We might be moving in Beaver….

Well.. This week has been nuts!

Not really but oh my heck. On Tuesday our CEILING WAS FALLING IN. We woke up and saw that there was a giant bubble above the head of my bed it was leaking H20. Yep. So we moved all the furniture to the other corner of our tiny bedroom just in time… Because then it started spewing water out and filled at least two buckets of water. Then… two other bubbles formed. Awesome. We called maintenance and since it was snowing so much nobody could come for a couple of hours. Then when he got there he told us they can’t do anything about it because of all the ice on the roof. SWEET. He also was kind enough to bring a letter from the owners of our apartment complex telling us that if we want to transfer apartments, we can’t until our lease is up at the end of May. And then when the lease is up, they are going to charge a $400 transfer fee PLUS a deposit on a new place. So we legally don’t have to be there and they’re going to make us pay $400 dollars to move into a new place and sign a new lease??? Ohhhh and the reason they were telling us this is because they told us they have vacant apartments within the complex and we asked if we can switch because all the people around us are heavy smokers and we smell like smoke ALL. THE. TIME. So bad.
Well.. Nobody ever fixed our ceiling. There’s still buckets on the floor but it’s not leaking at the moment. And… The ceiling has dropped about four inches from where it was in that one spot. I’ll send a picture of it if I have time at the end. Oh, and on Saturday we heard a FREAKIN’ RODENT IN OUR WALL. In the words that Elder Martin so frequently exclaimed, “WHY DOES ANYBODY LIVE HERE?!” Hahah oh man. But for real.
So, we’ve been apartment hunting. And we found a HUGE apartment that actually is in a way more central location and has laundry hook ups (which I’ve never had on my mission so far).. And it’s WAY closer to our church building and all the active members. There’s a few things that have to happen for it to go through, but we are praying our guts out that it does. And seriously I would love some prayers from home for that. It’s such a worldly thing, but it honestly would help me be so much less stressed and help me be more focused on the stuff that really matters if I don’t have to focus on the stuff that doesn’t!
I also realize that my friends with dirt floors and mosquito nets are going to think I sound like a spoiled brat but I AM IN FREAKIN’ AMERICA THIS SHOULDN’T HAPPEN!
Okay… Apartment rant is now over. We can continue with less dramatic stuff.
So, we did have an awesome lesson this week despite the housing shenanigans. There is a less active lady who I’ll just call R. She is an alcoholic but she let us come meet with her this week. When we got there, she basically told us that she hasn’t consumed alcohol for a week and has felt the Spirit so strongly because of it. She realizes that she needs to be an example to her husband and kids. And she told her husband that her goal is a temple sealing. She knows that right now, for whatever reason, is the right time to get back into the church. She’s never been truly converted, and she is thirsting after that so sincerely. There were a lot of tears and a lot of testimony bearing… And a lot of pure, sweet, genuine missionary success in that lesson. She is determined to be at church every week from here on out and we are going to meet with her at least once a week. So, it’s pretty crazy. But I’m just excited to work with her and help her family have more peace in their lives.
We found out about transfers this week. Nobody from Beaver Valley is getting transferred… Which is NUTS because Elder Waddoups has been here for as long as Sister Crockett, Elder Adamson, and I have been on our missions! What the heck?? Yeah. Ten months. (SIDE NOTE: TEN MONTHS SUCKERS WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!) But he goes home June 10th and might just finish his mission here. So crazy. I’m having a blast with those elders though. It’s definitely different than other missionaries I’ve served with, but I really do enjoy them. We just joke about stuff all the time.
Oh, I also found out that Sister Hathaway is training! What the heck, right? I’ll be honest I’m kind of shocked but whatever works, right? I’ll FINALLY have a posterity! My first granddaughter! Woo!
Here’s a random fact that I think I forgot to mention…
Well, we were having dinner at this family’s house.. the LaFond’s. And we’re talking about their daughter who lives in Provo because she goes to BYU. And then they told me how she just got married in July to a kid who’s from Provo and they live in the basement of his grandparents’ house by the stadium. Well, they’re telling me all this and I’m thinking, “I’m sure it’s not Janceton Lunceford, but he’s the only person who I know that has grandparents that live by the stadium.” And like clockwork, I thought that, asked his name, and it’s freakin’ Janceton Lunceford that I did drumline with in high school! What the heck? Yeah. Elder Adamson won’t let me live it down because he says I know everyone…
Crazy. Well. We have like no investigators as usual but I really want to work on it. I really think we can find some if we can just put in the time and things like finding a new apartment quit coming up! Haha.

Love you all. I really hope everything is well at home! Oh, and I’ll include the picture of my ceiling. 🙂 Don’t mind the fact that our curtain for our window is actually a giant purple sheet thumb-tacked in front of it.

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We might be moving in Beaver….

Hey Everyone!! Beaver Falls keeps being Beaver Falls…

Oh man everyone. I can hardly believe it but this is the last week of the transfer. So, next week will be the first week of my 8th transfer out here! …… Freaky. More transfers completed than I have left. Yikes. That is pretty terrifying and awesome and everything else all at the same time.

