Hey Everybody! Greensburg week 2. Better kind of…

OKay I’ll just start out by saying that I’m in a significantly better mood this week than last. No car accidents. No skirts tucked into tights. Good stuff.

Alright so there’s not a ton that happened this week, unfortunately. Because of the car accident, we had to do a lot of extra not-very-missionary stuff like get estimates, etc. And I was getting kind of down about it because I felt like our week was just so…. bland. WE couldn’t get a lesson set up with ANYONE … Scratch that. In the middle of the accident stuff last week, we got a media referral for a guy named Derek and we taught him on Monday night at a McDonald’s and it was a really awesome lesson. He agreed to be baptized once he knows it’s true! He’s like a perfect candidate for the Gospel at this time in his life so… I guess I need to quit complaining. I think that was Heavenly Father’s way of just kind of patting my cheek and saying, “Hey, McKann, you’re doing good things! I forgive you! Now get over it and get to work! :)” So… That’s how that went down. But, besides that the week was pretty slow.
We had about eight million setbacks this week as well. On Tuesday, our phone quit working. I had texted the elders at around 7:00 am asking a question about how our mileage limitations work, and the next thing I know our phone is just super spazzing out and won’t turn on. We were supposed to go do service at a thrift store called St. Vincent De Paul that they have a million of out here (no joke… There’s one in Latrobe, Greensburg, AND Jeanette…) but the elders didn’t leave us an address! So we’re addressless (and the GPS took us to some random alleyway), and phoneless… and I was frustrated as heck. But then we finally got there and the people were super friendly and it was a lot of fun. But it didn’t fix our phone! We called the mission office and they gave us a hotline to call which told us that basically our phone had a software glitch and couldn’t be fixed. When they told me that they would send a new phone but we wouldn’t be able to get any of our contacts back, I about broke into tears. I kept thinking, “Seriously?! Of all things, this now too?” And I was being so super whiny! I can’t even believe it. But immediately I realized there are much worse things that could be happening and that I had a lot to be grateful for. It’s all okay! Completely clean slate here in Latrobe. Worse things that could be happening for sure. 
Like our power going out. … Thursday morning, our power went out for about 5 hours. There was a huge storm overnight and it ended up putting the power out. We texted the elders to see if the power had gone out at their apartment and they just said, “Nope… Of course that would only happen to you.” Haha. They’re getting a huge kick out of all of this ridiculousness. When we called them to tell them that our phone was broken and wouldn’t be working for a few days, Elder Martin laughed so hard he couldn’t talk for about two entire minutes. We were using a members’ phone and I’m sure they just thought we were pathetic. Regardless, I’m glad these elders have a sense of humor or else I’d probably be losing my mind.
Since we didn’t have a ton of things that were particularly spiritually significant this week, here’s some funny stories.
So, on Friday we were at a members’ house for dinner with the elders. We were talking about eye color or something like that and then all of a sudden Elder Martin just blurts out, “What color is your HAIR?!” He was so so confused and apparently has been super curious as to what color my hair is this week because he couldn’t contain it anymore. Haha. Sadly, I never really have an answer for that question. It’s just a weird one. That conversation naturally always leads into the story of how you shaved my head when I was two years old and everyone thought I had Leukemia.. Good stuff.
Another story. This morning I was just minding my own business, doing personal study, when all of a sudden I hear this ridiculous honking… There was flock of geese flying outside the window! And it reminded me of one time in State College when we were at dinner at Alice’s (the elders’ next door neighbor) and Elder V shared the thought. He started it out with, “So, I really love geese.” Hahaha. Oh man. Never a dull moment with Elder V.
Last night we went to dinner at another members’ house. This lady was really freakin’ funny and we walked in and the first thing she says is, “Hey Dave! Hey Cherub!” I was super confused. Then they all explained that she can never remember their real names so she calls Elder Martin “Dave” and Elder Little “Cherub.” It’s so perfect, I can’t even tell you! Elder Little is just this sweet little guy and he totally is Cherub. We keep telling him that he’s going to be the cutest little old man with his walker and glasses… And we bought him a sweater vest today at the thrift store. Hahahaha. And Elder Martin… Yeah. He’s just Dave. Hahahaha. He kind of looks like what it would look like if Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller had a baby. So … Dave it is.
I actually had some good moments of pure intelligence this week. Moments where the Spirit just bore witness to me so profoundly. I don’t really want to recap it all in different words, so I’m just going to type out what I wrote in my journal. (*gasp! I know!*)
“I’ve also been realizing that I did a lot of good in State College, but there’s more good I can do here. I’m more focused on the work here. I’m really learning about ME and my relationship with Heavenly Father. I asked the elders to give me a blessing last week because I was just feeling a little overwhelmed and I needed to calm down. In it, it said, “Heavenly Father is pleased with you,” multiple times. It was kind of just one of those moments of pure intelligence–those confirmations of truth from the Spirit. He IS pleased with me. I have so many imperfections and so many things that I wish I was doing better as a missionary, and that I’m working on every single day. But DESPITE all that, He, the Almighty and omniscient being of all, is pleased with ME–Sister McKann Hanseen in Latrobe, PA doing my best (well trying my best) to do His work and feed His sheep.
The blessing also said, “He will strengthen you in these trials–not take them away but make you stronger to bear them.” It’s something I’ve been studying a lot anyway. Not just the cleansing power of the Atonement (although that is beautiful and miraculous as well), but the strengthening and enabling power of it. I’ve noticed in just small and simple things this week. I”ve noticed my attitude about schedule changes go from overstressed to seeking new opportunities. It’s a work in progress. I’M a work in progress. But I’m learning to pat myself on the back and just know that Heavenly Father is pleased with me. And that’s enough.”
Well everyone, I promise that this stuff is true. Heavenly Father loves you! I’m so happy for that knowledge in my life. It makes things a lot easier when it seems pretty dim.
And, just to top it off… I just got like 4 new skirts and 3 new shirts for $4.50. Forget DI. The East Coast knows how to do thrift shopping.. What what, what what? I’m gonna pop some tags… Don’t worry. I still know some pop culture, people.
Have a great week!



Sister McKann Hanseen
216 N. Shenandoah Dr. #302

Latrobe, PA 15650
Photos below! (I hope pch)
Nittany Lion and Sister Hanseen – on last day in State College
Elder Trotman,                                        Sister Hanseen                    Elder Vasallo
Elder DeRoest (2nd Cousin of Sister Hanseen)        Sister Hanseen
                                          sister Hanseen                     Sister Hathaway
                         Elder Palmer                  Sister Hanseen           Elder Thomas
Hey Everybody! Greensburg week 2. Better kind of…

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