4th of July- Wow!

Hey everybody!

I am having a little bit of sadness in my heart when I think about missing the 4th of July in Provo. I truly think that nowhere celebrates that holiday quite as well as Provo. 🙂 But we’ll see what State College brings! Missionary holidays are a little different. We have to be in by 6:00. But some member of the branch asked if the missionaries would be willing to do service.. Meaning carry balloons in the 4th of July Parade here. So hopefully we’re allowed to do that. I have to call President today and get it approved but cross your fingers everybody. Because we all know I’m really good at being in parades on the 4th and it would be a blast! 

This week seems like it has flown by but also seems like it’s been super slow. We had Zone Conference which was the best. Mostly because I got to see Sister Ferrin! Ahhh. I was so excited. We sat next to each other in every meeting and at lunch and I seriously miss her so much. How did we only get one transfer together? That was a cruel trick. Anyway, it was fun to meet a bunch of other missionaries. At Zone Training last month, I didn’t really talk to a ton of people because I was kind of feeling way new and awkward… Yeah, uncharacteristic of me, I know. But this time I wasn’t the new kid on the block so I talked to people. I was talking to some elders in my zone and they were telling me how a few P Days ago they went into the forest and swung on some vines like Tarzan. Sounds legit. So they wanted to show my pictures. And in the process of going through their camera to show me pictures my eyes beheld a few shocking things:

–They found a dead beaver and a cigarette butt on the side of the road. So they stuck the cig in the beaver’s mouth and took pictures. It was pretty funny. And weird.

–They found a dead raccoon and SKINNED IT ONE NIGHT. Not kidding. It was so filthy. So so disgusting I can’t even describe.
And then, when they were continuing to scroll through the pictures, they seemed to have forgotten 

–Pictures of them with their shirts off shaving “CTR” into their chests! 

Elders are so dumb.

Haha. But it was so funny, and I was laughing so hard that I was crying because they were like “OH crap! You shouldn’t have seen that!” Hahahahahaha. Okay. That was random.

Another random story from Zone Conference. So, Nana has been telling me I need to meet Elder Rasmussen from her ward. I met him at the Elder Bednar meeting in Harrisburg, but only for a second. We got a new AP that replaced Elder Bartlett this transfer, and his name is Elder Rasmussen. And he has brown hair. That’s about all I had remembered from Harrisburg. So at Zone Conference, he came up and said “Hi, I’m Elder Rasmussen!” and I said “Yeah, we met in Harrisburg! Remember? You’re in my grandparents’ ward?” and he said “Oh yeah, cool. Well nice to meet you again!”
Then we were talking afterward and I said something like “My Nana will be proud to hear that you’re an AP! She’ll think that’s cool”
“Yeah, they’re great people!”
***Insert a few minutes where I was talking about how great my Nana and Papa were***
Then I asked “So where do you live in relation to their house? Do you live on Palisade?”

“I actually don’t know your grandparents. I’m from Fillmore, UT. I think that you’ve been thinking I’m Elder JOE Rasmussen. I’m not.”

Oh well. I’m sure he’s a good missionary.

I also met a missionary named Elder Clegg and.. fun fact. He lived in my ward last fall. But he went to a different ward most the time so we never met. I get freaked out by stuff like that. But that’s cool.


I don’t think I’ve ever told you guys this but… I love the missionaries here. Okay I’m kidding. I tell you that every week. But I seriously do. This week was a little rough at the beginning. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve as a trainer and get the chance to learn so much, but after last Monday I was just not feeling too hot about it all. My companion is seriously so sweet and I love her but… Well, I’ll put it this way. We would probably not be friends in real life. Mostly just because she’s so so nice and sweet that I would most likely offend her a lot because I’m loud and obnoxious and a dominant personality. Anyway, I asked Elder Howell and Elder Vassallo if they would come give me a blessing. That was a big deal for me. I don’t really ask for blessings that often, just because I don’t want to be needy and whiney. (Not to say that if you ask for blessings that is the case). And I remember all of my RM friends being so annoyed by the sisters that would just cry all the time and ask for a blessing every week, and I just didn’t want to do that because I thought it was silly. Regardless, Tuesday night, after we had been trudging in a HUGE rainstorm, the elders came over and gave me a blessing. I asked Elder Vassallo to do it, and it was really so neat. One of the things it said was that Heavenly Father has sent angels to bear up my brother and sisters. 🙂 So family, you are being watched over. I always know that, but that was just added comfort. And it was really sweet because Elder Vassallo was crying a lot as he gave the blessing and afterward, and he expressed super sincere gratitude for me allowing him to have that opportunity. He said that he hasn’t had much experience in giving blessings, so it was neat for him to experience that. And my whole perception of getting blessings changed a bit. Sometimes, we need to allow others to use the Priesthood power that they hold. It’s not always just for us. In fact, it’s often not just for us. Anyway, that was just a tender experience. (I hate the word tender but it seemed to fit here).

I got that awesome package from Nana and Nyia two days ago. It was the best thing ever. Seriously. I’m wearing those earrings right now! And I ate all the beef jerky that night in one sitting. How embarrassing. Those little dutch strobe waffles are TO DIE FOR. Where did you guys get them? I am OBSESSED. I’m trying to ration them but it’s been way hard. I also am not allowed to light fireworks but we’ll take them to a members’ home on the 4th and they can light them and we’ll watch. 🙂 

We have a lot of things brewing as far as the work goes. We’ve had a lot of referrals and have taught a few of them, but they haven’t set return appointments. We’ve been in contact, though, and I’m praying for some miracles. 🙂

I miss everyone a lot. And I’ll admit that before I got to bed at night I often get excited for when I’ll see everyone again and get to be doing all the fun stuff at home. But I had a dream last night that I came home for like three days, thinking that I’d just be able to go back out, and was SOBBING AND WAILING when I realized that, even if I did, that I would never be in State College with these people ever again. So… I’m not coming home anytime soon. 🙂 Being a missionary is the best. And sometimes I still don’t quite believe that I actually am out here already! 

I think of you and pray for you often. You guys are the best family I could ever ask for. 

Keep being incredible. And recognize those angels around you.



Sister McKann Hanseen
10 Vairo Blvd #32D
State College, PA 16803
4th of July- Wow!

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