It’s Apostle Week!

Everyone. This is a big week. I cannot stop thinking about how excited I am that Elder Bednar is coming to visit our mission. I really can’t even believe it! My planner can’t either. Across the top of my planner in big, bold letters on June 8th it says “APOSTLE DAY!!!!!!” It’s really going to be great. We were given three talks by Elder Bednar and told to study them. I’ve been studying them a lot and I feel like I get more and more out of them every single time that I read them. It’s really the coolest thing. It’s going to be awesome have our entire mission in one place at the same time. I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of the missionaries that I’ve only heard stories about from the other missionaries, and to seeing everyone from my district. I’m REALLY excited to see everyone from my district, actually. They’re the best.

This week has been kind of a strange one, if I’m being totally honest. On Monday, Sister Ferrin got called as a Sister Training Leader and so she had to go to a training meeting on Friday in Pittsburgh, which meant she left on Thursday night and didn’t get back until Friday night! I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was totally jealous. Mostly because I didn’t really want to get left back in State College with the other sisters. They’re great and I love them but I totally don’t get along with them as well as Sister Ferrin, and they do things weirdly sometimes. So I was so happy when she came back.
I actually tried to blackmail one of the AP’s to get him to make it so I could come to Pittsburgh with Sister Ferrin. He was on an exchange with the State College elders and came to forums. His name is Elder Bartlett (p.s. apparently his mom works with Brother Johanson, so when I got off the plane he was like “hey I know you,” and it was weird and funny), and I was talking to him at forums about it. Then he gave us a ride somewhere and there was a teensy bit of sketchy driving and I told him that I wouldn’t tell if he would get me to Pittsburgh. But alas, it didn’t work. Moral of the story: it didn’t work. 
I’ll tell you all one thing. It’s the best thing ever to get emails from people. Today I almost started crying when I saw all the people who had sent me emails, but I think it’s just because this week I was just having awesome memories of everyone at home and I was a TEENSY bit homesick. Nothing too distracting, but I was mostly just grateful for all the people in my life that I seriously love SO much. I feel so blessed to love so many people. That might sound weird but it’s totally true.


Anyway, this week had some awesome highlights as far as REAL LIFE MISSIONARY WORK goes!!!

We officially have an investigator!! His name is Maxwell and he’s actually someone who was on our formers list that had only been taught like twice about a year ago. We called him and set up a meeting and it went pretty well! He wants to meet with us again. The best part was that we asked him what it would mean to him if the Book of Mormon was true. He told us that then he’d have to live the way it told him to live. (AKA GET DUNKED, KIDS). It was the best.

We also got a potential who set up a return appointment with us on Thursday! We were out at forums (AKA standing in 91 degree weather in the hot sun with no shade when literally not a soul walked past) and everyone else wanted to leave. They were hot and tired and grumpy and nobody was there. But Sister Ferrin and I wanted to stay so we made everyone stay. Then, this group of girls walked up and they were TOTALLY legit and and way interested. She’s meeting with us as soon as she has a day off from work which will probably be about a week and a half from now, so I’m pretty excited about that. 

Here’s something though. Sister Ferrin totally might get transferred because STL’s need cars!!! I can’t even handle it. I’m so bummed. But I really feel like I need to stay in State College so I’m glad it’s not me that would get transferred. Although, up to this point, there’s been plenty of things we thought would never in a million years happen and they’re totally happening… So, President Topham just likes to keep us on our toes, apparently. 🙂 Haha. 

Nothing super funny even happened this week! Oh, we had a dinner EVERY SINGLE DAY this week. Isn’t that awesome? It was awesome. We’re working a lot with members of the branch and it’s way fun to go to activities like FHE and Break the Fast where we can really build their trust, and hopefully get some solid referrals in the future. 

I’m pretty much out of time for this email but I want to wish Gillian a freakin’ HAPPY BIRTHDAY KID. And tell everyone else that I really love you and I can feel your prayers. It’s the neatest thing to be a missionary, but I hope that you are all praying for missionary opportunities at home. It’s hard in Provo. But one of the best ways to do missionary work is to work with less active people and those who have fallen from the path. The Lord loves ALL this sheep, and it’s our responsibility to help bring them into the fold. One thing one of my teachers said last semester was something along the lines of “How do you ever get bored? Have you READ your patriarchal blessing? You’ve got stuff to do!”

That’s so true. There’s work to be done and people to serve and it’s really awesome.
Sorry this letter wasn’t quite as funny as usual. I forgot my planner so I don’t have all the stuff that I wrote down to tell you.


P.S. If someone wants to send me the words to “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” I’d love you forever. Like print them out and mail them. That would be DIVINE. Anyway. You guys are the best. Go watch Mormon Messages. Have a great week!
Photo’s below are Sister Bateman and Sister Hanseen, and Elder Weatherston and Elder Adamson.


Sister McKann Hanseen
10 Vairo Blvd #32D
State College, PA 16803


It’s Apostle Week!

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