State College!!!

EVERYONE, I TOTALLY AM SERVING IN STATE COLLEGE WHERE I WANTED TO GO! Best news. I’m so pumped. Also, Elder Vassallo from my district in the MTC is also serving here with me. I was super pumped when I found that out because he was one of my best friends there and now I see him pretty much every day. In fact, there’s only been one day since I met him that I haven’t seen him. Weird. Anyway, State College is beautiful. Is it the number one party school in the nation? Maaaaybe. Yeah. But the buildings are gorgeous and it’s so awesome to walk around a campus like this. No offense to BYU. I love that campus. But you seriously just can’t beat these campuses that were built FOREVER ago. I love it. 

Downtown is so cute. I love street contacting because I love just walking past all the little shops and seeing all the interesting people. Street contacting is usually like not successful at…. ALL. But there was one guy we met that kept saying “I just don’t know if MorMOAN is for me.” (well, that’s how he pronounced it anyway). But other than that people kind of just look at us weird and don’t take cards or take them and walk away really fast. Such is life as a missionary, I suppose.

We also sometimes do bus contacting. We just sit in empty rows on the bus and when someone sits next to us we try and talk to them. I’ve only ever talked to like two people. One guy was from Iran and he told me that he doesn’t believe in God anymore because they lost the political war in his country. He said that if there was a God, they wouldn’t have lost. Well… What about the homeboys that totally won? God loves them. So if you won, they would be thinking that there was no God. BOY. There is a God and He LOVES YOU. If only I could just shout at people and then they would know. I’d be so dang good at that.

It rains a lot here. It rained EVERY STINKIN’ DAY except yesterday since I got here. There was one night that we were bus contacting, and we decided that we would get out and street contact. Right as we got out, it just DUMPS. Like hard. And we were just standing there, totally drenched to the bone, and decided to get on a loop to fill the time until our bus home got there. Right as we got on the bus, one of the elders in Bellefonte (right near us) called and said there was a severe weather warning and we needed to get home…. 

It stopped raining as soon as we got off the bus to walk in to our apartment. Ohhhh joy.

Our apartment is so hilarious. There’s like years of missionary history (and by history I mean CRAP) everywhere. There’s a leftover tie from Elder DeRoest, and he didn’t even serve here. What the heck? Dad, tell Heidi to tell her son to stop leaving his junk all over PA. 🙂 Haha just kidding. No everyone, Elder DeRoest is my 2nd cousin or something and the funny thing is, he just left from serving here a transfer ago. So everyone here knows all this crazy stuff about him like how he used to be a DJ and his DJ name was “DJ Riptonic” or something ridiculous like that. And then I realized that I literally know nothing about him except that I’m related to him. So… That will be cool to meet him. I’ll meet him on June 8th. Guess why?

AN APOSTLE OF THE LORD IS COMING TO TALK TO OUR ENTIRE MISSION FOR LIKE THREE HOURS!!! That is the best news ever. I knew I was supposed to come to this mission. 🙂 That will be great. We don’t know who yet but as soon as we do, I’ll be sure to report home. 

Okay I have hilarious story that I haven’t even told you, family. I would just tell it except I wrote a detailed description in my journal so I’ll just type that.

HILARIOUS STORY YOU DON’T WANNA MISS (caps for dramatic effect)

We were in the gym [at the MTC] where the devotionals are and it was totally packed to the seams with missionaries. Our district couldn’t find seats together so we just decided to go and head out to the overflow room. As I was walking, I saw someone I knew in the stands so I was talking to her and walking simultaneously (bad idea). I didn’t notice that the bottom stair of the bleachers was actually jetting out onto the floor that I was walking on. I turned to keep walking and before I knew it, I was flat on my face, arms and legs sprawled, and my dignity in pieces. 

You know when you fall unexpectedly and you instantaneously assess what could potentially be wrong with you? Well, as I was laying there for a few brief seconds, my mind quickly tried to figure out what was hurting and what the HECK even just happened. Nothing felt broken. The right side of my chest hurt kind of. My legs were screaming at me. Sister Pau’u was laughing and I was mortified by the split second thought that Elder Vassallo, who had been right next to me, had potentially tried to stop my fall and in the process of doing so accidentally grabbed me in appropriately. The next split-second thought confirmed that my body was not broken in any way and that I didn’t actually have to avoid Elder Vassallo for the rest of my life, thank goodness. That would’ve been totally awkward and hilarious and awful. 

I started laughing, totally beet-red, and I stood up. I looked up and realized that not only had my entire district witnessed it, but hundreds of missionaries had seen me plant myself horizontally on the steps at devotional. Flustered, laughing, and clearly not thinking straight, I took a BOW for my audience and hurriedly exited the scene.

We laughed through the entire devotional (which was given by Chad Lewis and was totally rockin’ by the way) and my body is still sore to this DAY.

Yeah. I’m totally not a complete klutz. It’s chill.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it. I need my camera cord still so I can’t send pictures… Fail, I know. I promise that multitudes are coming the way of cyberspace as soon as I get my little midget hands on my camera cord. 

I love being here. State College is missing like all its students currently because it’s summer so we don’t even have any investigators. We’re trying to be really creative an praying as hard as we ever have before that we will find people that are prepared to hear this gospel. They are here, we just need to figure out how to coax them out and listen to us. It’s going to be a challenge, but let me just say… CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

I love everyone and miss everyone. I’ll put my address at the bottom and I’m guaranteed to be here for at LEAST two transfers (AKA three months) so if I don’t get a single package from anyone, then there is going to heck to pay. Haha just kidding… 

Well, I gotta jet and send out some other emails. There’s some guy in the seat next to me and he just keeps saying “Orlando, O. R. L” over and over and over again, getting more and more frustrated every time. It’s strange. But that’s Pennsylvania for you. There’s some real nuts here. But luckily I love nuts. 🙂

Scripture of the week: all of Moroni 10. It’s gold.


Sister McKann Hanseen

10 Vairo Blvd #32D
State College, PA 16803


State College!!!

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