I promise I didn’t forget about you! Library was closed Memorial Day!

Okay I feel like a TON has happened in the past week. I’m going to do my best to recap.

Okay I lied.

A ton of funny things have happened this week. Teaching? Not so much. It’s been a little crippled here in State College when we’re over all the students and there’s no students here to teach. But, I do want to tell you guys all the random/funny things I can think of before I’m totally out of time.

Last P-Day, we were playing this game at the chapel and I started running and all of a sudden it felt like one of the muscles in my right thigh like TOTALLY RIPPED IN HALF. I have no idea what the heck happened but it was seriously so painful. And I felt like a total DWEEB because then I couldn’t run or play anything and the elders were trying to be nice and say “well we can play or do something else that everyone can do” AKA we are super ticked that we can’t keep playing sports but we have to be nice and inclusive so we’ll try to apply the doctrine of Christ and not be selfish. Haha okay not really. BUT KIND OF. Nah, they’re all super nice and sincere but I just felt bad because I hate being the incompetent one. It’s the worst. We did end up playing this game called Four On a Couch that my friends and I used to play in high school (SHOUT OUT TYLER, JOE, AIMEE, HEATHER… actually just Tyler since the rest won’t read this. Haha). It was fun. Though, I definitely learned to appreciate people who actually know how to play it because I was mostly just super peeved the whole time since people would do dumb moves when we were LITERALLY ABOUT TO WIN THE GAME. Whatever. OVER IT. 🙂 

Mondays are fun because we get to to FHE, like I’ve mentioned. There’s this girl in the branch that’s doing an internship for the summer and she goes to BYU and I really think she should date one of my friends back home. I’m not really supposed to be a match-maker or anything but his initials are BW and his name rhymes with “fake steeler”…. kind of. Whatever. If he ever understands that he should email me so that I can tell him about his future wife! Ha. Anyway… 

On Tuesday we had zone training that President Topham came to. It was way fun to get to see a bunch of other missionaries and we learned some really valuable things about how our planning should go. We need to start with a vision, and then set goals that will help us accomplish our vision. The plans we make come after the goals, and should always help us accomplish our goals. And then we need to be accountable for the goals/plans we make. SORRY THAT WAS PROBABLY BORING.. But the thing that is so awesome is that it’s really exactly like all the stuff I studied in Public Relations before I left so I’m feeling like pretty solid on the whole setting goals and making plans thing. It’s great. And I love that the things I learned in school totally apply in the field. So I guess that’s the moral of the story kids: GO TO SCHOOL. Because it’ll help you in the Gospel and then people will learn about Jesus. The end.

Also something hilarious happened on Tuesday. We were street contacting and we met this guy that seemed kind of interested. He asked for our number to let us know when we could meet up and he said he would text us with his name. About ten minutes later, this is the conversation that happened (DISCLAIMER: not my finest texting moments, gotta admit)

MJ: This is MJ

MJ: 🙂


Us: Perfect! we have your number now. Maybe we can set up a meeting sometime next week. Would that work for you?

MJ: Maybe at medmex over a Margaritta?

Us: Oh actually we don’t drink! But we could meet at the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center on campus?

MJ: To be honest I thought yr cute so I wont mind having a chat but in a more exciting place?

Us: Oh we’re just missionaries so we actually don’t date! But let us know if you ever want to learn more about the LDS Church!

MJ: It’s ok thx!


He didn’t say he wanted to date us and I totally jumped to conclusions. Hahaha. Needless to say that was super awkward. And hilarious.

Well, following our awesome zone training we decided we were gonna make some KILLER GOALS AND PLANS to kick ourselves into gear. We did an awesome planning session every night and pretty much every single thing we ever planned to do fell through and we ended up just walking around like fools laughing at ourselves and how ridiculous we felt. We got a FIREWORK THROWN OUT A CAR WINDOW AT US. Hahahahaha. Okay but the best part was that Sister Ferrin though it was a bomb and started running and hiding behind me! HAHAHA. It was so funny. But it was a riot. Sister Ferrin and I just laugh so hard all the time because everything is so ridiculous. One night we were on the bus trying to bus contact yet again and it was COMPLETELY empty and we were just having a jolly old time laughing at how silly we felt riding a bus around in circles. The bus driver even asked us “Did I miss your stop?”  and we just laughed and said no because who the heck just goes on joy rides on city buses? It’s so great. We’re pretty much always the minority too. Like the only white people. Not even trying to be racist–It’s just an observation and something I’m totally not used to. Who knows, when I come back maybe I’ll be a total thug and it’ll be hilarious. I’m 99% confident that weirder things have happened to missionaries.