This week was a challenging one. There were a lot of amazing things that happened and a lot of difficult things that happened. But ultimately, I am just happy to be a missionary regardless of the challenges. Honestly, if there weren’t hard things to overcome I don’t think I would like it as much!
We had an exchange this week. We found out about it pretty last minute. But it was awesome. Sister Walborn came to Beaver Falls with me and Sister Crockett went to Butler. It was so FUN. Sister Walborn and I literally never stopped talking. And we had some seriously crucial bonding moments that really helped both of us work through some things that were troubling us. I honestly think one of the most amazing things that I’ve seen happen on my mission is when I have a teaching opportunity with another missionary. There have been countless times where I have truly felt that I was being guided by the Spirit in a conversation with another missionary that really helped me and helped them to feel comforted or receive whatever guidance we needed at that particular time. That definitely happened multiple times with Sister Walborn and me. I had some moments of reflection on how my missionary work has been this transfer. I honestly have felt like it hasn’t been what it needs to be but I was in somewhat of a rut. So, I made some goals to improve and made some specific decisions of behavior and things I wasn’t going to tolerate. I had kind of become complacent with some different small things. I think mostly because it was just such a different experience to not be training. All I ever knew was how to teach someone everything they had to do. But this companionship has been more a matter of feeling out someone else’s rhythm and their desire to work, etc. LOOOOOONG story short, I’m excited to move forward in the work. 🙂
We had a zone training meeting this week and it was all about role plays. Honestly, I HATE ROLE PLAYS. But… They are so necessary. And I learned a lot about it. There is such an energy that comes from being singularly focused with a group of missionaries and it never ceases to inspire me to get out and hit the pavement. 
It’s been really cold and snowy still here. But it’s supposed to warm up this week and I cannot wait!! I hate feeling limited by the weather. It’s probably one of the most frustrating things as a missionary…. At least in this little pocket of the world! And of course in the summer when it’s 97 degrees and 85% humidity I’ll be wishing for the snow. Such is life.
Okay I’m trying to even think of a funny story that happened this week and I’m having a way hard time! …. Am I not funny anymore? CRAP. I don’t know what to do.
Well. Everyone. I love the work. It’s challenging at times. But it’s so worth it. I was reading in Alma 31 today about the precious souls that deserve to have the Gospel and it just spoke to me a lot. It helped me realize that these people are PRECIOUS! Even the ones who smell bad and have no teeth. They are great in the sight of God and they deserve His love and counsel as much as the next guy. 
I love you all! I hope all is going well! Have a fantastic week. 🙂


Sister McKann Hanseen
62 Sunny Hills Dr.

Beaver Falls, PA 15010
Hey Everyone!! Beaver Falls keeps being Beaver Falls…

Entering two week no Olympics Depression Zone…

Okay okay okay I am SO SAD ABOUT THE OLYMPICS IT’S UNREAL. Ahhh. Okay. Enough of that. I can’t even get over it. 

So… Questions about if the power was out? No power was out. We have been totally powered and staying warm. No worries. 🙂
You’ll have to forgive me, everyone. This week I think my email is going to be a little bit shorter. My brain is all scattered but I’ll do my best. Bullet points are going to be the easiest way today. 🙂
—>Tuesday we got spent the night in Cranberry because our car was in the shop and we had District Meeting there the next day. We didn’t want to make anyone drive out twice in one day so we just stayed with the sisters there. It was a BLAST. Sister Gates and Sister Morphy are my favorites.
—>We had District Meeting but it SNOWED OVER A FOOT. That’s a big deal for PA, apparently. But we got STUCK. Our ride couldn’t come get us because of the roads so we had to stay one more night. Which was fun.
—>The Cranberry Sisters told us that we smell like smoke…. ALL THE TIME. I had no clue! I knew our apartment used to smell like smoke, but I thought that the Bath & Body Works Wallflowers I had put in everywhere had cleared it up. NOPE. And nobody told us! Oh my heck. So.. We called our landlord and apparently there’s a lady that is a huge chain smoker right below us. … We might be moving apartments if they have some vacancies. We’re waiting to hear back. I just HATE that smell when it’s on me and we’re supposed to be representatives of Jesus Christ. And we’re teaching about the Word of Wisdom and smelling like cigarettes? … Not okay. So we may move apartments within our complex. I’ll keep you updated if we do.
—>We taught Anthony again and it went REALLY WELL. But it’s kind of hard to be as excited about the lesson with him when he totally flaked last second on coming to church. So.. We’ll see about that one.
—>We taught this less active lady on Saturday night who has like 4 sons from different fathers and she takes care of all of them. They’re between the ages of 17 and 27 or so. Anyway, they had this friend over and I had no clue he wasn’t a son because I’d never met any of them. And I asked him what his name was. He said something that sound like “Sully” … Like the big furry monster from Monsters Inc. But when I didn’t hear him right he started unbuttoning his shirt and I kept thinking “Okay what the crap is this kid doing… Maybe he has his name tattooed across his chest or something…” Nope. Turns out he was trying to explain that his name is “Shouldaa” .. Double a is correct. So that was weird. Then it got even weirder when he went upstairs and sent the 17 year old son down to tell me that I was attractive and that even though I was off limits now that I should call him after I get home. HAHAHAHAHAHA…. No.
—>Apparently this is the worst winter that Pennsylvania has had in 20 years. It snows all the time and hasn’t been above 32 degrees Fahrenheit in as long as I can remember. Of course I come in the worst winter ever. Awesome.
Well everyone, I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true. The Gospel is SIMPLE. Not always easy at ALL, but it is simple. There is peace available to us as we continue to strive to keep the commandments and I’m grateful for the protection that they provide. 
I love you all! Have a great week!

