It’s February? What the Heck?

Hey everyone! I hope your week has been fantastic!

This week has some random awesomeness that happened. I’ll get on with the real missionary cool stuff and then I’ll babble about nonsense that I find entertaining.
So we found this investigator my first few days here named Dobi. Robert Gillmore actually but he goes by Dobi. And he’s been living temporarily with his friend, Anthony, because his apartment caught on fire or something ridiculously Pennsylvania like that. Anyway, we went to teach Dobi this week and he pretty much slept through the whole lesson and we ended up just teaching Anthony.
A little bit about Anthony. He’s from Jamaica! (Jamaica we have a bobsled team! …. Don’t worry that was going through my head the entire time. Also the part where the one guy says something like, “We’re going to freeze our royal Rastafarian ninnies offf!” … HAHAHAH good stuff.) Anthony is probably about 50, not really sure. But he moved to Queens, NY when he was 12. Grew up there. Ran track in high school (obviously I’m just thinking all about the Olympics and Usain Bolt when he’s telling us about this) and ran track for West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV. Then he coached there and after that was a civil engineer by profession. He lives alone and his car is in the shop for a few weeks but then he can drive himself to church. In the meantime, we just have to arrange rides. In the lesson, he was so open to what we were talking about. He kept saying that “because it was it can be….” meaning that because Christ’s church existed in its fullness at one time, it can exist again. And he agreed that if he was to find out that this was all true, then “there’s no reason [he] wouldn’t be baptized! Of course!” 
So we’ve got three things that the people I’ve taught for the past little while don’t have.
1. A CAR. But for real. Nobody drives in PA.
2. AN EDUCATION. Well.. I’ll just say this much. And this is totally TOTALLY generalization. But one of the cities in my mission has more people on welfare than anywhere in the US, supposedly. So… Yeah. And,
Holy crap everyone. Seriously I’m so pumped! We’re meeting with him again on Tuesday. And he reminded US about it! 
….Meanwhile, Dobi continues snoring on the inflatable mattress in the living room.
Haha. My life.
So… Now onto the random pointless stuff. 
At a dinner appointment this week, this lady asked us all these questions from an online quiz called, “What type of Mormon are you?” that is on Facebook, apparently. So, according to this apostasy that I participated in (well I never looked at it, in my defense), I am an “East-Coast Mormon.” Sweet. Never coming home. This is where I BEELOOOOONNNGGGGG! Just kidding I love Utah.
Also.. I think I have a seriously problem because whenever I’m in a car with a sister who is driving who isn’t me (or Sister Holmstead for some reason?) I have a freaking stress attack because they don’t know how to drive. Awkward. I’m supposedly senior companion and supposedly that means I’m in charge of the car but I don’t drive….? Hopefully I can change that because we almost got t-boned on a huge highway on the starboard side… AKA I WOULD HAVE DIED PEOPLE. Ahhh. I’m going to have ulcers. I know I’m not like Lightning McQueen or anything but man. This is stressful. I guess the Lord is teaching me extreme patience.
About an hour ago we were at Giant Eagle (that’s the name of a grocery store for those that don’t know. I had no clue until right before my mission some friends were showing me some stupid YouTube video of a grandpa with nunchucks in a Giant Eagle parking lot and they had to explain what the heck Giant Eagle was)… Anyway, true Pittsburghers would say it “Jynt Igle.” Regardless, we were there and I was checking out and the lady who was checking me out at 10:45 am had 5:00 o’clock shadow. Bad. … This is where I live, chumps.
But we keep on keepin’ on down in the Land of Beavers. It’s quite an adventure. Oh and we don’t have a car for the next five days because the sisters here got in an accident and NOVEMBER AND NOW I’M REPENTING FOR THEIR SINS… I DON’T THINK IT’S SUPPOSED TO WORK THAT WAY!!
…. Kill.
Anyway, I apparently still have a lot charity and love to learn about so I’ll mark down Chapter 6 of PMG for my Personal Study tomorrow morning. Lovely.
Sounds like everyone’s having a jolly old time n’at! I miss yinz. Have a great week!

Sister McKann Hanseen
62 Sunny Hills Dr.

Beaver Falls, PA 15010
It’s February? What the Heck?

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