Okay, I do have a good story. There’s a less active in our ward that we’ve been trying to get a hold of since I got here. One night we were doing our planning and I was like “Let’s just call him. I hate texting.” So I called him and he totally answered and wanted to meet with us like right away! We had this awesome lesson with him where we talked about the conference talk “Lord, I Believe” by Elder Holland. We talked about that lesson because in our studies the morning before, Sister Ferrin and I just both happened to study that talk when we hadn’t planned to at all and we took it as a sign. That kid also came to the branch BBQ last night and talked to us a ton and got to know people in the ward. I totally love him! I feel so accomplished that we’ve made such progress in our friendship and relationship with him. So, that’s really been the highlight of my week as far as spiritual things go. 

I was watching some Mormon Messages during my mormon.org time last week and I watched the one called “Mountains to Climb” and I was like SOBBING at the computer in the public library even though I’ve already seen it like ten times. Luckily I stopped right before Elder Vassallo and Elder Olsen walked up. That would’ve been embarrassing. Hahaha. Oh! But I also watched these ones by Elder Bednar about light. They’re awesome. It’s a three video series. You should watch them! Oh, speaking of Elder Bednar… HE’S THE ONE COMING TO OUR MISSION NEXT WEEK FOR OUR MISSION CONFERENCE. YOU HEARD ME. ELDER BEDNAR IS COMING TO TALK TO MY MISSION AND I GET TO MEET HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!! (<——Necessary excessive exclamation points.)

Yeah. That’s pretty cool news. 🙂

I got TWO PACKAGES THIS WEEK! It was the best thing ever. Nana sent an awesome package with yummy snacks and $20. We’re working on getting rid of (eating) those snacks quickly. 🙂 And the next day Natalie Pearson sent me a “greenie package” filled with all things green and it was seriously adorable and totally made my day. Oh, and I have to give a shoutout to Elder Vassallo’s mom!! She sent me a cute card and note and told me that all the elders’ moms from my district read my blog and think I’m funny. 🙂 So hopefully I don’t let all you guys down! Haha. It was really sweet though. 

Here’s a funny thing. We were driving with the elders to go to a dinner with some members that live a little while away named the Winscott’s. OH! They totally know Dr. Fullmer and Miss Henderson! They’re band people! Haha. We had a good chat about that. Anyway, on the way home, we passed a cemetery and everyone held their breath and I wasn’t quite sure why I was the only one talking. Then everyone let out their huge breaths and I said “Oh! I didn’t know we went over a bridge!” And they all made fun of me because that was the ditziest thing I could have ever said. CEMETERY. Yeah. Whatever. These stupid breath holding games that I can’t keep track of. 

Well everybody. I’m not too sure what else to say. I got my camera cord but these public computers won’t pick it up so maybe I can steal Sister Ferrin’s card reader for a second and send a few pictures. I love you all so much! Don’t forget about me out here in PA. 🙂

Also, PMG quote of the week:

“Honor Christ’s name by your actions.” -pg. 4

Just because you’re not wearing a name tag doesn’t mean that you don’t bear His name. You are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And that is truly and honor to uphold. 🙂



Sister McKann Hanseen
10 Vairo Blvd #32D
State College, PA 16803
I promise I didn’t forget about you! Library was closed Memorial Day!

State College Week 2

Hey Everybody!

It’s great to hear from Dad. It would totally be great to hear from some siblings too. I know, I know. It’s weird to write an email to your weird old sister that isn’t even around anymore so I [totally don’t] forgive you. 🙂 Hahaha. It sounds like school’s almost out? Holy cow. I can’t even believe that. Although, I feel like I’ve been out of school for months and months so maybe I kind of can believe that. It’s too bad you can’t meet up with me, Dad, but I think I’ll be okay (sorry to break it to you). You’ll probably have a bit tougher of a time with it than I will. I’m pretty busy all day long every day, as you can imagine!

This week was pretty standard. It was really hot at the beginning of the week so we definitely did more bus contacting than we did street contacting. Though, we did more bus contacting than street contacting when it was raining too so… Yeah. Haha. Rough, I know. 

