Merry Christmas Adam!

For some reason the phrase “Christmas Adam” is super foreign to all the missionaries here. I keep explaining to them, “Well, Adam came before Eve, therefore, Christmas Adam is the day before Christmas Eve!” and I usually just get blank stares. Except for when Sister Hathaway finally got it…. The look on her face was priceless.

This week was kinda rough at the beginning! We didn’t have the car so it was a little trying for sure. We had to depend a lot on the ward. But they were willing to help! So that was great. 

Sister Hathaway and I have had some rough patches, to say the least. I feel like we kind of have a huge discussion about some big issue like every other day. But we finally had a huge talk the other day and I basically laid it down for her: This is an equal companionship. I am no more set apart than you are. Let’s work hard and kick our butts in gear and get Latrobe on its feet for the last three weeks of this transfer.

…. hopefully that sticks. That’s been the kicker.. Getting things to stick. But, I’m out here to work hard and to do what the Lord wants. And I’m not here to just go through the motions. That’s kind of what it felt like we were doing the past little while. So, we’re gonna fix that one day at a time. 🙂

Every week I get all these emails from people saying all the crazy things that are happening in people’s lives. It kind of freaks me out and makes me excited all at the same time. I just feel like this time in life is so hectic because everyone is changing so drastically… Including Brenner and his VOICE. What the heck. I’m so nervous!! I totally thought about that…. But Brenner is gonna be like a grown man by the time I get home! Waaaa. So weird.

This email is going to be kind of short because I get to ACTUALLY TALK TO YOU GUYS THIS WEEK!! And because this week was really just kind of uneventful.

One thing about that… if you guys could think of topics or questions you have ahead of time it might make it so that we can utilize the short time we have to talk to each other better. 🙂 I can talk fast, as you all know, but it’s so much easier if we have an agenda I think! I dunno, just an idea.

I’ve gotten all the packages from you guys I’m pretty sure! I’ll wait to open them until Christmas, don’t worry. 🙂 

Well… This upcoming week is going to be great. There’s awesome families that we’re spending time with and hanging out with on Christmas and Christmas Eve. I really am excited to have Christmas out here but I’m grateful it’s just one. I’ll be home for the next one.

Oh and Dad, that MoTab/Alfie Boe Christmas CD has been to DIE FOR. And thanks for the Hue&Hum CD’s too. Tell Robbie and Caitlin thanks too! I’m sad they’re moving! But we’ll still be friends for sure. 🙂 

Thanks to everyone who sent Christmas cards! I have them all under the little Christmas tree in my living room that I plug in every night. 

I’m so grateful to be out serving the Lord and honoring him at this time of year. But I’m grateful that we can have this Spirit all year long as we strive to remember Him in our lives. Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!!


Sister McKann Hanseen
216 N. Shenandoah Dr. #302

Latrobe, PA 15650


                                          Sister Buehner, Sister Hanseen, Elder Buehner


                                  Christmas Missionaries?


                                                             Elder Martin doing tricks…

Merry Christmas Adam!

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