First Sick days on my mission…

Okay before I even START talking about myself I just have to give the BIGGEST SHOUT OUT EVER TO MY AMAZING SISTER NYIA!!!! Happy birthday you little ADULT you! I hope it was awesome! Looks and sounds like the party was amazing. 🙂

So this week I was sick, unfortunately. On Wednesday night.. Wait, Tuesday night, I was throwing up pretty much all night. It was really miserable. But Wednesday we had Zone Training in Butler, so I had to put on a nice face and act like it was so fun to be around a bunch of missionaries. It WAS fun, but it would’ve been so much more fun if I had been feeling better. Then, Thursday I woke up with an awful sore throat, achy body, runny nose, shaky all over… the works. I called Sister Topham and she told me I should just stay in and sleep as much as I could so I wouldn’t be sick longer. I was so disappointed. We had 3 or 4 appointments in Ligonier and it was set up to be our busiest day yet. I couldn’t believe that THAT, of ALL days, was the day that I was too sick to go out. I was feeling PRETTY sick because it was not a good day to miss, but I really couldn’t do anything. I ended up sleeping for about 18 out of 24 hours. But, I felt worlds better after that. I still have a pretty stuffy nose and a cough, but I don’t FEEL sick anymore like I did. So all is well, I s’pose.
Despite the being sick, this week was a lot better. It just FELT better. I think that sometimes we’re just meant to have a little bit of a down week, and that’s okay. The Lord pats us on the back and picks us right back up. Wipes the dirt off our cheeks and gives us something to get out there and work for. 
Our investigator pool isn’t too huge at the moment. We’re working on it. We’ve gotten a few media referrals that have had bad addresses or that we haven’t been able to contact and that’s always pretty disappointing. But we’re working with a lot of less active families. There’s one couple in particular that is doing really well. I can tell they REALLY like us. They opened up and told us some of the reasons they haven’t been at church, and that’s helpful. Our job is to resolve their concerns and the first part of that is to know what the concern actually IS! Our ward council is really pleased with the work we’ve been doing, so that’s great.
Other than that this week has been pretty standard. We did get to do some service with the elders on Friday and it was a blast. We raked eighty bajillion leaves for this old couple in our ward and, of course, took some good pictures. So I’ll send those as soon as the elders give back my memory card–they wanted to send the pictures home as well. 
Oh, random things about this week. First off, there’s this guy in our ward that totally SERVED IN THE DISTRICT 1!! Okay this doesn’t mean anything to anyone who hasn’t been on a mission during the Preach My Gospel era, but oh my heck!! He was companions with Elder Bernal! It is so awesome. Him and his wife are so rad and they have the cutest baby named Lucy and I just want to be them when I grow up!! Okay anyway..
The other random thing is, there’s a lady in my ward here and she is totally cousins with Shelli Jorgensen! (Sorry if I spelled that wrong). But she came up to me at our “Linger Longer” yesterday after church and was like, “Okay, I have to give you a hug because I’m totally Shelli Jorgensen’s cousin!” What the weird? I have the craziest connections out here! That was pretty nuts.
Well folks. The work presses forward. It’s pretty crazy. We’re almost halfway through Sister Hathaway’s training. When we’re done with her training, I’ll be halfway done with my MISSION. Time flies. Time. Freaking. Flies. So crazy.
Have a great week everyone! Godspeed.



Sister McKann Hanseen
216 N. Shenandoah Dr. #302

Latrobe, PA 15650
First Sick days on my mission…

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