I’m just gonna give some highlights:

I got my first piece of mail in State College this week! It was forwarded from the MTC to the mission office, and from the mission office to State College. It was a card from Brenna Donnelly, the RS President that I served with this past semester. It was awesome! And I got another letter from Nicole Hopkinson that was hilarious and made me laugh out loud. It’s awesome to get emails but seriously there’s nothing like opening the mailbox and getting a letter. We anxiously await when we can check the mailbox. Sisters… Send me pictures or something if you can’t think of anything to write. I JUST WANT YOU TO LOVE ME OKAY!!! Ha. Okay. Enough of that.

This week we went tracting for the first time. Holy cow it was so weird and kind of scared me at first. We were in Nittany Crossing, an apartment complex/area mostly for students. The first door we knocked was this girl from Long Island, and she totally sounded like it. It was funny. But she was way interested and would’ve learned more but she was moving that week because the semester was over! Such has been our life. We gave her a Book of Mormon, though, and a card with mormon.org so that she could request missionaries where she was going. Hopefully we planted a seed for some New York missionaries, right? 🙂 Anyway, the first door that I actually got the courage to talk at was this guy named Matt. We gave him the little spiel of “Hey we’re missionaries and we want to teach you about Jesus!” Well, kind of like that 🙂 And he was totally excited about the Book of Mormon and really wanted to learn more. He set a return appointment and we have that this coming Wednesday! I’m so excited because it will be the first real lesson I’ve taught to someone that we met while I was here.

We taught this girl named Xiwen this week. She found the missionaries about a year ago and has been kind of on and off with lessons. She LOVES the Book of Mormon and meeting with the missionaries but she doesn’t want to get baptized because she thinks that all that matters to God is that you’re a good person… That’s tough. We have a lesson with her this week and it’s basically going to decide if we keep her or if we drop her. It’ll be sad if we have to drop her because I know that the sisters who found her will be way bummed and she’s super cute and hilarious, so we want to keep her around!

The bus rides here are hilarious. If there’s not a crazy weirdo on one I’m like genuinely surprised. This old guy tried to convert me to the Church of Christ the other night. Ironic, right? Anyway, that same guy got on the bus the other day and there were two girls wearing track shorts and he muttered under his breath something like “I’m gonna sit as far away as I can from these bare-legged hussies!” Hahahahahahaha we were dying!! (P.S. Dad if the word “hussy” is way more inappropriate than I’ve always thought it is then don’t leave that part in. I haven’t ever thought it’s that bad, but missionaries tend to get a little uptight about stuff like that so I don’t even know.) [Dad’s note.  Looked up Hussy just to be sure… it wouldn’t alter a movie rating beyond PG so I’m leaving it in.]  It’s such a crack up. One of the coolest stories from the bus, though, is from Friday nights. In State College, pretty much all there is to do is bus contact on a Friday night unless you want to be handing pictures of Jesus to people who are totally wasted. We were taking a loop and we were the only ones on the bus. There was a stop that usually lasts for about ten minutes and the bus driver came down and sat across from us and said “You know, there are two lucky young men somewhere out in this world who are going to recognize that joy behind your eyes.” It was so sweet! He proceeded to talk to us about our church and his church and about how he is proud to say that he’s lived an honest life. It was neat. Then, last night the same bus driver was talking to us in nearly an identical situation, and another bus driver came onto the bus from across the street and started saying how he just started reading the Bible. We were able to talk to him a little bit about it because he was confused why there were four different crucifixions. Luckily he understood when we told  him they were just four different accounts of the same event. But it was really just cool to talk about basic doctrine for him to build a foundation off of.

Sister Ferrin and I get along so well. It’s awesome. We just laugh about ridiculous things all the time. The other night when we were writing in our journals, she told me this story about someone that one of the other sisters knew was on a first date with a guy and they went back to his house for ice cream or something. She asked if she could use the “powder room” and so they took her literally to a powder room and she was so embarrassed because she actually had to go to the bathroom that she got up on the counter [be creative in using the sink]. And then, the dog had followed her into the bathroom and she fell off the sink and knocked herself out. When she fell, she landed on the dog and KILLED IT. So the family found her in the bathroom, passed out, with her pants off, laying on their dead dog. (I was laughing so hard I was crying during this story). BUT, they got married so I guess if you ever try and [use the sink} and fall on their dog and kill it, there’s still hope for you.

