Yes, yes. You read that right. There is so much NEWS to give. The biggest and best of that news is that I think I am the LUCKIEST MISSIONARY ALIVE because, even though we had Elder Bednar and Elder Rasband come to our mission last June, and Elder Arnold in October…. ELDER JEFFREY R. HOLLAND IS COMING ON MAY 22ND TO THE PENNSYLVANIA PITTSBURGH MISSION!!! Yes. I know. I am like fainting at the thought. I couldn’t be more excited. I came out here at the perfect time. I feel so spoiled! It’s really cool because when Elder Bednar came, President Topham thought that it would be the only time than he and Sister Topham would have the entire mission together in their 3 years of service. But about a month before they are heading home, they get to have us all together again.That’s almost the coolest part of the whole thing. Well.. Almost. 🙂 I’m so excited.

Anyway, in other news… I am now starting my 9th transfer as a missionary in Pennsylvania and it is so crazy. I only have 5 left?? When did that happen? I don’t even know. But Sister Crockett is, in fact, getting transferred. Tomorrow her and another sister from Butler will head to Pittsburgh while I stay with another missionary in Beaver. Then the two new companions will just drive back and show up in Beaver and be like, “hey WHAT’S UP NEW COMPANION?!” So… It’ll be a total mystery to me who my new companion is until about 5:00 pm EST tomorrow. Exciting! Ahh. There are a few sisters I know who are being transferred who I would just DIE AND GO TO HEAVEN if they were my companion. (Ignore that terribly worded sentence and just embrace the grammar mistakes that are so the epitome of Pennsylvania). But really, I am excited. There are a lot of things that really COULD take off in Beaver if we have the right people here. I know the Lord knows just what we need here and I trust Him to bring in someone that can help me get this area on its feet. It’s interesting how we need different people at different times and how they need us. I’ve seen that a lot with my mission the past couple transfers especially and I’m excited to see how I can continue to be molded into who Heavenly Father needs me to be… And knows I can be! That’s so awesome. He trusts us so much.

This week was kind of slow… As it has been… But it was good. We visited with a lot of people and I really sincerely felt like we helped uplift them. We didn’t have a lot of lessons, but we did help them in different ways and sometimes that’s just what they need. So I’m grateful for that.

Conference was so amazing. Of course, right?! It’s the apostles and PROPHET that are speaking to us. I missed two of the talks Sunday morning because of some technical difficulties but I am looking forward to watching them later this week, along with the talks from Priesthood session. But, I have a request, family!! So, we get the Ensign as missionaries but we only get one copy per companionship. Because we don’t really have unlimited access to computers, that means that the May edition of the Ensign is coveted material for study times. Is it possible that you can send me my own copy when the May Ensign comes out? We never get them right away, either, because they just distribute them at the nearest zone meeting or transfer meeting.. Anyway, I would love that more than ANYTHING!

Anyway, I felt so inspired by Conference. I don’t have my notes with me but I just pray that everyone can really continue to study the words from Conference. They are sacred and important and I learn so much as I continually study them. There is much to be learned! What a privilege it is for us to have those words so easily accessible. Take advantage of that! It’s a blessing.

Everyone, I know this Gospel is true. It is simple and it is TRUE. How beautiful. We can know these things for ourselves and receive the SAME witness through the Holy Ghost that the apostles and prophet have. There is no qualification for a testimony other than an open heart and real intent. Truly amazing.

I love you all. Thank you for the continued support. I look forward to sharing the future experiences of the work! Have a great week!

Oh and this is Elder Vassallo and I when we freakishly matched. He’s getting transferred so this will be the first time in our missions we’re not serving together! That’s almost a year serving together. Haha. So weird. Inline image 1

Sister McKann Hanseen
256 East End Avenue

Beaver, PA 15009

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