State College Week 2

Hey Everybody!

It’s great to hear from Dad. It would totally be great to hear from some siblings too. I know, I know. It’s weird to write an email to your weird old sister that isn’t even around anymore so I [totally don’t] forgive you. 🙂 Hahaha. It sounds like school’s almost out? Holy cow. I can’t even believe that. Although, I feel like I’ve been out of school for months and months so maybe I kind of can believe that. It’s too bad you can’t meet up with me, Dad, but I think I’ll be okay (sorry to break it to you). You’ll probably have a bit tougher of a time with it than I will. I’m pretty busy all day long every day, as you can imagine!

This week was pretty standard. It was really hot at the beginning of the week so we definitely did more bus contacting than we did street contacting. Though, we did more bus contacting than street contacting when it was raining too so… Yeah. Haha. Rough, I know. 

I’m just gonna give some highlights:

I got my first piece of mail in State College this week! It was forwarded from the MTC to the mission office, and from the mission office to State College. It was a card from Brenna Donnelly, the RS President that I served with this past semester. It was awesome! And I got another letter from Nicole Hopkinson that was hilarious and made me laugh out loud. It’s awesome to get emails but seriously there’s nothing like opening the mailbox and getting a letter. We anxiously await when we can check the mailbox. Sisters… Send me pictures or something if you can’t think of anything to write. I JUST WANT YOU TO LOVE ME OKAY!!! Ha. Okay. Enough of that.

This week we went tracting for the first time. Holy cow it was so weird and kind of scared me at first. We were in Nittany Crossing, an apartment complex/area mostly for students. The first door we knocked was this girl from Long Island, and she totally sounded like it. It was funny. But she was way interested and would’ve learned more but she was moving that week because the semester was over! Such has been our life. We gave her a Book of Mormon, though, and a card with so that she could request missionaries where she was going. Hopefully we planted a seed for some New York missionaries, right? 🙂 Anyway, the first door that I actually got the courage to talk at was this guy named Matt. We gave him the little spiel of “Hey we’re missionaries and we want to teach you about Jesus!” Well, kind of like that 🙂 And he was totally excited about the Book of Mormon and really wanted to learn more. He set a return appointment and we have that this coming Wednesday! I’m so excited because it will be the first real lesson I’ve taught to someone that we met while I was here.

We taught this girl named Xiwen this week. She found the missionaries about a year ago and has been kind of on and off with lessons. She LOVES the Book of Mormon and meeting with the missionaries but she doesn’t want to get baptized because she thinks that all that matters to God is that you’re a good person… That’s tough. We have a lesson with her this week and it’s basically going to decide if we keep her or if we drop her. It’ll be sad if we have to drop her because I know that the sisters who found her will be way bummed and she’s super cute and hilarious, so we want to keep her around!

The bus rides here are hilarious. If there’s not a crazy weirdo on one I’m like genuinely surprised. This old guy tried to convert me to the Church of Christ the other night. Ironic, right? Anyway, that same guy got on the bus the other day and there were two girls wearing track shorts and he muttered under his breath something like “I’m gonna sit as far away as I can from these bare-legged hussies!” Hahahahahahaha we were dying!! (P.S. Dad if the word “hussy” is way more inappropriate than I’ve always thought it is then don’t leave that part in. I haven’t ever thought it’s that bad, but missionaries tend to get a little uptight about stuff like that so I don’t even know.) [Dad’s note.  Looked up Hussy just to be sure… it wouldn’t alter a movie rating beyond PG so I’m leaving it in.]  It’s such a crack up. One of the coolest stories from the bus, though, is from Friday nights. In State College, pretty much all there is to do is bus contact on a Friday night unless you want to be handing pictures of Jesus to people who are totally wasted. We were taking a loop and we were the only ones on the bus. There was a stop that usually lasts for about ten minutes and the bus driver came down and sat across from us and said “You know, there are two lucky young men somewhere out in this world who are going to recognize that joy behind your eyes.” It was so sweet! He proceeded to talk to us about our church and his church and about how he is proud to say that he’s lived an honest life. It was neat. Then, last night the same bus driver was talking to us in nearly an identical situation, and another bus driver came onto the bus from across the street and started saying how he just started reading the Bible. We were able to talk to him a little bit about it because he was confused why there were four different crucifixions. Luckily he understood when we told  him they were just four different accounts of the same event. But it was really just cool to talk about basic doctrine for him to build a foundation off of.

Sister Ferrin and I get along so well. It’s awesome. We just laugh about ridiculous things all the time. The other night when we were writing in our journals, she told me this story about someone that one of the other sisters knew was on a first date with a guy and they went back to his house for ice cream or something. She asked if she could use the “powder room” and so they took her literally to a powder room and she was so embarrassed because she actually had to go to the bathroom that she got up on the counter [be creative in using the sink]. And then, the dog had followed her into the bathroom and she fell off the sink and knocked herself out. When she fell, she landed on the dog and KILLED IT. So the family found her in the bathroom, passed out, with her pants off, laying on their dead dog. (I was laughing so hard I was crying during this story). BUT, they got married so I guess if you ever try and [use the sink} and fall on their dog and kill it, there’s still hope for you.

It’s been great to get emails from people! I love it. I seriously get so giddy and excited for P-Day. The elders get a little annoyed because we want to take our full two hours for emailing (heaven forbid) but it’s fine because they still love us. 🙂 

The branch here is great. There’s some amazing people. I love it here. We did a fast to be able to find people to teach so hopefully we’ll be able to recognize the miracles that come from that. Anyway, sorry for this scatterbrained email. It’s hard to think of everything cohesively so I just basically write whatever I’m thinking. Haha. Anyway, I LOVE YOU ALL! Send me letters. 🙂

Oh, and I’m gonna send some pictures in another email. So if you could put them on the blog, that would be great!
[Pictures were loaded just prior to this post]
Sister McKann Hanseen
10 Vairo Blvd #32D
State College, PA 16803
State College Week 2

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