Hello Everybody! Almost Christmas!

Okay so I feel like not that much has happened this week and I’m sorry if there’s nothing super exciting in this email. I’ll try to make it entertaining at least.
So this week we had Zone Conference. I LOVE zone meetings, as I’ve said before, and this one was extra awesome because some missionaries that I served with in Altoona just got transferred into my zone (Sister Yates, Elder West, Elder Trotman) and some others! So that was way exciting to see them! This one was also really fun because we got to watch the new mission video for 2013 and it was SO AWESOME. And it had some songs by Phillip Phillips and Imagine Dragons in it and we’re allowed to watch the video whenever we want. 🙂 Although it’s been kinda weird when Sister Hathaway and I will let it play in the other room while we’re getting ready in the morning and all of a sudden we hear Elder Martin’s laugh super loud coming from our bedroom… There’s a part in the video where a tree fell on his companion swinging from a vine and he was filming so, naturally, there was some laughter of sorts. But it’s been kinda creepy to say the least. Haha.
We also went on exchange right before Zone Conference so I actually ended up just staying two nights in Penn Hills at the sisters’ apartment because we were supposed to stay there the night before the conference. It was awesome. I love Sister Holmstead. We get along so well… Which probably means we’ll never be companions. But we always just talk about how we want to hang out after our missions. She only goes home one transfer before me and totally goes to school in Provo. Awesome. And we decided we want to go on a skydiving trip to Moab with Elder Martin… That’s all happening. Anyway, enough of the trunky. Sister Holmstead and I just had an awesome exchange. I feel like I always learn so much from exchanges. And it’s often pretty sad to end them, but that’s okay.
This week really has been so uneventful. Our investigators haven’t really talked to us in a while and nobody comes to church and it’s pretty frustrating. But we did stop by this one less active part member family’s house this week and they were totally glad we did because they had had a really bummer day! I’ve been thinking about them for a while and we haven’t been there since we first came to Latrobe, so I was glad we followed the Spirit on WHEN to go. It was great. We’re going back this week. I’m really praying about how we can invite the husband to take the lessons again. They’ve had some negative experiences with missionaries being super pushy and rude in the past. Hopefully we can be better than that! 🙂
So the worst news of the week is that our car is in the shop starting 3 hours ago until the end of the day on Thursday. You know that sick feeling you get in your stomach when you’re really nervous and unsure of what is going to happen? Like before finals? Or before a big presentation? Well… That’s the feeling I have. And all of our plans have all cancelled on us for the night so tonight is the great unknown… So are the next four days. Great. So… Prayers this week? Just that I won’t lose my mind? Okay awesome.
Also.. Yesterday when we were visiting this lady in a rest home with the elders, she offered us some soda. And guess what soda she had? MOXIE. Yeah. Dad. Thought you’d appreciate that. Elder Martin took it and I was mad so I made him give me some of it because I’m the boss. Says me. It worked, so I’m not complaining.
Well everybody I love you! I really appreciate all the letters and emails. A lot more than you realize! They really keep me going througout the week for sure. I’ve got some good pictures I’m sending home today so enjoy those!


Sister McKann Hanseen
216 N. Shenandoah Dr. #302

Latrobe, PA 15650
Missionaries in Latrobe wearing fine Christmas attire!
Nothin’ like a good headband to help with the water tasting contest, or whatever this mess was… (pch)
Sisters in Latrobe
Hello Everybody! Almost Christmas!

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