We might be moving in Beaver….

Well.. This week has been nuts!

Not really but oh my heck. On Tuesday our CEILING WAS FALLING IN. We woke up and saw that there was a giant bubble above the head of my bed it was leaking H20. Yep. So we moved all the furniture to the other corner of our tiny bedroom just in time… Because then it started spewing water out and filled at least two buckets of water. Then… two other bubbles formed. Awesome. We called maintenance and since it was snowing so much nobody could come for a couple of hours. Then when he got there he told us they can’t do anything about it because of all the ice on the roof. SWEET. He also was kind enough to bring a letter from the owners of our apartment complex telling us that if we want to transfer apartments, we can’t until our lease is up at the end of May. And then when the lease is up, they are going to charge a $400 transfer fee PLUS a deposit on a new place. So we legally don’t have to be there and they’re going to make us pay $400 dollars to move into a new place and sign a new lease??? Ohhhh and the reason they were telling us this is because they told us they have vacant apartments within the complex and we asked if we can switch because all the people around us are heavy smokers and we smell like smoke ALL. THE. TIME. So bad.
Well.. Nobody ever fixed our ceiling. There’s still buckets on the floor but it’s not leaking at the moment. And… The ceiling has dropped about four inches from where it was in that one spot. I’ll send a picture of it if I have time at the end. Oh, and on Saturday we heard a FREAKIN’ RODENT IN OUR WALL. In the words that Elder Martin so frequently exclaimed, “WHY DOES ANYBODY LIVE HERE?!” Hahah oh man. But for real.
So, we’ve been apartment hunting. And we found a HUGE apartment that actually is in a way more central location and has laundry hook ups (which I’ve never had on my mission so far).. And it’s WAY closer to our church building and all the active members. There’s a few things that have to happen for it to go through, but we are praying our guts out that it does. And seriously I would love some prayers from home for that. It’s such a worldly thing, but it honestly would help me be so much less stressed and help me be more focused on the stuff that really matters if I don’t have to focus on the stuff that doesn’t!
I also realize that my friends with dirt floors and mosquito nets are going to think I sound like a spoiled brat but I AM IN FREAKIN’ AMERICA THIS SHOULDN’T HAPPEN!
Okay… Apartment rant is now over. We can continue with less dramatic stuff.
So, we did have an awesome lesson this week despite the housing shenanigans. There is a less active lady who I’ll just call R. She is an alcoholic but she let us come meet with her this week. When we got there, she basically told us that she hasn’t consumed alcohol for a week and has felt the Spirit so strongly because of it. She realizes that she needs to be an example to her husband and kids. And she told her husband that her goal is a temple sealing. She knows that right now, for whatever reason, is the right time to get back into the church. She’s never been truly converted, and she is thirsting after that so sincerely. There were a lot of tears and a lot of testimony bearing… And a lot of pure, sweet, genuine missionary success in that lesson. She is determined to be at church every week from here on out and we are going to meet with her at least once a week. So, it’s pretty crazy. But I’m just excited to work with her and help her family have more peace in their lives.
We found out about transfers this week. Nobody from Beaver Valley is getting transferred… Which is NUTS because Elder Waddoups has been here for as long as Sister Crockett, Elder Adamson, and I have been on our missions! What the heck?? Yeah. Ten months. (SIDE NOTE: TEN MONTHS SUCKERS WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!) But he goes home June 10th and might just finish his mission here. So crazy. I’m having a blast with those elders though. It’s definitely different than other missionaries I’ve served with, but I really do enjoy them. We just joke about stuff all the time.
Oh, I also found out that Sister Hathaway is training! What the heck, right? I’ll be honest I’m kind of shocked but whatever works, right? I’ll FINALLY have a posterity! My first granddaughter! Woo!
Here’s a random fact that I think I forgot to mention…
Well, we were having dinner at this family’s house.. the LaFond’s. And we’re talking about their daughter who lives in Provo because she goes to BYU. And then they told me how she just got married in July to a kid who’s from Provo and they live in the basement of his grandparents’ house by the stadium. Well, they’re telling me all this and I’m thinking, “I’m sure it’s not Janceton Lunceford, but he’s the only person who I know that has grandparents that live by the stadium.” And like clockwork, I thought that, asked his name, and it’s freakin’ Janceton Lunceford that I did drumline with in high school! What the heck? Yeah. Elder Adamson won’t let me live it down because he says I know everyone…
Crazy. Well. We have like no investigators as usual but I really want to work on it. I really think we can find some if we can just put in the time and things like finding a new apartment quit coming up! Haha.

Love you all. I really hope everything is well at home! Oh, and I’ll include the picture of my ceiling. 🙂 Don’t mind the fact that our curtain for our window is actually a giant purple sheet thumb-tacked in front of it.

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We might be moving in Beaver….

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