Can Beavers even survive -20 degree weather?

Well everybody, Pennsylvania decided to finally have some real snow! It’s been pretty crazy the past few days. We woke up to a total snow storm this morning. And it snowed all day on Saturday. And since we’re not allowed to drive when it’s bad conditions… We didn’t get to do anything. At all. It was really boring. It’s really not fun to have to stay inside when you’re a missionary. 

Well, this week has been pretty slow–partially because of the weather, and partially because of the mileage limitations on our car. I came into this new area halfway through the month so I kind of walked into whatever decisions the sisters had made as far as travel goes… And I have to live with the consequences of that. They had already used more than half the miles before half the month was even over. So that was a little bit frustrating and we’ve been doing all we can to budget miles.
I came up with this bright idea that we are NOT going to go over miles, no matter what it takes. So we planned very specifically the exact amount of miles that we have until the end of the month and realized that we are going to have to make some sacrifices. I decided that we were going to walk. Pioneer status. In the middle of January. So, on Friday, we embarked on our journey into downtown Beaver Falls. It was about a 2.8 miles walk to our investigator’s house and it took about an hour. … But it was 12 degrees outside. And we went anyway. But here’s the thing about Pennsylvania. It’s not like I’m just walking from our house down to the Temple on Timpview Drive. It’s ALL HILLS. And we always have to wear skirts?? Yeah. NO bueno. We walked there to find that they weren’t home, then immediately walked back. I was aching by the time we got home. HAPPY NINE MONTH MARK!! Right? Yeah… Rough. So we went and treated ourselves to the only Mexican restaurant anywhere nearby. Thankfully El Paso did not let us down and it was just enough to brighten our spirits for the night.
Our original plan was to walk a lot on Wednesday to save on miles as well, but … No. We’re not doing that. Plus, it’s supposed to be in the negatives for like the next three days. Not happening. I don’t really know what we’ll do but I guess we’ll cross that road when we get there.
Honestly, there hasn’t been a lot happening as far as missionary work goes. I’m trying really hard to figure out what my role is here in this area and this particular companionship. I found out that I’m actually the senior companion even though we have been out the same amount of time and Sister Crockett has been in the area for two transfers already. I feel like there’s some good teaching opportunities with that but I’m having a hard time figuring out what the boundary line is. We have interviews with President Topham this week and I think that will be most of what I talk to him about. Hopefully I can get some better direction on what I can do to help this companionship and this area. 
I’m so sad to hear about Bob Allen. My heart is aching for the Allen family. I can’t really even imagine what that’s like, but I am so grateful for the perspective we are so blessed with. The Plan of Happiness–my personal favorite title–is such a comforting doctrine. This time on earth is so short. And so full of a range of emotions and experiences. I cannot help but think about how much more caring and sensitive we all will be from this particular situation. I’m so grateful for the love that Bob always showed me and I look forward to that reunion in the next life! I’m sure he’s just so excited for all of us to come up there so he can give us a good ole tease. 🙂 
I’ve hit my 9 month mark officially! It’s kind of crazy. It’s flying by. I’m so grateful for the way my mission laid out. The slowest part is definitely the winter, by far. So I’m glad that the last little bit will fly by with warm weather and awkward missionary tan lines. I wouldn’t really love to head home in the middle of a dark and dreary winter. Everyone’s saying this is a really REALLY hard Winter for PA. Guess I brought the snow with me! 
I hope everyone’s doing well! As always, I’m grateful for the love and support that you all give so abundantly. I hope your week is fantastic! Love you all!


Sister McKann Hanseen
62 Sunny Hills Dr.

Beaver Falls, PA 15010
Epitome of Greensburg Missionaries
Sister Hanseen at Lookout overlooking the Steel City – Pittsburgh PA
Sister Hanseen at the Lookout, with a Steelers ring a member beaded for her.
Elder DeRoest and Sister Hanseen – cousins serving in the Pittsburgh PA mission – how close can we get?
And Dad thew this one in…. after Elder DeRoest’s homecoming!
Can Beavers even survive -20 degree weather?

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