Sister McKann Hanseen
62 Sunny Hills Dr.

Beaver Falls, PA 15010
Entering two week no Olympics Depression Zone…

It’s February? What the Heck?

Hey everyone! I hope your week has been fantastic!

This week has some random awesomeness that happened. I’ll get on with the real missionary cool stuff and then I’ll babble about nonsense that I find entertaining.
So we found this investigator my first few days here named Dobi. Robert Gillmore actually but he goes by Dobi. And he’s been living temporarily with his friend, Anthony, because his apartment caught on fire or something ridiculously Pennsylvania like that. Anyway, we went to teach Dobi this week and he pretty much slept through the whole lesson and we ended up just teaching Anthony.
A little bit about Anthony. He’s from Jamaica! (Jamaica we have a bobsled team! …. Don’t worry that was going through my head the entire time. Also the part where the one guy says something like, “We’re going to freeze our royal Rastafarian ninnies offf!” … HAHAHAH good stuff.) Anthony is probably about 50, not really sure. But he moved to Queens, NY when he was 12. Grew up there. Ran track in high school (obviously I’m just thinking all about the Olympics and Usain Bolt when he’s telling us about this) and ran track for West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV. Then he coached there and after that was a civil engineer by profession. He lives alone and his car is in the shop for a few weeks but then he can drive himself to church. In the meantime, we just have to arrange rides. In the lesson, he was so open to what we were talking about. He kept saying that “because it was it can be….” meaning that because Christ’s church existed in its fullness at one time, it can exist again. And he agreed that if he was to find out that this was all true, then “there’s no reason [he] wouldn’t be baptized! Of course!” 
So we’ve got three things that the people I’ve taught for the past little while don’t have.
1. A CAR. But for real. Nobody drives in PA.
2. AN EDUCATION. Well.. I’ll just say this much. And this is totally TOTALLY generalization. But one of the cities in my mission has more people on welfare than anywhere in the US, supposedly. So… Yeah. And,
Holy crap everyone. Seriously I’m so pumped! We’re meeting with him again on Tuesday. And he reminded US about it! 
….Meanwhile, Dobi continues snoring on the inflatable mattress in the living room.
Haha. My life.
So… Now onto the random pointless stuff. 
At a dinner appointment this week, this lady asked us all these questions from an online quiz called, “What type of Mormon are you?” that is on Facebook, apparently. So, according to this apostasy that I participated in (well I never looked at it, in my defense), I am an “East-Coast Mormon.” Sweet. Never coming home. This is where I BEELOOOOONNNGGGGG! Just kidding I love Utah.
Also.. I think I have a seriously problem because whenever I’m in a car with a sister who is driving who isn’t me (or Sister Holmstead for some reason?) I have a freaking stress attack because they don’t know how to drive. Awkward. I’m supposedly senior companion and supposedly that means I’m in charge of the car but I don’t drive….? Hopefully I can change that because we almost got t-boned on a huge highway on the starboard side… AKA I WOULD HAVE DIED PEOPLE. Ahhh. I’m going to have ulcers. I know I’m not like Lightning McQueen or anything but man. This is stressful. I guess the Lord is teaching me extreme patience.
About an hour ago we were at Giant Eagle (that’s the name of a grocery store for those that don’t know. I had no clue until right before my mission some friends were showing me some stupid YouTube video of a grandpa with nunchucks in a Giant Eagle parking lot and they had to explain what the heck Giant Eagle was)… Anyway, true Pittsburghers would say it “Jynt Igle.” Regardless, we were there and I was checking out and the lady who was checking me out at 10:45 am had 5:00 o’clock shadow. Bad. … This is where I live, chumps.
But we keep on keepin’ on down in the Land of Beavers. It’s quite an adventure. Oh and we don’t have a car for the next five days because the sisters here got in an accident and NOVEMBER AND NOW I’M REPENTING FOR THEIR SINS… I DON’T THINK IT’S SUPPOSED TO WORK THAT WAY!!
…. Kill.
Anyway, I apparently still have a lot charity and love to learn about so I’ll mark down Chapter 6 of PMG for my Personal Study tomorrow morning. Lovely.
Sounds like everyone’s having a jolly old time n’at! I miss yinz. Have a great week!

Sister McKann Hanseen
62 Sunny Hills Dr.

Beaver Falls, PA 15010
It’s February? What the Heck?