Hey Everyone!! Beaver Falls keeps being Beaver Falls…

Oh man everyone. I can hardly believe it but this is the last week of the transfer. So, next week will be the first week of my 8th transfer out here! …… Freaky. More transfers completed than I have left. Yikes. That is pretty terrifying and awesome and everything else all at the same time.

This week was a challenging one. There were a lot of amazing things that happened and a lot of difficult things that happened. But ultimately, I am just happy to be a missionary regardless of the challenges. Honestly, if there weren’t hard things to overcome I don’t think I would like it as much!
We had an exchange this week. We found out about it pretty last minute. But it was awesome. Sister Walborn came to Beaver Falls with me and Sister Crockett went to Butler. It was so FUN. Sister Walborn and I literally never stopped talking. And we had some seriously crucial bonding moments that really helped both of us work through some things that were troubling us. I honestly think one of the most amazing things that I’ve seen happen on my mission is when I have a teaching opportunity with another missionary. There have been countless times where I have truly felt that I was being guided by the Spirit in a conversation with another missionary that really helped me and helped them to feel comforted or receive whatever guidance we needed at that particular time. That definitely happened multiple times with Sister Walborn and me. I had some moments of reflection on how my missionary work has been this transfer. I honestly have felt like it hasn’t been what it needs to be but I was in somewhat of a rut. So, I made some goals to improve and made some specific decisions of behavior and things I wasn’t going to tolerate. I had kind of become complacent with some different small things. I think mostly because it was just such a different experience to not be training. All I ever knew was how to teach someone everything they had to do. But this companionship has been more a matter of feeling out someone else’s rhythm and their desire to work, etc. LOOOOOONG story short, I’m excited to move forward in the work. 🙂
We had a zone training meeting this week and it was all about role plays. Honestly, I HATE ROLE PLAYS. But… They are so necessary. And I learned a lot about it. There is such an energy that comes from being singularly focused with a group of missionaries and it never ceases to inspire me to get out and hit the pavement. 
It’s been really cold and snowy still here. But it’s supposed to warm up this week and I cannot wait!! I hate feeling limited by the weather. It’s probably one of the most frustrating things as a missionary…. At least in this little pocket of the world! And of course in the summer when it’s 97 degrees and 85% humidity I’ll be wishing for the snow. Such is life.
Okay I’m trying to even think of a funny story that happened this week and I’m having a way hard time! …. Am I not funny anymore? CRAP. I don’t know what to do.
Well. Everyone. I love the work. It’s challenging at times. But it’s so worth it. I was reading in Alma 31 today about the precious souls that deserve to have the Gospel and it just spoke to me a lot. It helped me realize that these people are PRECIOUS! Even the ones who smell bad and have no teeth. They are great in the sight of God and they deserve His love and counsel as much as the next guy. 
I love you all! I hope all is going well! Have a fantastic week. 🙂


Sister McKann Hanseen
62 Sunny Hills Dr.

Beaver Falls, PA 15010
Hey Everyone!! Beaver Falls keeps being Beaver Falls…

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