It’s been great to get emails from people! I love it. I seriously get so giddy and excited for P-Day. The elders get a little annoyed because we want to take our full two hours for emailing (heaven forbid) but it’s fine because they still love us. 🙂 

The branch here is great. There’s some amazing people. I love it here. We did a fast to be able to find people to teach so hopefully we’ll be able to recognize the miracles that come from that. Anyway, sorry for this scatterbrained email. It’s hard to think of everything cohesively so I just basically write whatever I’m thinking. Haha. Anyway, I LOVE YOU ALL! Send me letters. 🙂

Oh, and I’m gonna send some pictures in another email. So if you could put them on the blog, that would be great!
[Pictures were loaded just prior to this post]
Sister McKann Hanseen
10 Vairo Blvd #32D
State College, PA 16803
State College Week 2

State College!!!

EVERYONE, I TOTALLY AM SERVING IN STATE COLLEGE WHERE I WANTED TO GO! Best news. I’m so pumped. Also, Elder Vassallo from my district in the MTC is also serving here with me. I was super pumped when I found that out because he was one of my best friends there and now I see him pretty much every day. In fact, there’s only been one day since I met him that I haven’t seen him. Weird. Anyway, State College is beautiful. Is it the number one party school in the nation? Maaaaybe. Yeah. But the buildings are gorgeous and it’s so awesome to walk around a campus like this. No offense to BYU. I love that campus. But you seriously just can’t beat these campuses that were built FOREVER ago. I love it. 

Downtown is so cute. I love street contacting because I love just walking past all the little shops and seeing all the interesting people. Street contacting is usually like not successful at…. ALL. But there was one guy we met that kept saying “I just don’t know if MorMOAN is for me.” (well, that’s how he pronounced it anyway). But other than that people kind of just look at us weird and don’t take cards or take them and walk away really fast. Such is life as a missionary, I suppose.

We also sometimes do bus contacting. We just sit in empty rows on the bus and when someone sits next to us we try and talk to them. I’ve only ever talked to like two people. One guy was from Iran and he told me that he doesn’t believe in God anymore because they lost the political war in his country. He said that if there was a God, they wouldn’t have lost. Well… What about the homeboys that totally won? God loves them. So if you won, they would be thinking that there was no God. BOY. There is a God and He LOVES YOU. If only I could just shout at people and then they would know. I’d be so dang good at that.

It rains a lot here. It rained EVERY STINKIN’ DAY except yesterday since I got here. There was one night that we were bus contacting, and we decided that we would get out and street contact. Right as we got out, it just DUMPS. Like hard. And we were just standing there, totally drenched to the bone, and decided to get on a loop to fill the time until our bus home got there. Right as we got on the bus, one of the elders in Bellefonte (right near us) called and said there was a severe weather warning and we needed to get home…. 

It stopped raining as soon as we got off the bus to walk in to our apartment. Ohhhh joy.

Our apartment is so hilarious. There’s like years of missionary history (and by history I mean CRAP) everywhere. There’s a leftover tie from Elder DeRoest, and he didn’t even serve here. What the heck? Dad, tell Heidi to tell her son to stop leaving his junk all over PA. 🙂 Haha just kidding. No everyone, Elder DeRoest is my 2nd cousin or something and the funny thing is, he just left from serving here a transfer ago. So everyone here knows all this crazy stuff about him like how he used to be a DJ and his DJ name was “DJ Riptonic” or something ridiculous like that. And then I realized that I literally know nothing about him except that I’m related to him. So… That will be cool to meet him. I’ll meet him on June 8th. Guess why?

AN APOSTLE OF THE LORD IS COMING TO TALK TO OUR ENTIRE MISSION FOR LIKE THREE HOURS!!! That is the best news ever. I knew I was supposed to come to this mission. 🙂 That will be great. We don’t know who yet but as soon as we do, I’ll be sure to report home. 

Okay I have hilarious story that I haven’t even told you, family. I would just tell it except I wrote a detailed description in my journal so I’ll just type that.

