and we went to visit a less active. On the way home she stopped and bought us this DELICIOUS chocolate milk… Like the best chocolate milk I’ve EVER had. And I’ve had BYU chocolate milk so.. Yeah. It’s divine. And she’s just the best. Then in the evening, Sister Thomas and I went to visit a less active part member family and it was AMAZING. I can’t even describe it all very well but I just saw so many miracles happen in just that one meeting. There is so much potential for this great family and I think they are going to be someone we greatly focus on in the coming weeks. The 15-year old daughter, Lacey, wants to be baptized. So she’s our primary focus and we’re hoping to help her parents become active again. It won’t happen overnight, but it’s definitely a great start.

On Thursday we had interviews with President Topham and it was my last one with him as my mission president! It was actually on the 24th, my year mark, and it was kind of sentimental in that way. We talked a lot about what I’ve learned on my mission and how I’ve changed, and more importantly how I’m going to STAY changed. That’s the really important part. Staying changed by your mission. Continuing to do the little things like reading scriptures and attending church and letting that be the Lord’s way of sculpting you into who He needs you to be. It’s all crazy and exciting and I love thinking about how much potential I truly have to stay changed!

I will say, though… My personality is still pretty much the same. I still don’t really have a filter and I say weird things and laugh at everything. And create awkward situations unintentionally. I’m still a huge klutz and I still speak sarcasm as a second language. .. I should probably work on that last one, though. 😉 Haha.

We had a cool experience, though. A few weeks ago, Sister Wilde and I decided that we really don’t know anything about the Stop Smoking Program we’ve been given and thought we should maybe study it so we could offer it to someone. Well, we did that, not thinking much of it, and moved on. Then on Friday, we got a call from a member in Butler telling us that her less active daughter just moved to Beaver and wants to quit smoking. She told her daughter we’d be coming by to offer the program to her. What?! Yeah. Just a small miracle there. We should be meeting with her this week sometime if we can get in contact. Her boyfriend isn’t a member so we’re hoping to be able to find a teaching opportunity from that.

We’ve been spending lots of time outside in the sun. Contacting. Doing studies outside if we can. Working on our area book. It’s just been so pleasant. I’ve gotten a little bit SUNBURNED even! But don’t worry.. I’m going to do all I can to keep from repeating the 4th of July sunburn incident from last year. Here’s a picture in case you forgot: (and yes, I look hideous. That was a rough day. Haha)

Inline image 2

Well kids, I’m out. I am so grateful for everyone praying for me and wishing me the best! It makes a difference, I promise.

Love you all! Have a fantastic week.

Sister McKann Hanseen
256 East End Avenue

Beaver, PA 15009
April showers bring MAY FLOWERS! Seriously!

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