Cow Stomach Anyone?

It’s official everybody! I had my first “weird mission food eating experience” yesterday! Oh man. You heard me. I hate COW STOMACH. Sometimes known as “tripe.” Yesterday we had dinner at this awesome family’s house and they were having a birthday party for one of their boyfriends… His name is Ramone and he met his girlfriend and pretty much the only good Mexican restaurant that I’ve been to in Pennsylvania. It’s called El Paso and it’s in Chippewa, right by our old apartment. ANYWAY it was his birthday and so they had fajitas and then Ramone and one of the daughter-in-laws, Sarah (who’s actually Mong) made this soup that I think is called Minuto? Or something like that. I’m obviously really lacking in culture here. But the elders challenged me…. And I couldn’t back away from a challenge of course! So I ate it. Sister Crockett didn’t want to but it was her birthday, too. So she could refuse I guess. But I totally ate it and honestly the flavor was pretty good but it was kinda just the texture of the fatty stuff that you get on the side of some steaks. So… I probably won’t eat it again.

Okay not that exciting at all but that’s okay. My friends in foreign countries are probably like, “Seriously? That’s NOTHING. Go back to your hot dogs and french fries and quit whining.” Haha. Anyway…

This week has been a whirlwind. Honestly it has been so jam-packed with everything but nothing at the same time. Like we got to the end of the night yesterday and realized that we had straight zeros on our numbers except for one less active to came to church. Woooo for Barb. Thanks for saving us from straight goose eggs. Haha. It’s totally not about the numbers, though, because we really did a lot. We started cleaning up our area book by request of the ward council and we found out a lot of information about people and where their addresses now are and where they need records transferred, etc. We also had a couple of meetings that took a lot of time and it was just busy! I don’t even know!

As for the companionship… It’s doing okay. I guess. I have just realized that I just need to stop dwelling on things and just accept that I can’t fix everything and I am just here to do the work. So… I don’t even know I kind of just don’t even want to talk about that stuff anymore cause it’s no fun and I really am loving my mission despite all the crazy drama. 🙂

We had an amazing Zone Conference on Friday. It really was awesome because we were talking about how this work is seriously CHANGING. Pretty much we need to be focusing on members and THEIR missionary work like all the time. President Topham kind of said that tracting is really not an effective use of our time… So… We’re just working on figuring out how we can best do that. It’s really cool, though, because our whole district already set some specific goals and plans for how we can involve the members more and it felt like the whole Zone Conference we were just being patted on the back and being told, “Good work, kids. Thanks for listening to the Spirit. Now you’ve got the tools to really get to work.” Awesome.

OH AND HERE’S THE BEST THING EVER. So there’s this elder who was one of the Assistants for a while and is now serving in a neighboring ward to where I am and he’s from Ireland. And at Zone Conference on Friday we were just having a BLAST for some reason. Like we had the funniest conversations with the missionaries around us. And afterward I was talking to him and I was like, “Elder Moylan, it’s my dream to go to Ireland. Can I seriously come visit you?” And he said that everyone always says it and nobody does but that if I ever did, I could totally stay at his house and he’d get all his friends and show me around all of Ireland. So… Okay. Sweet. That’s happening.

But this is just illustrating something. I feel so blessed for all the people that I’ve met out here. Members, missionaries, everyone. I can’t even IMAGINE my life without all these people and I’m so fortunately to just keep gaining more people that I love. It’s awesome.

Well everyone, this is kind of a lame email this week. But I am so happy out here! Even when things aren’t peaches and cream, I seriously just am grateful for the things that I’m learning and the tools that I’m gaining to help me to just be a better person in general. It’s awesome. How did I get so lucky?

Okay here’s the cow stomach in the bowl. I obviously didn’t eat a lot of it.

Inline image 1

Mmmm… Eat up.
Inline image 4

Inline image 5

First real ‘posterity’ picture!
             Sister Hanseen                                                          Sister Holmstead

Sister McKann Hanseen
256 East End Avenue

Beaver, PA 15009
Cow Stomach Anyone?

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