I promise I didn’t forget about you! Library was closed Memorial Day!

Okay I feel like a TON has happened in the past week. I’m going to do my best to recap.

Okay I lied.

A ton of funny things have happened this week. Teaching? Not so much. It’s been a little crippled here in State College when we’re over all the students and there’s no students here to teach. But, I do want to tell you guys all the random/funny things I can think of before I’m totally out of time.

Last P-Day, we were playing this game at the chapel and I started running and all of a sudden it felt like one of the muscles in my right thigh like TOTALLY RIPPED IN HALF. I have no idea what the heck happened but it was seriously so painful. And I felt like a total DWEEB because then I couldn’t run or play anything and the elders were trying to be nice and say “well we can play or do something else that everyone can do” AKA we are super ticked that we can’t keep playing sports but we have to be nice and inclusive so we’ll try to apply the doctrine of Christ and not be selfish. Haha okay not really. BUT KIND OF. Nah, they’re all super nice and sincere but I just felt bad because I hate being the incompetent one. It’s the worst. We did end up playing this game called Four On a Couch that my friends and I used to play in high school (SHOUT OUT TYLER, JOE, AIMEE, HEATHER… actually just Tyler since the rest won’t read this. Haha). It was fun. Though, I definitely learned to appreciate people who actually know how to play it because I was mostly just super peeved the whole time since people would do dumb moves when we were LITERALLY ABOUT TO WIN THE GAME. Whatever. OVER IT. 🙂 

Mondays are fun because we get to to FHE, like I’ve mentioned. There’s this girl in the branch that’s doing an internship for the summer and she goes to BYU and I really think she should date one of my friends back home. I’m not really supposed to be a match-maker or anything but his initials are BW and his name rhymes with “fake steeler”…. kind of. Whatever. If he ever understands that he should email me so that I can tell him about his future wife! Ha. Anyway… 

On Tuesday we had zone training that President Topham came to. It was way fun to get to see a bunch of other missionaries and we learned some really valuable things about how our planning should go. We need to start with a vision, and then set goals that will help us accomplish our vision. The plans we make come after the goals, and should always help us accomplish our goals. And then we need to be accountable for the goals/plans we make. SORRY THAT WAS PROBABLY BORING.. But the thing that is so awesome is that it’s really exactly like all the stuff I studied in Public Relations before I left so I’m feeling like pretty solid on the whole setting goals and making plans thing. It’s great. And I love that the things I learned in school totally apply in the field. So I guess that’s the moral of the story kids: GO TO SCHOOL. Because it’ll help you in the Gospel and then people will learn about Jesus. The end.

Also something hilarious happened on Tuesday. We were street contacting and we met this guy that seemed kind of interested. He asked for our number to let us know when we could meet up and he said he would text us with his name. About ten minutes later, this is the conversation that happened (DISCLAIMER: not my finest texting moments, gotta admit)

MJ: This is MJ

MJ: 🙂


Us: Perfect! we have your number now. Maybe we can set up a meeting sometime next week. Would that work for you?

MJ: Maybe at medmex over a Margaritta?

Us: Oh actually we don’t drink! But we could meet at the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center on campus?

MJ: To be honest I thought yr cute so I wont mind having a chat but in a more exciting place?

Us: Oh we’re just missionaries so we actually don’t date! But let us know if you ever want to learn more about the LDS Church!

MJ: It’s ok thx!


He didn’t say he wanted to date us and I totally jumped to conclusions. Hahaha. Needless to say that was super awkward. And hilarious.

