Brief editorial from McKann’s Dad

Hi McKann’s blog followers, however many there may still be… 🙂

I wanted to share with you a few pictures from State College where McKann is serving.

It just so happened that 3 or 4 weeks ago I had business travel that took me to the heart of exactly where McKann is living on her mission.  Crazy, I know!  The hotel where I stayed was literally one half mile from her apartment (as the crow flies – or anything else that flies for that matter).

McKann’s mission president asked that I not make arrangements to meet up with her.  I had certainly asked, in the hope of getting the okay to do so – as the odds of her being in State College still at the time that I may travel back there for business is probably slim.  And McKann being a trailblazer and not the homesick type of person, I thought for sure she’d be fine with it and that we’d get a green light.

But her mission president indicated that these types of visits, while perhaps not having negative consequences on *my* missionary, can sometimes have unintended affect on other missionaries.  That was something I hadn’t considered.  So I did not make arrangements to see her and have dinner with her.

BUT – I did take a few pictures of the area where she’s indicated she has spent time, including the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center on Penn State campus (the only place on campus they can proselyte); the Public Library, where she indicates she sends her email letters from; and I even got a picture of her apartment.  I thought it would be fun to insert these into her blog as well.  I’m not sure which apartment is ‘D’ – I didn’t dare get that close – but this is definitely #32 Vario Blvd.

A family named the Leavitts sent a photo this afternoon of a group of missionaries they had over for dinner, for the 4th of July and McKann was included in that group.  I’ve included that below as well.

Now… back to the regular programming!

Peter Hanseen






Brief editorial from McKann’s Dad

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