Humidity is the WORST

Okay… editorial comment from McKann’s Dad.  Somehow I failed to add McKann’s letter of last week to her blog, so you can read TWO WEEKS worth if you read this one and the one simply titled “July 15th”…  So… THERE. 🙂

Okay I just gotta get this out there… I hate humidity. It does make nature beautiful, but it makes humans disgusting. And I think that it’s really just not worth it. This week it was at around 98 or 97 or something repulsive like that and with the added humidity, you may as well have just put us in a sauna with a bunch of grumpy people and told us to tell them about the Gospel. OH wait. That’s what we did. But we did it with a smile on our faces as best as possible. 🙂 I promise.

This week has been alright. We had Zone Training on Tuesday and that was a blast. I seriously just love whenever I get to go to anything with other missionaries. I feel like I’m actually getting to know people in the mission now and not just feeling like the total greenie that I kind of still am. The sad part is that half of the missionaries serving with me don’t actually live in Provo and aren’t going to school there so… Awesome friendship for a few months? Hahaha whatever. Life seems to be crazy like that. Anyway, we had a pot luck lunch with everyone afterward and it was just a blast. We laughed and ate and laughed more. I love missionaries.

OKAY HAVE I BEEN BELIEVING A LIE MY WHOLE LIFE?! I SWEAR that when I was a kid, Nana and Papa told me that Hyrum Smith is my great great great great (great?) grandpa. Well.. I checked on to get familiar with it and see if there were any cool stories, and HE’S NOT ON MY FAMILY TREE!!! Am I just delusional? Someone has got to clear this up for me. I need to know my heritage!!! [editorial comment McKann’s grandma Carol Walker will do her best to shoot McKann her heritage.  Supposedly through McKann’s Grandpa Terry, she is a direct descendant of Hyrum Smith through one of his wives.  Perhaps with multiple wives it doesn’t so easily render on – just sayin’…]

Okay. Panic over. Anyway…

This week “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” (is that the actual title?) by U2 was playing on the bus. That kind of tugged at my heart strings a little bit. I’ve had U2 stuck in my head ever since. And Dad, I kept thinking about how you totally quoted that song in a church talk once. Then I told all the missionaries how cool you are. They agree. Actually, they all say that my family sounds awesome and super funny and I’m pretty sure Elder Vassallo and Elder Howell like want to be best buds with you, Dad. [editorial note: this is True.  “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” contains poetic verse from Bono where he witnesses of his belief in Christ, and I used the verse in a talk, when speaking of Christ “who broke the bonds, and loosed the chains, carried the cross and all my shame.”]  Here’s something… Whenever you come back out to State College (isn’t it in August?), Elder Vassallo wants you to get in touch with them and come be a team up for a lesson. I know that’s kind of wacky, and totally out there, but if you’re up for it we can definitely get you in contact and it would be way cool for you to get to meet some of the people I talk about a lot. So.. Yeah. Let me know if you want to do that. (I’m 100% okay with it, by the way. They don’t even have to tell me it happened until after the fact. Promise. 🙂 ) Oh! And this week, Sister Yates and I went to a restaurant downtown called “Fiddlehead” and it was super good. Kind of pricey, but I loved it. It’s a restaurant for salads…. Anyway, if you’re downtown when you come again you should try it out. Pretty healthy too, so no worries there.

There’s this guy I keep seeing on the bus that is wearing total manpri’s and it’s sick. I can handle a lot of weird stuff but… MANPRI’S?! Rough.

Oh! Here’s a kicker. There are new dress standards for elders on, and one of the things they’re allowed to wear now are MANDALS. Hahaha. MAN SANDALS. PEOPLE. That is so rich. I can’t even handle it.

This week a few awesome things happened. The elders have this lady next door to them named Alice. She’s been there just short of how long the elders have been there. She feeds us all the time, and she’s the best. But SHE GOT BAPTIZED THIS WEEK!! I’m super excited I got to be there, because Elder DeRoest and Elder Boyd were the people (I think) that started teaching her, and it will be cool to talk to Elder DeRoest about it later. 

We taught a new investigator named Jason this week. He’s really awesome and believes a lot of similar things to us, and is very receptive. Sadly, he’s moving to Michigan in about a week. But, he’s moving into Stuart McGraw’s mission, and wants to keep meeting with missionaries. I’m gonna shoot him an email today and see if I can pass his info along. It’s kind of perfect because he’s gonna move to this place and not know anybody and then he can totally get fellowshipped by church members. Peace and blessings.

We also taught Whitey again this week. It was awesome. I love Whitey. I think I’ve said that before???? Haha but seriously he’s a stellar kid. We talked about the Priesthood and he said he wants to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood by his birthday at the end of August. It was awesome. We also had another lesson where we read in the Book of Mormon about Alma the Younger, and he would say stuff like “this is cool because I’ve felt that before,” or he would not take his turn to read and we’d think he was just zoning out, and then he’d say “oh sorry, I was just thinking about that verse!” THAT KID IS GOING PLACES. 

There’s a trio of elders in Pittsburgh called the moving elders. They move in apartments and kind of run errands throughout the mission. My old District Leader, Elder Davidson, is one of them. This week they had to bring us a vacuum. So they brought it to the church because we were there for Alice’s baptism, and it was the best!! I love Elder Davidson so much. We talked for a while and may or may not have had a Jell-O eating contest that we filmed and is going to be on the mission video… Good times.

It sounds like things are going great at home. Dad, way to go with the marathon! I’ll love to hear how that goes. I didn’t get the picture of Brenner’s mustache!! What the heck. So lame. It didn’t send. But you should definitely try again. I wanna see that puppy. I’ve been kind of missing the summer concerts in Provo this week. We drive past the Bryce Jordan Center on campus all the time and here’s some concerts that are happening in a few months: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Keith Urban, and Bassnectar. So basically lynch me since I can’t go. Oh well. All that silliness aside…

I LOVE THIS WORK. Things are getting better with Sister Yates and I. We had a heart to heart of sorts this week and realized that we are really lacking in unity. But since we discussed it, things have been going a lot better. The work hasn’t necessarily been picking up, but my attitude has changed a bit. It wasn’t bad before, but there were definitely times throughout the day that I could’ve been more positive. So I’m working on it and repenting so I can become better. 🙂 

If I get a minute I’ll try and send pictures. I got some solid emails from dear friends this week though. 

Keep putting these on my blog if you can! Rachel said one didn’t go up last week? Maybe you were just busy. But I’m glad you’ve been in contact with Elder V’s mom. He says nothing but great things about her, and her card to me was one of the sweetest things ever. Anyway, I’m rambling now so I’m gonna wrap this up.


I forgot the craziest thing….

So this week, we had a family sign up to feed us. We went to their house and they were introducing themselves and asking us to introduce ourselves.. You know, the norm. Anyway, Sister Covington was like “Oh, Sister Hanseen. I have something for you.” And then she just WHIPS OUT MY FIRST GRADE YEARBOOK. Ummm.. Mrs. Covington from Edgemont Elementary is in State College! THAT WAS A RIOT. I was having a blast looking at that. Shout out to Jill McCloud for telling her that I was here. That was such a fun night. Those people are really incredible. They’ve got a remarkable story and it was a choice experience to get to spend an evening with them.

LOVE YOU ALL!!  Read 3 Nephi 17. 🙂


Sister McKann Hanseen
10 Vairo Blvd #32D
State College, PA 16803
Humidity is the WORST

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