July 15th…

So… This week has been interesting and I’ve been writing down a lot of things to write about. So I’m gonna do this “list style” because I love making lists and I have lots to say.

–Last P Day we went to Denny’s because everyone wanted to and I kept telling them how disgusting Denny’s is. I was legitimately confused why anyone voluntarily wanted to go to Denny’s before 2:00 am, but we went. And it was terrible. And I just remembered that one Saturday before Easter when we went there when I was really little and some girl barfed in the bathroom. That was sick.


–Dad, have you gotten any pictures or correspondences at all from Sister Leavitt here? We go to their house for dinner sometimes and she always takes a picture and sends it to our parents. They lived in the 1st ward in our stake! Cool, huh? Anyway, have you been getting that? If you have, you should post it on my blog if I don’t look too much like a hag.


–I got another letter from Grandma this week. I love reading about how their family met with the missionaries when she was growing up! She’s also been sending me some “tree money” as she calls it every time. I think that I have decided that I would love to use that money either to save for school when I get home, or to help people I meet on my mission. I’ve committed to not using a penny of it for myself on my mission! So hopefully that seems like a good idea to every one else. Otherwise, I would love to know what it is intended for.


–So, there’s this HUGE thing in State College every summer called “Arts Festival” that like 100,000 people come to. Contacting downtown was completely unproductive, but they did have some cool stuff. Like these huge portable landscapes that they had to shut down all of Allen Street for. It was a nightmare for missionary work though. We only went down there like once or twice because we needed to come use the computers in the library. It seriously looked like NYC when people crossed the road because there were just hundreds of people every where!


–I’ve made an observation: shorts that are longer than three inches past the hips don’t exist in State College. Seriously. Everyone’s wearing these teensy weensy shorts all the time and it’s kind of nasty because when I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE. Like… EVERY person. Doesn’t matter if they’ve got the bod to pull it off or not. So. That’s sweet.

–The other sisters had a baptism on Saturday! It was this sweet Chinese girl named Candice. She is darling. She asked if she could bear her testimony at the end and she was like “I just feel… warm. Warm all over. I wanted to be in the water for an hour.” It was so cute. The missionaries sang for the musical number and let me just tell you.. IT WAS ROUGH. The elders are so sweet and wanted to participate but… Bless their hearts. 🙂 


–A few weeks ago we went tracting with the elders and we ran into this Australian lady named Rebecca. She invited us in and was super awesome and listened to a lot of the first lesson. She’s interested in what we believe but her husband is a minister of a non-denominational Christian group or something like that. She invited us over for a BBQ and we had an awesome time. She made delicious food and we cleared up the idea that we are not, in fact, aliens. 


–We were doing some contacting on campus the other day and I asked a man if I could share a card with me. We had a great conversation but he told me he was not spiritual in the slightest and he had already read our card when he found it in the trash the other day (not an uncommon thing). He is a professor of communications so we were talking about that and I told him that I intend to do Public Relations. I was just saying how I wanted to be an ethical PR person and really be honest in all my dealings with that and he like couldn’t accept the fact that it’s possible to be honest in everything. Like he kept telling me “well you’ll be working for some company and you’ll end up doing some things you never wanted to do.” And it just ticked me off! I refuse to believe that it’s impossible for me to be honest! AHHHH! But, he was a nice man and I prayed for him that night. Anyway….


–Dad I was just thinking about the phrase this week “never suppress a generous thought” and I thought of you. I just remember little things you’ve always done for people that really touched me. Like when Sister McGraw was sick and you just thought it would be nice to buy her some flowers to take over. (I sent her a letter this week because she sent me a card a while back! Hopefully it arrives safely.)


–I found a scripture that will help me cope when I start to gain weight on my mission. 2 Nephi 9:51. At the end it says to “delight in fatness.” So far I’m doing well though. I’ve been keeping track, just for curiosity’s sake, and I have lost a few pounds since being here. Not too shabby, I gotta say. 

–Nana, I’m not in the Philadelphia mission… So hopefully that clears up your confusion there. Whoever that girl is, I will probably never meet her. Also, I DID meet the real Elder Rasmussen from the 6th ward, but only briefly. I just confused him with the new AP when I was talking to the AP at Zone Conference.
–I LOVED GETTING THE WORD OF THE WARD DAD! Seriously. Send that to me every month. It was the best thing ever. Also, if you can tell them that my address is not that one, and give them my correct address, I would appreciate it. Then maybe I’ll get more mail. 😉 Haha just kidding. But seriously. Sounds like everyone’s doing so well. I’m just so proud of us! There’s so many of us Edgemont 6th warders preaching the good word. 

That’s all for my list so I’ll just blab a little bit more about my boring missionary life. 🙂

Things are going well with my companion now. We definitely have been getting along a lot better and things are running more smoothly in our companionship. It’s a direct answer to prayers, and practicing the Christlike attributes. So that’s awesome.

Whitey is still doing stellar. 🙂 We’re starting to teach him twice a week and he’s just starting to really GET it. 

We have a new investigator, Glenn, that we taught this week. He knows a member of our branch, so that’s really helpful as far as fellowshipping goes.

Transfers are coming up. I’m pretty sure I’m staying here for another transfer, but there’s a few missionaries here that are probably toast. I love them a lot and will miss them, but I’m definitely excited for a switch up. 

I talked to Sister Ferrin last night and it was the best thing ever! We’re going on exchanges next week. That will be awesome. 🙂

Well.. I am laughing so hard at the idea of Brenner and his “Guido Stache” and deep voice. AHH. So weird. But so funny. You gotta send me a picture of his stache pretty please!!

Love you all. Have a great week. Read Mosiah 4. 🙂


Sister McKann Hanseen
10 Vairo Blvd #32D
State College, PA 16803


July 15th…

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