Already 2 months down!

Hey everybody! 

This week I tried to send this to Nyia and Gillian’s emails as well because Nyia said that Dad was having a hard time forwarding the emails? Hopefully this works okay. 🙂 [Editorial comment from DAD – NOPE- Dad has no problem forwarding the emails. Dad is just getting thrown under the bus because as a general rule, McKann’s siblings have been rotten writers back, so they’re posing a few excuses out there and have been caught in the act! :-)]


I’ll start from last P Day.
So after we did all our fun stuff and whatnot, we went to a family’s house for dinner. It was the Leavitt’s and they actually lived in the 1st ward of the Edgemont Stake just a few months ago. But I had never met them! So that’s kind of crazy. It was awesome though. They made homemade Cafe Rio (which I always think is better than the real thing) and they had a beautiful home. We had to rush away afterward, though, because Sister Ferrin and I had to head out to Pittsburgh for transfers the following day. 

So, Sister Ferrin and I got in the family van (the elders in State College drive a van so they can cart us sisters around everywhere. Haha), and Elder Davidson, our old District Leader, drove. We had an awesome drive. We talked about a lot of things and Elder Davidson told us about why he’s on a mission. It was an amazing story. I was so inspired. Elder Davidson was such an awesome District Leader and I’ve definitely been missing him in our meetings but the new one, Elder Daniels, is also really awesome. Anyway, we got into Pittsburgh around 9:45 and dropped Elder Davidson off with some elders and then Sister Ferrin and I had to head out to Oakland (30 minutes away) to stay with the sisters there. Here’s a little side note: I LOVE PITTSBURGH. When I first came out, our luggage got lost so we didn’t really get to see the city at all. But when we were driving around Pittsburgh last week, I really almost wanted to cry because I could just feel my heart enlarge and I can feel it in my BONES that this is where I’m supposed to be. I really hope to get to serve in Pittsburgh before the end of my mission because it is really so awesome. 

Anyway, we got to the sisters’ apartment and we stayed up for a while because Sister Romero, who was leaving the next day, was up packing. We talked about so many things and I just look up to her in a lot of ways. She really knows the Lord and she says the BEST prayers. In the morning, we got up and she prayed and she’s like “Dear Heavenly Father.. GOOD MORNING!” and it was the greatest. I was a little more nervous to train than I thought I was going to be, and I wanted to get a blessing, but there wasn’t really time. But her prayer in the morning was so sincere and asked for some very specific things for me, and it really helped calm me down a bit. 

Here’s where this day gets ridiculous. We are taking all of her luggage out to the car so Sister Ferrin and I can take it to the church and go to the training/transfer meetings, and we go into the alleyway where Sister Ferrin had said we could park and THE FAMILY VAN WAS GONE. Nowhere to be seen! Oh how I wish I was kidding. So we had to call the fleet coordinator, call the towing company, call some zone leaders to come pick us up… Oh my heck. Yeah. This is real life. We waited for 30 minutes while two zone leaders came to pick us up and then had to drive 30 more minutes into this ghetto part of Pittsurgh where this SHACK of a towing company was. Then the zone leaders were like “well, we gotta go pick up the sandwiches for transfer meeting so.. see ya!” and they just LEFT US FOR DEAD. We had to wait a while until the towing guy came. Then he showed up by himself, and had us come into the office so Sister Ferrin could pay $180!! Ahhh. I would have offered to help pay but it totally wasn’t my bad at all.. Haha. Sorry SF. Love her anyway. But we walk in and left the door open since we were alone and the guy goes and closes the door behind us and LOCKS US. I LITERALLY THOUGHT WE WERE GOING TO GET …. ATTACKED. It was so ridiculous. But then we got the van and we were on our way. We totally missed the whole training meeting. Actually, we got there for like the last ten minutes and when we walked in, Elder Moulton and Elder Rasmussen (the new AP–Nana! This is the kid that you kept telling me to find. He’s way cool!) were teaching, and Elder Bartlett was at the back working the projector. He was laughing at us and gave us kind of funny looks because he knew we had been towed.. Strike that. EVERYONE KNEW WE HAD BEEN TOWED. I really don’t know how word flies so fast in a mission  but seriously mission gossip is crazy quick. So. No training meeting. Flyin’ totally blind here. Haha. Whaddup, kids.