HILARIOUS STORY YOU DON’T WANNA MISS (caps for dramatic effect)

We were in the gym [at the MTC] where the devotionals are and it was totally packed to the seams with missionaries. Our district couldn’t find seats together so we just decided to go and head out to the overflow room. As I was walking, I saw someone I knew in the stands so I was talking to her and walking simultaneously (bad idea). I didn’t notice that the bottom stair of the bleachers was actually jetting out onto the floor that I was walking on. I turned to keep walking and before I knew it, I was flat on my face, arms and legs sprawled, and my dignity in pieces. 

You know when you fall unexpectedly and you instantaneously assess what could potentially be wrong with you? Well, as I was laying there for a few brief seconds, my mind quickly tried to figure out what was hurting and what the HECK even just happened. Nothing felt broken. The right side of my chest hurt kind of. My legs were screaming at me. Sister Pau’u was laughing and I was mortified by the split second thought that Elder Vassallo, who had been right next to me, had potentially tried to stop my fall and in the process of doing so accidentally grabbed me in appropriately. The next split-second thought confirmed that my body was not broken in any way and that I didn’t actually have to avoid Elder Vassallo for the rest of my life, thank goodness. That would’ve been totally awkward and hilarious and awful. 

I started laughing, totally beet-red, and I stood up. I looked up and realized that not only had my entire district witnessed it, but hundreds of missionaries had seen me plant myself horizontally on the steps at devotional. Flustered, laughing, and clearly not thinking straight, I took a BOW for my audience and hurriedly exited the scene.

We laughed through the entire devotional (which was given by Chad Lewis and was totally rockin’ by the way) and my body is still sore to this DAY.

Yeah. I’m totally not a complete klutz. It’s chill.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it. I need my camera cord still so I can’t send pictures… Fail, I know. I promise that multitudes are coming the way of cyberspace as soon as I get my little midget hands on my camera cord. 

I love being here. State College is missing like all its students currently because it’s summer so we don’t even have any investigators. We’re trying to be really creative an praying as hard as we ever have before that we will find people that are prepared to hear this gospel. They are here, we just need to figure out how to coax them out and listen to us. It’s going to be a challenge, but let me just say… CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

I love everyone and miss everyone. I’ll put my address at the bottom and I’m guaranteed to be here for at LEAST two transfers (AKA three months) so if I don’t get a single package from anyone, then there is going to heck to pay. Haha just kidding… 

Well, I gotta jet and send out some other emails. There’s some guy in the seat next to me and he just keeps saying “Orlando, O. R. L” over and over and over again, getting more and more frustrated every time. It’s strange. But that’s Pennsylvania for you. There’s some real nuts here. But luckily I love nuts. 🙂

Scripture of the week: all of Moroni 10. It’s gold.


Sister McKann Hanseen

10 Vairo Blvd #32D
State College, PA 16803


State College!!!

Week 2 – MTC

Okay so this week has been quite interesting. I can’t really believe that I have been here for over a week and it totally feels like months. I get to say something though… I AM OFFICIALLY THE ONLY SISTER WHO HAS NOT YET HAD A BREAKDOWN!! And I’m going strong. Two nights ago when we were studying about receiving revelation through church attendance and why that is important for investigators, Sister Bateman kind of lost it a little bit. It is totally understandable. This work is HARD. I seriously just sit there in shock sometimes because I want so badly to be able to do these powerful things that our teachers demonstrate but I guess it just comes with practice. I’m learning more and more how the Atonement can work for me in my teaching, and everything else that I’m doing. One of my favorite things that one of the teachers said to Sister Bateman and I during that episode is this: “You weren’t called on a mission because you’re perfect. You were called on a mission because you’re not.” How beautiful. That was from Sister Thomas. She’s been helping out because we’re really short on districts and really overflowing with teachers. One of the zone teachers right now is Brother Morris (Mitch Morris) and he actually was in my ward last year. Also, Brother Sessions is one of my new teachers and he’s in my major. And Brother Yeck, who we’ve spent significantly more time with, served in Lansing and served with Jordan Hill. And knows Stuart McGraw. Hahahahaha. What are the odds, right? So cool though. I’m enjoying all of our teachers, even though I really miss our other ones.


Here’s some people I’ve seen this week: Christian Garrett, Travis Tyler (we took a picture but I’m on a stupid computer right now that doesn’t have a card reader so I’ll have to send those pictures once I’m out in the field), Megan Russell (my old roommate), and I actually see Maren Young all the time. Maren was in band with me and our schedules are pretty much the same so we have gym and meals together! It’s the best. She’s leaving for Korea on Monday as well.


