First Week in Beaver Valley!

First off… I’m a failure and totally forgot my card reader so it will be the 2nd week in a row that I don’t send pictures. Which is a shame because I’ve really got some gems from the past week or two. All my pictures with my old ward and with all the missionaries at transfer meeting, etc.  

It was quite the ride to get to transfers. On Monday morning, Elder Martin called with our logistics. The four of us (E. Martin, E. Little, Sis. Hathaway, me) were to pack up in the elder’s Chevy Cruze with all of my luggage AND all of Elder Martin’s luggage because he got transferred as well… And get to Pittsburgh by 10:00 am so Elder Little could make it to the training meeting there. So.. They showed up at 8:00 and we packed in tighter than sardines in a can and drove to Pittsburgh, dropped off Elder Little at about 10:15 despite leaving an hour earlier than we were instructed to, and then got to go hang out with the Zone Leaders in Pitt and other random misfit missionaries that didn’t have companions or had rides that got there too early. We got to go to the lookout and take some awesome pictures… That I’ll send next week. Then we all went out to eat at Olive Garden and that was a blast. Then we pretty much just went back to the chapel in Pitt and hung out while all the missionaries came. I GOT TO SEE STACIE!! My friend Stacie Jones finally got here and she is serving in my dream area… Pitt 7th Walk. It’s Southside Pittsburgh and it’s totally ghetto and awesome. I would die to serve there. Ahhh. Jealous. Anyway. I also got to see a bunch of missionaries from my MTC District, my old District Leader, Elder Daniels, ELDER DEROEST, Sister Ferrin…. OH man. It was awesome. It ended too quickly. 
So here I am, in Beaver Falls. My new companion is Sister Crockett and we are in a district with the elders and sisters in Cranberry (basically the Utah ward of the mission). Get this. ELDER VASSALLO IS MY DISTRICT LEADER! We are still in shock. How did that even happen?! It’s so weird. So… Bring on another 3 months or so serving with Elder V. Weird. Small world. Also, Elder Adamson who was in the MTC with me as well is serving in the Beaver Valley ward. Crazy. I feel like that stuff doesn’t normally happen. So.. Sweet!
Anyway, Sister Crockett is from Mesa, AZ and she actually came out with me! We didn’t know each other in the MTC, though. It’s totally different being in a companionship with someone who isn’t brand new and I think it’s going to be a good couple of transfers. This ward is really pumped up on missionary work. They have had 7 convert baptisms in the past 7 months. And the momentum from that is just AWESOME. Elder Adamson is serving with Elder Waddoups, who went to American Fork High School and he’s pretty much a basketball pro. So just for name dropping’s sake, thought I’d throw that in there. He’s been here for 7 transfers now because he had some crazy companion-going-home stories and this will probably be his last transfer here. 
It has been an interesting transition to be in this new area. I honestly miss Greensburg a LOT. I never thought I would. It was the hardest part of my mission by far. I struggled more there than a lot of times in my LIFE, even. But the Lord knew exactly who needed to be with me there and it was awesome. I feel so connected because of the growth that I experienced there. But, onward and upward. I only have HALF MY MISSION LEFT. And I have a lot more to learn.
I had an awesome experience in sacrament meeting on Sunday. I was feeling a little bummed because I was missing Greensburg and a little excited to be in Beaver Valley all a the same time. I wasn’t really paying attention to the speaker, but all of a sudden I just got this huge confirmation that this is where I’m supposed to be. I know that’s so cliche typical missionary status but it’s TRUE. This ward has some great momentum but there’s a lot more that can be done and I think I’m a perfect fit to help this ward. As long as I rely on the Lord, that is. I’m excited, though. It’s going to be a great next few months.
Family and friends I love you dearly. I hope you know I think about you and pray for you often! Keep your chins up and keep pushing forward. The Lord loves you!


Sister McKann Hanseen
62 Sunny Hills Dr.
Beaver Falls, PA 15010
First Week in Beaver Valley!

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