See ya Laaater Latrobe!

Well, it’s official. I am being transferred. Adios. I kind of felt that it would happen when this week was AWESOME. My areas always tend to get super sweet right before I leave. So… Cool.

We actually didn’t find out until really late this time. We usually find out Friday or early Saturday afternoon, but we didn’t get calls until 9:50 pm on Saturday night. I was FREAKING out. I’m always a nervous wreck when it comes to this stuff. Our district is staying the same except Elder Martin and I are both leaving. Elder Little is training and Sister Hathaway is just getting a new companion. We found out that tomorrow morning, the elders are coming to pick us up and then we’re all headed to Pittsburgh around 9:00 am and by 3:00 pm I’ll be headed to my new area! Not sure where it’ll be but I’ll let you know next week! The current issue is how we are possibly going to fit four humans and the luggage of two humans all in one little 2013 Chevy Cruze. But… Yeah. We’ll see. I’ll get to see my friend Stacie who’s coming out to the mission and a bunch of my friends that are headed home and/or getting transferred! It should be fun. We’re gonna drop off Elder Little at the training meeting at 10:00 and then Sister Hathaway, Elder Martin, and I pretty much just get to go and hang out with the Pitt Zone Leaders until the transfer meeting at 2:00. 
This week was hard because I didn’t know if I was leaving… That’s always weird. But I just decided that I was going to work as hard as possible. And miracle after miracle happened! It was awesome. One of the first ones was on Tuesday. We were doing our weekly service at St. Vincent de Paul (and I totally found a brand new London Fog raincoat for a DOLLAR. Holla). Anyway, we were sorting clothes and one of our less actives was there and said we could come over that afternoon and teach her daughter like we have been! It was great. We weren’t going to go because it was NEGATIVE FOUR DEGREES OUTSIDE and we didn’t think that a lot of people would be there. But since we went we ran into her and it was just sweet.
Side note. I got my boots and the receipt for the camera and the package from Rachel and Laura. AND I LOVED IT. Okay sweet. Thank yinz.
Thursday was AMAZING. I am just going to type my journal entry. 
“Hallelujah, Glory! The Lord answers prayers! Man alive. Today was a good day. On Sunday, Elder Martin committed me to try this way of tracting I showed him from this book called “Tracting & Member Missionary Work” I found in my apartment. I agreed and decided today would be the day. We set aside 2 hours to tract today. I was not excited.
Before that, decided to go visit one of the referrals from a member that previously refused us.She totally agreed to have us come teach her more. We are setting something up with her and her neighbor–the member–for next week.
We then started the tracting. I really tried hard to input the things we practiced at District Meeting yesterday–immediately testifying of the Restoration. We got a return appointment with a lady named Stacy, left a BOM with a guy named Dave who said we could come back, taught a lesson to and picked up a new investigator named Tammy…
And then our LA, Milton, was home and let in to teach a lesson. Then we decided to go to IHOP because someone gave us a gift card. We had a little extra time afterward so I wanted to go look in Barnes & noble. On the way in a guy stopped us and tol dus how Mormons are the most pure, hard-working group of people he’s ever met. We gave him a BOM right as his taxi arrived.
Then we went to visit this LAPM family, the Leone’s. We had a great little lesson about unity and they committed to read the BOM as a family and the 9 year old girl was ecstatic that we gave her her own copy of the BOM. Man, heavenly Father just gave us a miracle after miracle today.
this morning, I prayed that I would be able to testify of the BOM to someone. I gave out 6 copies and testified EVERY time. today was a complete blessing and just what I needed.”
Tammy ended up coming to church yesterday and we are teaching her again tonight after we have a lesson and dinner with that referral and member. … Of course, we HAD TO SING IF YOU COULD HIE TO KOLOB IN SACRAMENT MEETING WHEN WE HAD AN INVESTIGATOR THERE… Awesome. Almost as good as three weeks ago when our investigator, Sam, was there and the Gospel Principles lesson was about becoming gods and our eternal increase… Yikes.
I’m sad to leave this area. I think I’m more sad to leave here than I was to leave State College. I love this ward so much. But I’ve made some stellar friends that I intend to stay in contact with. I’m excited to head on to a new place!
Oh, and this will be the first time in my mission that I’m just a normal missionary! Not training or in any sort of leadership position. It’s going to be so weird! But I am excited to work hard and do all I can to learn to be a better person! it’s awesome.
Love you all! Have an awesome week!

[Dad edits.  Since the time Sister Hanseen wrote this email, Dad has learned of her wherabouts.  Please make note of her NEW address below, and feel free to send love of all kinds to that address in BEAVER FALLS, PA!!!] 


Sister McKann Hanseen
62 Sunny Hill Dr.
Bldg. D
Beaver Falls, PA 15010
See ya Laaater Latrobe!

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