Ditchin’ the Falls….

Okay so IT’S OFFICIAL. We are moving to Beaver. So getting rid of this “Falls” business.

My official new address is:
256 East End Avenue
Beaver, PA 15009
And… We did a change of address card and won’t get any mail forwarded there until like two weeks from now so if anyone really REALLY loves me, they can send me a letter this week so I’m not empty handed for the next two weeks. 🙂
I’m just so excited because we are going to have a washer and dryer and actually… this lady said her daughter is getting rid of a treadmill and said we can have it!! We’ve got a HUGE apartment now so we’re going to make a work out room out of one of our three bedrooms. Haha. AWESOME. So pumped.
Okay so with all the apartment drama and shenanigans this week has been really slow. But, there were some really good things that happened.
So two weeks ago Elder Vassallo got instruction from the Zone Leaders to come and like “blitz” our area… AKA just come get to know our area a little bit more so he can help us because it’s just been way slow. I kind of was having a pride issue with that because I was like, “what the heck, we can take care of our own area!!!” But it ended up being really good because instead of going through our entire area book painstakingly reviewing every… single… name…. We started talking about how we can get more members involved with the work. We starting coming up with a vision, goals, and plans for how we can accomplish that.
Anyway, in district meeting this week we talked about it with the other sisters in the district and we set a real vision, goals, and plans to make it official for our district this transfer. Actually, it’s really exciting because our mission has focused on this idea of visions, goals, and plans a lot and it like directly correlates with my major at BYU! In Public Relations we always talk about what the end goal, the objectives we need to meet in order to accomplish that goal, and then the strategies and tactics to meet the objectives. I am OBSESSED with this whole process of problem solving and it makes me so excited that we focus on that so much in missionary work. It makes it easier to wrap my brain around. And in my patriarchal blessing, it actually talks about how my educational opportunities will greatly help me in other components of my life. This has been such a great example of that and it makes me just really excited to see blessings I’ve been promised come to be because… well, that means I’m doing SOMETHING right!! Haha.
We had such a crazy experience this week. 
Well, I’m in Pennsylvania… Right? 
I can’t tell you how many times that day I was sitting there saying to myself, “Is this seriously my life right now?”
This sweet little lady in our ward is a death hoarder after losing her husband and son and she’s recently decided to move. So obviously this has been a ward affair trying to get everything settled. Anyway, she called us and asked if we could help her do some laundry because she can’t get around too easily and doesn’t have a laundry unit in her house. We were thinking it would be like two loads or something. NOPE. Six bags of laundry. SIX. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ….. 6! Holy hannah. So, she set us with a check to cash to be able to have money to DO the laundry with and then we packed up the six bags of laundry in our car. We drove to the bank, go the money, and then didn’t know where the laundromat was. Naturally, we typed it into the GPS and it said there was “G&J 
Coin Laundry” 3.4 miles away. Cool. We had like hundreds of extra miles in February because our car had been in the shop for a while among some snow days… So not a problem. Well… This lady lives in Aliquippa… Which is like ghetto fabulous Pennsylvania status. And it’s definitely the elders’ area. Basically, Beaver and Beaver Falls and New Brighton, etc…. (My area) is anything north of the Ohio River. Then, Monaca, Aliquippa, Hopewell, etc (the elders’ area) is anything south. Well, if you go to the east of our ward you have Cranberry and Ambridge which is where the elders and sisters in our district live. 
We were driving through Aliquippa to this laundry place when all of a sudden we’re crossing the Aliquippa-Ambridge Bridge. It was super foggy and windy so we couldn’t see any signs until we were ON THE BRIDGE and realized we were driving out of our area. … Awesome. So we drove… And drove… And drove… And realized that 3.4 miles away meant “as a crow flies” and it was actually like a 20 mile drive. STRESS ATTACK. And then… IT DIDN’T EVEN EXIST. So, we drove to Elder Vassallo and Elder Ashton’s apartment in Ambridge and left a note on their car and went BACK to Aliquippa…. Ahhh. Finally. We found the laundomat that was a block away from this lady’s house. KILLLLLLLL.
We loaded our six loads of terrible smelling laundry and I’m pretty sure when we took out one of the blankets we washed, french fries fell out of it. Yikes. $30 later.. we were done. All the while, there was some kid puking in the bathroom you have to pay for and “Total Eclipse of the Heart” was playing. 

Okay. Enough of that.
So here’s actually a cool experience. In Sacrament Meeting, the bishop bore his testimony and as part of it mentioned how great of an example us full-time missionaries are and how all of the ward can surely trust us with their friends and loved ones. Then, he had us all over for dinner and then sat down with us at the end of dinner and we went through the entire ward list. We discussed the needs of every individual or family in our ward boundaries and he gave some specific counsel for how we can best help these people. At the end of that, one of the elders asked if there was anything we could do better. His response was, “I meant what I said in Sacrament Meeting today. The four of you are by far the best group of missionaries we have ever had in this area. You are doing great work here. I know this area can be a hard one, but you are all working diligently and we are greatly blessed to have you here.” … Or something that effect. Regardless, I felt so energized and ready to do the work. It really has motivated me to do more and BE BETTER because we have expectations to live up to. Through humility, diligence, and obedience, I know that we will continue to help this area thrive.
Side note..
Everyone and their dog tells me that I remind them of someone they know or that I look like someone they know. I didn’t realize I was such a common person. Haha.
Alrighty kids well since we’re moving our new library is actually pretty sketchy and doesn’t send pictures like this one so I’m gonna hit the road on this email and send a bunch of pictures to stock up for the next little while. 
Love you all!! And remember everyone… Jesus saves you more!!
(This was from the little adventure we took to Ambridge.. Hahaha)
Inline image 1
Beaver Missionaries
Elder Adamson, Sister Hanseen, Sister Crockett (I think — this is Dad maybe falling short…)
Sister Walbourne and Sister Hanseen
Sister Hanseen and Sister Morphy
Last District meeting of this Transfer
Ditchin’ the Falls….

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