Last Sunday was one of the more interesting Sundays of my life. Sister Oscarson, the brand new YW General President came to speak to the Relief Society and it was her first official assignment in per position. We were sitting in the front row. It was really really awesome! One of my favorite things she said was this: “When you feel discouraged, remember your commitment to serve the Lord and His commitment to serve alongside you. He will bear you up.” So powerful. We also had sacrament meet with our zone, which was like no people at all. We’ve had such a small zone! But something powerful in sacrament was this: “Believing IN the Lord does not mean BELIEVING Him.” We must trust the Lord! I’m learning that quickly. He’s got our backs. We can either use him or waste the support he’s waiting there to give us! In the Sunday Night devotional, Stephen Allen, the Managing Director of the Missionary Department spoke. He talked about The Atonement and not letting Satan push our buttons. It touched me when he said “Conform your will with His.”  After, we watched Character of Christ, which is an MTC Devotional that was given by Elder Bednar. He talked about how Christ turns outward when the rest of us turn in. Some highlights (there were many) : “The greatest convert on your mission should be YOU. But that won’t happen if hat’s what you are trying to do.” “A testimony is not always enough. You must be truly converted.” and just the thought that we should always be thinking of how we can turn outward and look to be helping others. It was great.


On Monday we taught our first TRC Investigator. Her name is Claudia and she is from Madagascar. She and her family are here while her husband is getting a Master’s Degree at BYU. She was contacted by the missionaries and agreed to let them come back. She was really nice and fun to talk to. We committed her to reading the BOM and praying and she said she was doing it when we went back on Wednesday. But she is Catholic and we had a little hiccup when she asked why her baptism wasn’t good enough. We’ve learned better since then and now we don’t even get to teach her again! Such is life. We also have been teaching our Progressing Investigator, which is our teacher acting as an investigator, named Danny. Danny is engaged to Tracy who used to be a member but is now less active. But he’s in Provo training for the Common Wealth Games for six months before heading back to New Zealand where he’s from. He seems to take thing really well but he’s kind of just… complacent. It’s been really hard to pin point his needs. But we’re working on it and we’re teaching him again tonight.


Tuesday was good because we just had classes in the morning, and then in the evening we got to go to rehearsal for choir. Our whole district also got to sing in the choir and it was so awesome. I MISS CHOIR!! We sang a beautiful version of Precious Savior, Dear Redeemer. It was awesome. Then Elder Packer from the 70 spoke… It was alright. It was really doctrinal with not very much insight but we got a few golden nuggets from it. I also have had some awesomely embarrassing times with my district. We’re all getting super close. I was laughing at something so stupid that I did and I snorted. Then I was on the floor laughing because it was so embarrassing but I just couldn’t control it. Then I did this weird hiccup/burp thing in front of everyone and that just got everyone laughing a ton all over again. A few times at lunch or dinner things have been said that have made me laugh so hard that I’ve been crying. Like the image of Elder Weatherston (6’10”) and his companion, Elder Adamson (5’7″) spooning, with Elder A. as the little spoon. I was imaging a baby koala hugging a tree…. Okay. Maybe you had to be there. But know that I’m loving my district and it breaks my heart a little to know that I won’t be able to see them for TWO YEARS after this. Not even fair.


Thursday we had In Field Orientation all day. We learned about how to work with the members and stuff. It wasn’t horrible but it was definitely long and I was SO READY to be done. And then we had a three hour class afterward. Blah. It’s been a long week. I can’t wait to get out in the field! I’m terrified. But so so excited.


I can’t really think of anything else that I should say. This has hopefully been sufficient. Please remember to write me! I can’t even tell you how much that lifts me up. A LOT more than I had expected it would. Dad, I think it would be awesome for you to be studying PMG as a family. I can’t believe how much I DIDN’T know before coming here. And PMG just explains it all so well.


Here’s my favorite scripture that I’ve come across this week: Alma 26: 17-21 (I think). It’s really powerful. Read it out loud like you would read a story. We can all be like Alma. We can all have our sins washed away and feel exceedingly great joy!


[And lastly] 

I’m so happy. I’m so glad I’m here. THIS IS WHAT I’M SUPPOSED TO BE DOING. Even when it’s hard. I know that with all my heart.
Sister Hanseen. 🙂
Week 2 – MTC