Well, following our awesome zone training we decided we were gonna make some KILLER GOALS AND PLANS to kick ourselves into gear. We did an awesome planning session every night and pretty much every single thing we ever planned to do fell through and we ended up just walking around like fools laughing at ourselves and how ridiculous we felt. We got a FIREWORK THROWN OUT A CAR WINDOW AT US. Hahahahaha. Okay but the best part was that Sister Ferrin though it was a bomb and started running and hiding behind me! HAHAHA. It was so funny. But it was a riot. Sister Ferrin and I just laugh so hard all the time because everything is so ridiculous. One night we were on the bus trying to bus contact yet again and it was COMPLETELY empty and we were just having a jolly old time laughing at how silly we felt riding a bus around in circles. The bus driver even asked us “Did I miss your stop?”  and we just laughed and said no because who the heck just goes on joy rides on city buses? It’s so great. We’re pretty much always the minority too. Like the only white people. Not even trying to be racist–It’s just an observation and something I’m totally not used to. Who knows, when I come back maybe I’ll be a total thug and it’ll be hilarious. I’m 99% confident that weirder things have happened to missionaries.

Okay, I do have a good story. There’s a less active in our ward that we’ve been trying to get a hold of since I got here. One night we were doing our planning and I was like “Let’s just call him. I hate texting.” So I called him and he totally answered and wanted to meet with us like right away! We had this awesome lesson with him where we talked about the conference talk “Lord, I Believe” by Elder Holland. We talked about that lesson because in our studies the morning before, Sister Ferrin and I just both happened to study that talk when we hadn’t planned to at all and we took it as a sign. That kid also came to the branch BBQ last night and talked to us a ton and got to know people in the ward. I totally love him! I feel so accomplished that we’ve made such progress in our friendship and relationship with him. So, that’s really been the highlight of my week as far as spiritual things go. 

I was watching some Mormon Messages during my mormon.org time last week and I watched the one called “Mountains to Climb” and I was like SOBBING at the computer in the public library even though I’ve already seen it like ten times. Luckily I stopped right before Elder Vassallo and Elder Olsen walked up. That would’ve been embarrassing. Hahaha. Oh! But I also watched these ones by Elder Bednar about light. They’re awesome. It’s a three video series. You should watch them! Oh, speaking of Elder Bednar… HE’S THE ONE COMING TO OUR MISSION NEXT WEEK FOR OUR MISSION CONFERENCE. YOU HEARD ME. ELDER BEDNAR IS COMING TO TALK TO MY MISSION AND I GET TO MEET HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!! (<——Necessary excessive exclamation points.)

Yeah. That’s pretty cool news. 🙂

I got TWO PACKAGES THIS WEEK! It was the best thing ever. Nana sent an awesome package with yummy snacks and $20. We’re working on getting rid of (eating) those snacks quickly. 🙂 And the next day Natalie Pearson sent me a “greenie package” filled with all things green and it was seriously adorable and totally made my day. Oh, and I have to give a shoutout to Elder Vassallo’s mom!! She sent me a cute card and note and told me that all the elders’ moms from my district read my blog and think I’m funny. 🙂 So hopefully I don’t let all you guys down! Haha. It was really sweet though. 

Here’s a funny thing. We were driving with the elders to go to a dinner with some members that live a little while away named the Winscott’s. OH! They totally know Dr. Fullmer and Miss Henderson! They’re band people! Haha. We had a good chat about that. Anyway, on the way home, we passed a cemetery and everyone held their breath and I wasn’t quite sure why I was the only one talking. Then everyone let out their huge breaths and I said “Oh! I didn’t know we went over a bridge!” And they all made fun of me because that was the ditziest thing I could have ever said. CEMETERY. Yeah. Whatever. These stupid breath holding games that I can’t keep track of. 

Well everybody. I’m not too sure what else to say. I got my camera cord but these public computers won’t pick it up so maybe I can steal Sister Ferrin’s card reader for a second and send a few pictures. I love you all so much! Don’t forget about me out here in PA. 🙂

Also, PMG quote of the week:

“Honor Christ’s name by your actions.” -pg. 4

Just because you’re not wearing a name tag doesn’t mean that you don’t bear His name. You are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And that is truly and honor to uphold. 🙂



Sister McKann Hanseen
10 Vairo Blvd #32D
State College, PA 16803
I promise I didn’t forget about you! Library was closed Memorial Day!

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