Okay so I’m thinking that this email will probably be a little bit shorter than usual because there just hasn’t been a ton to report about…and all of a sudden I have to take a break from mission world and figure out real life school nastiness (Dad–totally not your fault)…. and I’m kind of all jumbled up in my brain of what even happened!

I do know this, though. There was some great success in our teaching this week. We still have no investigators and that’s kind of been a downer. But last week when we didn’t even teach a single lesson to a less active person even I was like “WHAT THE HECK I’M JUST TRYING TO BE A MISSIONARY HERE?!!!!” … And then I got humbled a little bit and Heavenly Father was like, “Child. Calm yourself. Here’s some miracles that you WEREN’T recognizing… But I’ll just help you out a bit this week.” So we ended up teaching almost every less active person we had planned for and then more less actives came to church than we even met with! Like people just showed up out of the blue and we ended up having six people at church. For whatever reason, that’s the thing we dominate on. Having less actives come to church. That’s a victory! Huzzah!

On St. Patrick’s Day we totally had corned beef and cabbage and it was DELICIOUS. Mmmmm.

At the end of every day in my planner I have a spot that says “TM” that I’ve written in. And most days it consists of what good food I ate that day. Priorities, right?


And because I was totally a failure best friend and I confused her birthday with someone else and I feel like the pretty much worst best friend ever. Like what is wrong with me?!

But that just means that today is special because it’s her birthday and it’s my 11 month mark!

Folks. This just got real.


We had an exchange this week and it was good but man, I will say, it was nothing like the other exchanges that I’ve had in the past. Like it was just a standard missionary day. Which I think was good. But I don’t have any crazy stories even from it and that’s just so sad!!

On Thursday we had a dinner appointment in Georgetown, PA. Someone Google Earth it. Or Maps. Anyway, their house was 3 miles away from the West Virginia border, and she totally drove us to take a picture with it! So another shout out to Jason Willardson because I was in his mission stomping grounds! (Okay not really because it’s technically the Cleveland mission’s portion of West Virginia but whatev-uh). That was fun, though. I was running across a highway when it was almost dark. Shoot. That was probably dangerous but it was worth it.

Okay so on a spiritual note, this past Sunday we went to a rehearsal for the Stake Choir that is singing for a little Easter Devotional. We’re singing the song, “This is the Christ,” that the MoTab sings. And it just pulls at my heart strings a little bit. But especially because there’s a talk that the lovely Sister Holmstead gave me called “The Mortal Christ” by Jack Christensen (HIGHEST of recommendations for that one everyone!) and there’s a part where he talks about the line from the song that says, “How many drops of blood were spilled for me?” He then says how he’s tired of being a part of that scene in Gethsemane and knows that the Atonement covers even our little things. But that it’s so inspiring to make decisions that you know didn’t cause any more pain, but helps the Savior to have more joy for us.

Anyway, that song is just kind of touching my heart right now. It’s helped me feel really close to the Savior. I love it.

Again, sorry for the scattered email. Hopefully next week won’t be as crazy.
Here’s me in WV. Sorry I look totally worked. It’s all good in the hood.

Love you all!


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