BiPolar Weather in Latrobe!!

This week went from the mid/low sixties to the high twenties! WHAT THE HECK. It was so delightful at the beginning of the week. Elder Martin kept saying how it felt like home because he’s from California. So… That got crushed when it started snowing two days ago. But I’m just gonna come right out and say that (SO FAR) Pennsylvania snow has been pretty pathetic. Everyone freaks out when it snows about an inch and decides they can’t go anywhere because of the bad weather… WOW ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Anyway… With that off my chest I will begin talking about relevant things. 

So as Christmas rolls around in just a few weeks, there are a few things my heart is just a teensy bit aching for that I will desperately miss this year. This is one of them:

Now don’t yinz worry your little heads thinking that I’m being all disobedient and getting on YouTube n’at because I’m not! I got this off of Mormon Newsroom. Stay cool, it’s all good in the hood. 

But seriously. I’m going to miss the Temple Square lights. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t go up there at least once during the holiday season. Sad day. But you all better go up there and enjoy it for me extra, alrighty? And go to that hot chocolate place in Salt Lake that is run by midgets because I still really want to go there and haven’t been able to yet. I’ll put it on my list of things to do when I get home. That’s a good list, by the way. It’s got some keeper adventures. 

So about this week, right? Well, it’s been pretty good! It’s the first week of a new transfer and so the district switched around a little bit. Only one sister got transferred… Sister Blake. And actually, she got transferred to University 1st! She’s in my old area! Probably sleeping in my old bed and EVERYTHING. Weird. This mission stuff is strange sometimes. Haha. But we got a new sister, Sister Burnett, who was just serving in Cranberry with Elder Vassallo so we have some good stories to swap for sure! I really love my district. The thought of getting switched around makes me super sad because we just have so much fun! Actually, I’m going on exchange with Sister Holmstead tonight until tomorrow and I’m going to her area in Monroeville. And guess what’s in her area? ABBY LEE DANCE COMPANY. You’d best believe that we’re gonna stop by there and take a picture. Because I wanna see the Dance Moms!!!! Haha. So pumped. And I just really love Sister Holmstead. Like.. I’m pretty sure we’re gonna be good friends when we get home because we just have a RIOT when we are on exchange. And every district meeting. I LOVE that. That’s been one of the best parts of my mission is getting to know other missionaries that I know I can be friends with after the mission. It makes it so the thought of being done with my mission isn’t quite as depressing. Ha. Anyway.

We have this investigator that we got through a media referral named Carol. She’s so funny. She just tells the best stories about her night job painting Harley Davidson parts and she’s awesome. She tries to act like she isn’t really interested in all this but then when we ask her if we can help her work toward baptism and knowing if all the stuff we’re telling her is true she softens up a bit and admits that she wants that. It’s great. So she didn’t come to the Christmas party but… We’ll get on her case about it. 🙂 

We also got a new investigator named Sam and I LOVE her. Like.. She asks the best questions and is so open and I really feel like she’s just been so prepared! She lives next door to one of the members of our ward and they’re really good friends so she’s invited Sam to church before. She came and she absolutely loved it and always tells us how much she loves the church. Anyway, we hadn’t been able to meet with her yet but one day this week I just decided we needed to text her and just see if we could come by that day. She answered and agreed that we could come by. We stopped by and talked for a while about a lot of questions she had about temples and what we think about Heaven and Hell. She was so receptive and kept telling us how it all just made so much sense. She has a 17 month old son and lives with her fiancé, but her fiancé is Catholic and she said he’s not really interested in changing that. We invited her and her fiancé and son to the Christmas party and on Saturday morning she texted us and told us that they couldn’t make it…. BUT. She then told us how she had been talking to her husband about the stuff we talked about in our lesson and he agreed that after they move in the next week or so and after the holidays that he’ll come to church and see what he thinks of it! OH MAN TENDERY MERCIES OF THE LORD ARE REAL STUFF KIDS. We were so excited! She’s so awesome. I’m so excited to teach her. The Lord is rewarding us for our diligence and I can really feel that with Sam. It’s awesome.

Oh… Side note. Totally cut my hair this week! This awesome girl in our ward, Janie, cut it. She’s awesome. Did I say that? Yeah. I love her. Anyway, it’s still pretty long but she just cleaned it up mostly. I really love it though. I didn’t even have the usual post-haircut freak out that I usually have so that’s improvement. But it pretty much looks the same length so you probably won’t be able to tell in the pictures I send. I just FEEL better and that’s perfect timing to have a self confidence boost because it’s getting pretty glum around these parts.

Here’s a funny story. So after the Christmas party on Saturday night, all the missionaries were cleaning up with the members. Sister Hathaway and I went to empty all the trash cans in the building and I was pushing this big trash can that usually sits on a cart with wheels. I was just pushing it on the carpet and it wasn’t a big deal. We were coming back down a long, empty hall, and my inner child kicked in. There was nothing more that I wanted to do than to just sprint down the hallway of the church building. So, I did! I started running (in my skirt, mind you), pushing the trash can in front of me. Well, when I pretty much broke the sound barrier because I was going so fast, friction decided to catch up with the bottom of the garbage can and the front end of it got stuck a little bit.. And somehow I found myself flat on my face, with the trash can behind me and between my legs. …. I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t get up and I just hear this kid (who was down the hall watching all of this happen) yell, “MISSIONARY DOWN! MOM! MISSIONARY DOOOOOWWWWNNNN!!!” Hahahaha. Oh goodness. So awesome.

One last story from this week. Yesterday, a lady in our ward, Amberly, invited us over for dinner. Her and her husband are part of the handful of couples that are in Greensburg for medical school. They have some friends, Melissa and Leif, and they aren’t members of the church but they are WAY AWESOME. We have met/chatted with them a few times and it’s been good to just be friends with them for now. Anyway, Amberly invited us over because she was having them over and so we agreed, of course. The surprise, though, is that Melissa invited her friend Lisa to come as well! And, at the end of dinner, we shared a spiritual thought and Lisa was so super engaged in what we were saying. It was great. Then, as we were getting our coats on and getting ready to leave I just had this distinct thought in my mind that I really needed to give Lisa a card and just invite her to check out It was kind of an awkward setting to do that so I hesitated, but then quickly realized that I was being silly. So I offered her the card and she was elated! She was so excited to go check it out. When we were walking out of their house I just felt this peace from the Spirit affirming that I had done what the Lord wanted me to! It’s not every day that you get that specific of a prompting followed by a very specific confirmation and pat on the back from Heavenly Father. It was great. Knucks for missionary work!

I can’t believe that at the end of this transfer I will hit my halfway mark. That’s so crazy. It’s flying by. I’m so happy to be here! Love you all! Thanks for the prayers and support.


Weird Elders at the Ward Christmas Party


We made Reindeer ornaments at the old folk’s home!

Sister McKann Hanseen
216 N. Shenandoah Dr. #302

Latrobe, PA 15650
BiPolar Weather in Latrobe!!

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