Sorry – McKann sent this on time… it’s her dad that spaced loading it up in a timely manner….  This is the mail from Monday 9/23.  Enjoy!

OKAY SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED THIS WEEK. And so much is going to happen in this next week. So I’ll start with that.

Tomorrow I hit 5 months. FIVE MONTHS. That’s crazy. Just over a year left. Where has all the time gone?! I can hardly believe it.

Thursday is my 20th birthday. Is that unreal or what? I had the realization this week that I will be in Pennsylvania for my entire 21st year of life. What the heck? That’s awesome. Well, I suppose I won’t if I ever get transferred to Wheeling, West Virginia. Or if I get to fulfill my PPM dreams and be in the first sister companionship to EVER SERVE IN THE JAMESTOWN ZONE. Dun dun dun. Who knows? Not me. But regardless… I’m gonna be old. Actually not really. I always say that and then Elder Vassallo responds with, “You realize that one week after you turn 20, I turn 25… right?” Hahahaha. Whoops. Okay yeah. I’m young. I wouldn’t have even been ALLOWED to be on a mission right now a year ago. What a blessing. I’m part of history! THAT IS SO COOL.

Okay now for this past week. It seriously has been a whirlwind. 

We taught the cutest girl Chunxiao this past Sunday, right? Well, then on Monday she actually came to FHE and had a blast! She brought her friend, Qian, and we ended up teaching her pretty much all of The Restoration. Plan of Salvation, and Gospel of Jesus Christ in the hallway at the chapel. People were everywhere and it was super loud but the spirit was SO STRONG. Sister Chang helped in communication a bit and there were some times where Qian would just stop and say, “Wow. That is so powerful.” YES IT IS! THE GOSPEL IS RAD!

So that was miracle number one. Number two was that on Tuesday we got to go to the Done’s house and do service again. It’s so crazy how all of a sudden I’m on a mission and pretty much my favorite leisure activity is to do yard work. But it’s great. We weeded a ton and then Sister Done fed us all homemade pancakes and buttermilk syrup and it was delicious. That night we got to go to the Activity Days night with the girls in the State College 1st ward as their special guests. They fed us dinner and we shared a message about missionary work and man… I forgot how much energy 11-12 year old girls have. Crazy.

We taught Jacob again! He’s DOING SO WELL. The lesson was a miracle in and of itself. We were told to meet at “the cafe on Fraser Street” which ended up being Dunkin’ Donuts. We met with him and the member who referred him and the member’s wife. There was super loud music playing and it smelled like coffee and there were tons of people but it was still an awesome lesson. We reviewed the Restoration and added in some key scriptures and it was just stellar. He was really, truly understanding. The Spirit was SO strong and we asked some great questions to discern what Jacob truly needs in order to come closer to Christ. He’s already pretty close, but he just has to get some things straightened out as far as doctrine goes. We taught about Joseph Smith and the First Vision and it seriously felt SILENT. The Spirit was really present in helping us stay focused. I had an interesting experience, though. I would sometimes notice that a good song was on and as soon as I would listen for more than a split second, I could feel the Spirit leave me. I would lose my train of thought or forget the question I was going to ask and I had to quickly refocus. It was an eye-opener for me. The Spirit was teaching me a good lesson in helping me understand that it takes effort to stay focused and that Satan is working HARD to distract us. But the lesson ended up great and Jacob is doing amazingly.

We also taught this adorable girl named Luna. She’s dating a less active member from the branch who actually is no longer in State College. She attended church with his family for about a month and really loved how she felt there. She’s from Thailand and she has such a strong faith in Christ. We taught her with a member named Shelby in the theatre studio at Penn State (Shelby has connections there because she’s in costume design). It was an ideal lesson. Shelby had great input. Sister Hurdsman’s confidence in teaching was WAY up. We taught in unity. The Spirit was strong. Luna was SO receptive. And… Here’s the best part…

Oh my holy heavens above I cannot tell you how excited I am. She is so ready. She wants this more than anything. We’ll be setting her with a baptismal date on Wednesday when we meet with her again.

Family, friends, folks.
This is a DIRECT result of much fasting and prayer from the missionaries and members here and at home. I can just FEEL it. This is the Lord’s work and when we put trust in Him, He blesses us and helps us to be instruments in His hands. I am so excited I can’t even contain myself! THIS IS WHAT MISSIONARY WORK SHOULD FEEL LIKE!

We had Zone Conference this week and it was really awesome. As always, I loved seeing missionaries from all over. I got to see Sister Ferrin and that was of course a huge highlight for me. 🙂 And there was a lot of INSPIRED information given to us. It’s been kind of hard because we feel like we get all these rules put down on us but they are so necessary for our success. There is a lot of risk with all the new missionaries coming out and I feel blessed that our mission president is so persistent in keeping us safe and helping us to be the best missionaries we can be, even if the “rules” sometimes seem less fun in the moment. It’s so important. I see blessings from it every day.

One last awesome highlight…

JACOB CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY. Man. Getting people at church seems to be the HARDEST part. But he came. All dressed up. Book of Mormon in hand. It was great. He was reading it during the sacrament passing and was asking really great questions. I’m just so excited for him. He’s going to be a great Mormon. 😉 Haha.

Family. I love you lots. I’m praying for you so much. Thanks for everything everyone does for me. I love you. Don’t you forget it!! 

Have a great week. I know I will!

P.S. THE ONLY REASON IT’S OKAY THAT UTAH WON IS BECAUSE DAD’S A UTAH FAN. Otherwise…. I’m a little heartbroken. It was talked about in every church meeting yesterday. Ouch. 

Sister McKann Hanseen
10 Vairo Blvd #32D
State College, PA 16803

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