So we did the whole “mingle and eat lunch and be really nervous because your whole life is about to flip a 180 in the next few hours thing” and then it was time for transfer meeting. I got to see all of the millions of missionaries I know! PSYCH. I don’t know anyway. I pretty much know: My MTC District, the missionaries in State College, and Elders DeRoest, Moulton, Rasmussen, and Bartlett. So. I’m popular, guys. I know. (HAHAH AS IF ANY OF THIS MATTERS) Oh guess what’s so weird?! A few of the missionaries that just came out DIDN’T GO TO THE MTC. Like.. They did their training online. Is that even real? Holy cow. So crazy! One of them is this kid from the Bronx and he seems way sweet. Haha. Anyway…then we found out our fates, got new comps, and then everyone has like a year long photo shoot in the parking lot. Really. I’ve got lots of pictures I can hopefully send today. 

Sister Yates is my new companion. It’s really weird not to be with Sister Ferrin. Sister Yates is super sweet and she says so many nice things and is very polite, but she doesn’t quite click with me [yet]. It’s been interesting. I’m really trying to love her. It’s tough just because we don’t quite mesh too well [yet – but we’ll do our best over time!]. 😦 But I’m pushing on and I know I’m learning a lot, and will continue to do so as the transfer goes on.

We’re back to a zero teaching pool. Haha. Maxwell dropped us. So…. That’s a bummer. But we are having a meeting with two of our member referrals this week so hopefully that will go well! 

Something so strange happened on Saturday. I was in a restaurant and a song by Maroon 5 was playing. And I was listening for a second and realized… I didn’t know it! What the heck! I’m already getting to the point where I don’t know what’s going on in the world. I can’t believe it. I’ve been out for two months, everybody! Today is my month mark. Happy Click Day to me. 🙂 But it’s so crazy. I’m only gonna do this eight more times. THAT IS NOTHING. I gotta get to work. Haha. 

Nana and Grandma–I got your sweet letters just within a day of each other. I was so grateful. I re-read them this week when I was a little bummed out. I was going to reply but it’s been so busy with training and having to go to Pittsburgh and everything so I hope you’ll forgive me if I don’t. But I really appreciated both of those.

And THE PACKAGE FROM THE SIBLINGS!! That was the best. You guys are all so sweet. Brenner’s said “Dear Mukann”.. Hahahaha. Things haven’t changed too much, it looks like. 🙂 And those truffles were yummy.

I got a letter from some anonymous person! It was so sweet and had a bunch of scriptures for me to look up on a “rainy day” and I want to know who sent it!!! There was a return address but no name. Dad. 3331 N. Cottonwood Ln in Provo? Where is that? Who sent me that nice letter?! I am the worst/most curious person ever. I’ll definitely be writing a thank you back if I get a minute this week.

I just gotta say again that I love the elders in this area. They are so sweet to me. When I got back from Pittsburgh, they were all like taking me aside and checking up on me and seeing how I was doing and asking if I need a blessing. Aww man. Those kids. They melt my heart. They’re such good guys. 

I wish I had more news. FREAKIN’ TYLER HILL IS BACK OUT ON HIS MISSION. He sent me an email today telling me the news and I was sitting here BAWLING my eyes out at the library. The people here probably think missionaries are unstable because we’re either emailing friends and family or we’re watching Mormon Messages. Haha. So many tears.

I’m excited to hear about Gillian’s blessing. Gill–send me an email or a letter with your favorite things about it? I’d love to hear how your experience was. 

I love you all. I’m doing well. I appreciate the prayers and thoughts and I’m so grateful to be where I am. This week’s been a little tough and I’ve been missing home a bit more than usual, but I’M SERVING THE LORD. And that is so awesome. I’m so blessed. 🙂 

I hope your week is fantastic. 🙂 I’ll try to send pictures in just a minute. Gotta email da prez.

Sister MUKANN Hanseen
10 Vairo Blvd #32D
State College, PA 16803


 Picture of Sister Ferrin and Sister Hanseen waiting for the Tow Truck guy
Already 2 months down!

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