Seven Months down — crazy!

What the heck. Yesterday marked 7 months in the mission field. I know that I say this all the time but each month gets faster and faster. Yesterday I was talking to Elder Martin and we were talking about how every transfer feels so much shorter than the last. It feels like last week we were saying, “Man, this is going to be a fun transfer!” and now it’s the last official P-Day of the transfer and we still have yet to figure out how we are going to hang out on P-Day and be obedient. Not saying we’ve been hanging out on P-Day disobediently, but P-Day has pretty much been, “Hey, see you at the library for five minutes and then… Bye.” Haha. We are now not allowed to email in public libraries because apparently some people in the libraries were viewing offensive material and the missionaries were exposed to it… Stupid. So we’re in the family history center and we had to arrange all this stuff with the ward and it’s been one big headache. Once we get iPads this will all be totally not an issue anymore. Haha. We are so spoiled it’s unreal! And I think today we’re going to go to this older couple’s house because they have a pool table and ping pong table and said that we can just come and hang out. So hooray for P-Day finally!

Okay that was all super unimportant.

This week was interesting. Sister Hathaway and I had some pretty big discussions. I kind of hit a breaking point. I was just really overwhelmed because I feel like I’ve been pulling about 95% of the weight. That’s normal when you already know an area and you get a new missionary. But we were both coming into this with a clean slate… Not knowing anything about it. But we had a good talk and I’ve noticed little bits of improvement and an added sense of accountability from her. So, hopefully we get the ball rolling a bit more. It’s felt pretty stagnant.

We taught Bill and Karena this week at the home of a less active lady, Bernadette. We taught them the Law of Chastity. Not gonna lie it’s pretty intimidating to teach the Law of Chastity to people that you know are most definitely not living it. But, we’ve been doing our best to just realize that our job is to help people know about the truth the WHY behind the commandments, and if they don’t accept it we’re not held accountable. We’re held accountable if we’re not bold and loving in teaching them things that are important to their salvation. Anyway, the lesson went from super awesome… Like we were planning a wedding for them…. to super terrible… Like they were fighting and crying and saying that maybe they shouldn’t even be together! What have I done?! That’s what I was thinking at least. I was freaking out. Bernadette was yelling at them. They were screaming at each other. We were desperately trying to scramble through scriptures and try and bring the conversation back to where it needed to be. It was nuts. 

But here’s the crazy part. After a long, loud, stressful lesson, we left feeling okay. Our minds were a little blown, but I felt really at peace knowing that there were some things hiding under the surface that really needed to come out. 

Bill and Karena came to church on Sunday. When I called on Saturday night saying that I was still trying to find them a ride to church (they live about 15 minutes away and don’t have a car) I could hear Karena screaming in the background, “I don’t care who takes us I just want to go to church!” So Sunday was awesome. They came to church. Stayed all 3 hours. Participated in lessons. Met new people. Awesome. Even more awesome, Karena told me that her and Bill are taking turns sleeping on the couch so they can be living the Law of Chastity. WHAT?! So… That’s not quite all that is required, but if they’re willing to do that until they get married, then holy cow! That is great!

We went tracting the other day and literally every single person we talked to was Catholic. So… Instead of having no religion and not even knowing who or what God is (asians in State College), they’re just all Catholic. Great.

I’ve been listening to the Hue&Hum Christmas album all week. I am obsessed. Tell Robbie and Caitlin thanks a heap because they’re beautiful voices are saving me right now!

I also realized the reason I don’t ever like hot chocolate and why it always makes me sick. I thought it was just because sugary stuff makes me sick. But actually… It’s because if you just use the recommended amount of hot chocolate powder, it takes like water still. So you have to add like eight million packets and a spoonful of Nutella or else it’s gross. And THEN it makes me sick. I think I’m just done with hot chocolate. It’s been pretty cold, so I’ve been trying to think of ways to warm up… which is what inspired this little rant.

This week is Thanksgiving! Is that even real? I’m so so glad that I will only be gone for one Thanksgiving and Christmas. That’s so great. The more I think about it, the more I realize that I really came on my mission at the perfect time. I miss 2 summers, yes. But I only miss one winter. And I’d much prefer only having one winter as a missionary. Honestly, I love winter at home but it kind of is the worst as a missionary. Because you can’t just go inside and enjoy the looks of the snow. And man… It is cold. 

Well, I don’t have too much else to say. Things are starting to slow down in the PPM. We have less missionaries coming out than going home this transfer for the first time in a long time. So that’s kind of weird. Crazy stuff.

Shout out for a second. Thanks to everyone who sends me mail! I am so grateful. I do get a lot of mail compared to most of my companions and I’ve been out for 7 months. I’m so glad I’m not forgotten! Haha. And I got a bunch of emails today from people I haven’t heard from in a while, so I’m grateful for that too!

So… Just for kicks. I have a list of some music that I would love to get if anyone ever wants to send it.

“How Great Thou Art” Carrie Underwood version

“In Christ Alone” by Owl City

Any Michael Buble (or other artists) Christmas music of hymns or Christ-centered Christmas songs

Michael McLean’s Forgotten Carols

“Crossfire” and “On the Floor” by Brandon Flowers (They’re in his video so they have to be allowed, right? I think so)

An album from “Hammock.” It’s this instrumental band that I love. No lyrics. Just instrumental. 

“Clair de Lune” and any hymns that Piano Guys do

Okay sweet.

Well, thanks everyone for being awesome. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving! I’ll be extra grateful for wonderful friends and family this year, I’m sure. Love you all!


Sister McKann Hanseen
216 N. Shenandoah Dr. #302

Latrobe, PA 15650
Seven Months down — crazy!

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