You know it’s P-Day When…

…Your studies are pretty rough because you’re just excited to email home. And the other thing is… You know it’s P-Day when you’re in the middle of personal study and you’re reading “Jesus the Christ” (yeah, can you believe I’m attempting conquering that beast?) and it’s talking about the three wise men and it reminds you of the song “Shots” so you’re singing that in your head the rest of the study hour. I’m so embarrassed. Nobody go listen to that song but just trust me that if you’re on your mission and some less active member starts playing it to get her grandchildren to dance for you in the middle of your visit then it’s going to come back and haunt you when you’re in the middle of studying “Jesus the Christ.”

Moving on.

Well, I got this cute little notepad at Target the other week that has days of the week on it. So I wrote down some highlights every day and I’m gonna do it that way. Just bear with me.


After we emailed we went shopping for the regular groceries and then went back to the apartment. I laid down and took a TWO HOUR NAP holy cow that was crazy and awesome. Anyway, that night we went to the DeBaker’s house for dinner. We go there a lot and I love them. The little boy, Eli, reminds me so much of Brenner so it’s always fun. We joined in on their FHE and played this game called “Funny or Die” where there’s a bunch of ridiculous pictures with captions and you have to just match up the funniest ones. So fun.


Well. It was 80 degrees on Sunday and then 25 on Tuesday. IT SNOWED ALL DAY. Nothing stuck but seriously, what the crap? I was so confused. And then I really wasn’t at the same time because it just felt like Spring in Utah. But it was kind of annoying when we were helping someone wash windows to get their house ready to sell and it just got all ruined by the dumb frozen water. Woooo. Anyway, we did service and then the night before the elders had given us a media referral that had accidentally been sent to them. They lived in New Brighton, so we headed up there. She was home and we visited with her but she’s Pentecostal and part way through the lesson her husband came in and was yelling at us about how he “doesn’t believe that Joseph Smith wrote a book of lies!” And I really wanted to be smart with him and be like, “Yeah, dude, I don’t believe he wrote a book of lies either! 1. It’s not a book of lies and 2. He didn’t write it! So you’re totally right!” But I think I would’ve gotten lynched so I didn’t say that. Instead we just prayed and left. Haha. Not going back THERE again! Oh well. We were grateful for something to do. But my heavens… The experiences I’ve had in the New Brighton, PA projects are just ones for the books.


This was one of the best days I’ve had in a while. I just had a lot of fun. We had District Meeting and it was the first one with the new District Leader, Elder McDonald. He and I came out at the same time but we didn’t know each other in the MTC. He’s pretty awesome. Definitely a great addition to our district. Anyway, President Topham has recently banned District Lunches (meaning we go out to eat after district meeting AKA  the highlight of District Meeting) and it’s been really depressing. But he said we can pack a lunch and eat at the church. So we did waffles and sausage and it was so fun. We just laughed and joked around the whole time. Then, we found out the Cranberry Sisters had a baptism and we were doing way good on miles so we said we’d come back that night. Well, in between that we went to visit a member in Rochester, which is on the way back to Beaver from Cranberry. And she mentioned this girl that is the property manager of Sunnyhills Apartments, where we used to live. Weirdly enough, I had been thinking about that girl that morning during studies… And so had Sister Wilde! What the heck?! We took it as a sign and decided we’d go see her the next day. More on that for Thursday… Anyway, we went back to Cranberry for the baptism and it was awesome. It’s always fun to get to do things out of the ordinary and we just got to bond with our district so much more. I had felt so deprived of normal social interaction so it was just what I needed.


In the morning, we helped clean a different members’ house who just moved in to a total fixer-upper. It was fun though. I love wearing pants. Anyway, we went back to that girl at Sunnyhills and just talked with her and it was really cool because she wasn’t even that (externally) weirded out by it! And like three angry tenants came in while we were there and as soon as we said something to them their whole demeanor changed. Like freakishly. It was really crazy. Hopefully that stood out to her. Anyway, we invited her to church for Easter and she said she’d come but then she didn’t. But we were happy with it anyway for the time being. Then we had our dinner appointment cancel so we went and ate at this little restaurant in Beaver called Yama and it was the first time I had good sushi since I came on my mission. Actually, pretty much the first time I had it not from a grocery stor in a YEAR. Mmmm… I’m gonna convert Sister Wilde to sushi just you wait.


(Okay I’m starting to realize that this is the LONGEST EMAIL EVER I’M SO SORRY).
We  had Weekly Planning (gag). But the elders called us and told us that they ran into a lady at the store when they had to run in for a minute and she told them she was baptized in Virginia and then got super anti-ed by this group of excommunicated members. But then she moved back here and a few weeks ago she found the missionary that baptized her on Facebook and was talking to him and then THE NEXT DAY…. We showed up at her house! So… Betsy is definitely looking promising. And the Lord works in mysterious ways. Holy mackerel.


Pretty much just did some contacting and then went to the Cranberry Sisters’ OTHER baptism. Man. I’m proud of them. It’s been awesome to see their success. Especially since Sister Gates and I are pretty close. It’s just been really cool. Afterward, we went with those sisters to Rita’s–this delicious little Italian ice and frozen custard place all over PA, and then Primanti Brothers–this total Pittsburgh restaurant that apparently just went public and might be all across the nation pretty soon. But it’s delicious.

Then… Here’s the best thing….

Bishop Weeks and his son were driving back from the BYU Men’s Rugby game against Dartmouth and were driving through Maryland and guess what they brought us at 8:30 pm? CAFE FREAKIN’ RIO. Not even kidding! The closest one out here is right by the DC temple and they drove through so they could get all themselves and all the missionaries Cafe Rio. So… Yeah. I had Cafe Rio on Saturday and I have leftovers to finish today. I’M IN HEAVEN. DID THAT SERIOUSLY HAPPEN? I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M ACTUALLY ONE OF “THOSE” UTAH MISSIONARIES THAT MISSES CAFE RIO SO MUCH. Okay enough caps.


Easter! And what a beautiful Easter it was. I just felt so blessed every hour to be uplifted by the Spirit in the confirmation that He lives and He is risen! How amazing.

Sister Wilde and I enjoyed a nice evening walk (aka we went street contacting by the river next to our apartment) and it was perfect. Then we had studies to finish so we put a blanket out on our balcony and read scriptures and wrote in our journals until the sun went down at about 8:45. It was just so pleasant.

Everyone, this has been far too long but I just want you all to know that I know that my Redeemer lives! How amazing. I can’t describe the peace that it brings me to know that I will be able to live in the rest of our Lord and Savior as I keep his commandments and the covenants that I’ve made. I’m so grateful for that knowledge!

Happy one year to me. 🙂
Ew. I’m getting old. And by the looks of my raggedy clothes, you can really tell. Haha.

The elders gave us Easter Baskets!

LtoR: Sister Wilde, Me, Elder McDonald, Elder Ashton, Sister Aston, Sister Gates

Inline image 1

Below-  LtoR Sister Larsen, Sister Thomas (sister training leaders), Sister Hanseen, Sister Wilde


Clues to the area I’m tracting in… below..


Sister Hanseen studying on the balcony


Cafe Rio!!


You know it’s P-Day When…

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